06 May 2013


I tell ya, for all the grumbles I made about having to start late in prep and work by myself, I'm getting the most bang for my morning buck, at home.  Which is very cool.

Just took a few weeks to get me comfortable.  And dig this, I already got a bunch done this morning and now, I'm about to pay bills.  Which to be honest, I really enjoy doing.

You know how people go to the casinos and put money in machines? I do that but with online bill paying and I find it fun and exciting.  Click, click, click, and paid.

I like it.

But I notice I'm spending too much time online this morning, so I best get back into work mode thinking and finish my chores.  Then work.  Then cracked.  Then tomorrow I have the ENTIRE ding dong day off. 

Ah ... it's a good day.

This is what Miss Wiggy is doing right now.


  1. If you enjoy paying bills would you like to pay mine?

  2. you can pay mine too, I'd even generously let you donate the money :)

  3. Oooh - a day off! Have fun!!!

    Miss Wiggy looks like she's saying "What are you taking a picture of now??? I'm not doing anything. Honest!!!"

    Yes, I know I used too many !! and ??, but that's how dogs think, didn't you know? :)

  4. And money goes so much further when paying bills and not pissing it away at the casino, LOL!

  5. I love paying bills too. It just feels good. I also love budgeting. Glad you are making things work for you! Great news!

  6. Miss Wiggy has the right idea. Nothing like relaxing in a patch of spring sunshine on the carpet.

  7. Alex: I think that will be a popular comment, today.

    DEZMOND: That is generous.

    Ray: Getting right on that.

    Stacy: I think that's the right amount of ???? and !!!! for dog speak.

    Fran: Days off are good.

    Debra: This is very true.

    Jen: Do you like to use charts, colored markers and binders? I really love that as well.

  8. Bard: She really does the right idea. And with any luck, I'll be outside tomorrow, enjoying a sun patch, as well.

  9. Enjoy paying bills? At least it's better than paying taxes.
    Glad your new schedule is working for you.

  10. Susan: I don't love it, but I'm making the most of it. And that helps. Thanks.

  11. I have been rather grumbly myself lately! Ah well...it's life right?! I have that feeling about paying our bills too...there is something rather satisfying about clicking that little button and knowing that for at least another month the bills are paid. Hope you enjoy your day off!

  12. Anita: Thanks. I'm having the day off now and it's great. Yes, bills, so wonderful to get paid.

  13. I use a program on the computer called Numbers. I like watching the numbers add and subtract with the click of a button.

  14. My doggies do the same thing! They find that patch of sunshine on the floor or their couch and treasure it for as long as possible.

    I'm so glad you're adjusting to your work schedule. I love online bill pay. One of their best inventions. So very convenient!

  15. Jen: I have not heard of that, but will see if I have it. Did it come with your computer?

    Elsie: So cute these pups are. Yes, adjusting, thanks. Me too. I'm tired as all get out at the end of my shift, but I'm making it work ... for now.

    Cookery school on the horizon.

  16. Miss Wiggy has much work to do keeping that sun puddle firmly in place.