09 May 2013

Batcrap Crazy

My big plans for the day include, nothing, nothing, meet Hubby for lunch, nothing, nothing and if there's time, more nothing.  Then it's a batcrap crazy weekend at the restaurant - where we are low on preppies.

So I'm resting up today.  Which I need because last night, someone peed on the bed and no Ken, it wasn't Tim.

I'm pretty sure anyway.

PS: Dig Tim's blog (maybe don't mention the pee), and read about the Ray Harryhausen Blogfest tomorrow.  Think this is one I'll do, since I loved Harryhausen's work as well.

PPS: Looks like there's still MORE FREE Junie B., books available.  Just click FREE BOOKS, and it will take you to my post about it, which will direct you to the signup form.

Junie B. Jones, seriously funny read.  


  1. Was it you? We're all friends here...you can tell us...

  2. Some days, nothing just sounds best.

  3. Nothing? Nothing? Not cooking? Not reading? Really, nothing????

    I'd have trouble with nothing.

  4. Kris: Shhhhh, not supposed to tell.

    Alex: Well needed, for me.

    Stacy: On the couch with a pup on either side. Just came in to update my post about the blogfest tomorrow. Then back to play with my new binder, but overall, nothing, nothing, nothing.

    Gotta rest this tired spine for a batcrap crazy three day weekend at work.

  5. hey, did you ever post the "nothing" award... today seems to be a good day to share?

    i am doing next to nothing and i need to hear a ding.

  6. Nothing is sometimes the most perfect thing. I hope you get some good rest! :)

  7. Enjoy your rest while you can!

  8. I love when I have nothing to do :)

  9. Sounds like someone decided peeing on the bed was better than peeing in the rain.

  10. Jeremy: A nothing award would be fitting. A ding? As in microwave food? That's what I call ding ding, food but that might not be what you mean.

    Jen: Totally restful, thanks.

    Tim: Very true.

    Susan: HAHAHAHA, I just got that. Yes, I did do laundry.

    mstach: It's so wonderful.

    Suzan: Never did it before, is the thing of it.

  11. I am so curious. Who peed? :D

  12. That sounds like a perfect day!

  13. Shalet: I can never tell ...

    Melanie: It was well-needed.

  14. It had to have been one of the pups.