08 May 2013

Peeing in the Rain

You know what's nice about having my new blogging goal?  Makes me sit down and write something on this blog.  Otherwise I'd skip today.  And tomorrow.  And for sure the weekend.  Probably not back until next week sometime.

But with this goal I gotta sit my ass down and write something here.  Now ... is this the most interesting post in the world?  No.  But see that's the great thing.  It doesn't matter.  Just so I hit 27 days in a row.

And that's kinda fun.

Meanwhile here's Baby Bug, all kinds of soaked from today's rain.  And Miss Wiggy, forget about it.  She ran outside to pee, and turned right around.  Cracks me up.

But then, I don't think I'd fancy peeing in the rain either.


  1. See, I'd imagine the tall grass kinda tickles anyway...and when you make it all cold and wet too?!? Just not conducive to peeing.

  2. I agree with Boric. Makes it crawl back up.

  3. I love this picture yes and I can see she is all wet!and this face; so cute!

  4. Peeing In The Rain? Yeah I think I saw that movie. That's the one with Gene Kelly piddling on a lamppost right?

  5. I have to encourage my dogs to go outside to pee when it's raining.

  6. My dog could care less but I know there are some who just don't like to get wet. And boy do I love your new header pic :)

  7. I was hoping that title had to do with the pups. So glad I was right! Ha ha!

  8. I'm impressed the girls will even go out. Our beagle just stands in the doorway when it rains and looks up at me with a "Are you Sh**ing me?" expression.

  9. Oh girl you crack me up! Bronson will make a mad dash out and do his business, but Pepper...nope she is having none of that at all! Gotta love dogs that hate the rain!

  10. My husky doesn't mind the rain, snow, sleet ...the only thing she comes inside from is the sun - and that's not a problem very often - not in Portland.

  11. 1 out of 3 of my dogs hates to do her business in the rain. The others don't mind. Keep blogging!

  12. My dog would sit in the rain all day if I let him!! Such a boy he is!

  13. Boric: No, not conducive for sure.

    Tim: Poor Wiggy.

    Gloria: I loved your post today. Even printed a copy. Thanks.

    bliss: Now that song is in my head, only substitute singing for peeing.

    Fran: Pups are funny.

    mshatch: It's funny because usually it's Bug who doesn't like it. But this time, Wiggy.

    Stacy: we can never be too sure.

    Suzan: So funny.

    Anita: Wiggy barreled out at first, and then right back in. No thanks, she said.

    Kim: That's the first I heard of the sun. That's funny.

    Did you decide which updo you're going with for your big day?

    Anne: Three dogs. Whew. Though when we get our own land, I can see having two more. Shhhh, don't tell Tim.

    Melanie: Usually that's Wiggy too, and Bug hates the rain. But yesterday we had a bit of a storm too, and Miss Wig wasn't having any of it.

    What kind of dog do you have?

  14. I have a Shih Tzu and he just turned one over the weekend, so still all puppy!

  15. Melanie: Wiggy just turned two and left puppyhood. I have her baby pictures that I want to post next week or so.

    But I'll still call her a pup.

    Is yours a rescue dog as well?

  16. Poor Wiggy. She must dread the notion of being dried off by the Towel of Torment.