04 May 2013

I Don't Know What to Blog About

I was trying to blog each day for twenty-seven days, and it's day four and I don't know what to blog about.

That can't be good.


  1. What did the dogs do today? What made you happy? Those are good topics.

  2. Hey there is a challenge out there with good prompts, if you are interested.. Its called "Blog Every Day In May"

  3. That is why I don't normally blog on the weekends. I have enough trouble on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

  4. Aren't you going to make us drool with some pictures of something delicious you cooked up?

  5. Ah, the classic "blog post about not knowing what to blog about". We've all been there, Ivy ;)

  6. When I'm in a slump I brainstorm. I put pen to paper and write down whatever comes to mind. It doesn't have to make sense I just go! That usually helps open up the dam. If not, I go for a walk, do some yoga, go to the beach - then blog about that =)

  7. you could always dissect a cooking failure or a cooking success, with piccies, of course!

  8. When I'm at a complete loss and absolutely desperate, I dig deep into the dumpster and pull out a Ray post.

    Here's a few ideas.

    You can say what a sweet guy he is (the least desirable option).

    You can download that pic of him wearing the mexican garb and warn children "Never take candy from this man"

    You can download a pic of his avi and tell people it's a great way to scare rats away.

    You can always talk about how much time he spends in the crapper at work.

    You can download that pic of his arse and say just about anything you want about it.

    You can title a post that says "Fran is better than Ray", then sit back and enjoy the fight.

  9. I find that when I put constraints on something, I can never follow through. Maybe you shouldn't put much thought into it and just write? Yeah I know, easier said than done...
    Just have a drink ;)

  10. The everyday sort of schedule, I think, can be a bit too much to hold to.

    You could go with the dog's point of view.

  11. You still managed to get one out though! Maybe you could try ranting about something, like the audacity of McDonald's making something called a Fish McBite.

  12. Alex: Yeah, the pups are a great go to post. So cute.

    Nina: I'm doing the 27 just for me, but thanks for the information. It's fun to have blogger goals.

    WQRobb: I do need to do more of those. Thanks.

    Stacy: I'm usually working sooo frickin' long at the restaurant on weekends, that my brain it total mush, once home.

    Do you enjoy your blogger schedule? I think it's fun to have blogger goals.

    Susan: It's a shame. I've taken more pictures of coupon freebies this past week, than of food. Must fix that.

    Tim: I didn't realize this was a classic. I like thinking of it that way. Makes me smile.

    Elsie: Yoga is so wonderful. A lot of times I'll journal after a practice. Good stuff.

    mshatch: A cooking failure, that's a good idea. I mean, I write those notes in my draft book, but don't know if I've done any of them here. Thanks.

    Anne: Hahahahahahaa. You cracked me up. I read this out loud to Tim. Great comment. Thanks for writing it. So funny. And ... I might just do something like this during my 27 days.

    Azra: No? See, I like having goals. Even if I get snagged along the way, it's fun to have something to reach for. And for me, doing 27 days is just the right sized blogger challenge.

    William: Might be but that's the fun of a challenge and it's only 27 days.

    Dog's point of view, I have done some of those post and man, they are fun. Thanks.

    Hanny: I just write whatever I'm thinking at the time. And that's what I was thinking.

    The Fish McBite. I admit to trying them ONCE. Tossed 'em out. They were so bad. I mean so so bad. But I'm glad I tried them. Have you?