31 July 2015


I got my chores done and moved all the furniture to different areas of The Lemon Tart Room. Tonight, it's leftovers and a trip to Barnes to kick off the fun. Which, 16 years ago, we had our first date on this very weekend.

And that folks, wraps up 38 posts for the month. I had 37 but would rather end on two 4's, or as others may call it, 8.

Exciting post? Not so much, but it got rid of the 7, so I'm good to go. Or, I will be, once I pop in the shower and get myself ready for my date. He'll be here in about 30 minutes. And I haven't a thing to wear.

Friday Question: Breakfast

28 July 2015



Today I'm unplugged, cleaning house and maybe sneaking in a bake. Or at the very least, making a giant cauldron of tomato sauce. YUM!

Here's hoping my Dyson doesn't boof-out like the cartoon over here, does. Though I really do love her babushka. I have the same one in both pink with white dots, and black with white dots. And if I ever get the guts to put my face online, you'll see them. But for now, I'm sticking with these kinds of Saturday clips.

That's all from me. Cheers and boogie boogie.

26 July 2015

Over the Moon

Last night, I published my first video, sorta kinda.

I know it's not complete but that's okay. It feels good to have my rusty wheels in motion.

I'm over the moon.

25 July 2015

My First Video

Today is Papam's (grandpa) birthday. He's been gone far too long and I just can't think of a better day to start my video series. Granted, this isn't much of a series (YET) but it's a start. Each clip is under 9 seconds.

PS: Yesterday's answer: Lynda Carter, aka Wonder Woman. Broken celery ribs and moldy Medjool dates will ship, first thing Monday morning. Extra mold for Richard. Unless Tim eats everything. Sometimes these things can't be helped.

Cheers and a GREAT BIG, boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie.

Bite the Wax Tadpole

24 July 2015

Friday Question: Birthday

Guess who has a Birthday today? After reading the first 8 comments, I'll give you a hint, it's not me. But I'll see you on Saturday or Sunday for the complete answer.

Those who answer correctly win a big box of broken celery ribs and moldy medjool dates.

PS: Just posted the answer. Thanks for playing.

23 July 2015

Paid in FULL

What a great day so far. All my chores, done. Supper prepped and now, I'm off for a walk/run, as I missed Tuesday. And right after that, it's sneakers off and my apron ON!

And you guys are right. Why not do BOTH banana and blueberry? Thanks for the idea.

I'm thinking, a blueberry banana muffin with crumble topping. All of course, allergy-friendly. As for taste and texture, I'm still learning my new way, so it's anyone's guess.

Thanks for reading and have a YUMMY night.

PS: The Breville bill came in today and instead of getting a whole honkin' new rash (which has been known to happen because I hate spending money, ever), I just paid the bill in full. Not an itchy rash in site. Yeah, baby. I rule.

However, the Beauty Breville still doesn't have a name.

Suggestions welcome.

Blueberry or Banana?

19 July 2015


I found this. It's the first cartoon I that I sent to friends, way back when we first got the tablet. Look at that hairdo.

PS:The answer to Friday's Question is the root of a beet. I enjoyed reading the comments. You guys are a funny bunch.

Thanks for playing and boogie boogie.

16 July 2015

Pizza Wars & Shoppin'

Tim has a 4-day weekend and his mom is in town. We're headed SHOPPIN'. Well, not Tim. We're dropping him at Barnes and then we're hitting the stores. Not sure what we'll find but it will be fun. Tim's mom is pretty good at picking out clothes and believe me you, I am not.

I'm a baker and a cook. I have an array of aprons, prep shirts, babushkas and a very nice Breville.

But real people clothes? Not so much.

PS: Leftover brownie crumbs if you can tell which pie is mine and which is Frankenberry's?

15 July 2015


Though these brownies are on the darker more bitter side and they get more intensive as they setup, the the science is correct. Even better, I'm navigating my way around digestive and autoimmune issues, one bake at a time.

And that makes me one VERY happy whisk.

PS: Yesterday's answer was garbanzo beans and garbanzo (chickpea) flour. Brownies for all who played. Unless you don't fancy brownies, than you get toe jam. Enjoy.

13 July 2015

Pizza & Brownies

The neatest thing I learned last week was that yeast-free, grain-free, dairy-free breads can be made by batter method, rather than kneading. It's not the same as my usual bread, but the science works.

Yesterday, I didn't get to make the allergy-friendly pizza crust. So today, it's on. Followed by a brownie treat for Tim, that according to the formula (not mine), we will both be able to eat.

That's just two of the things on my To-Bake List. Anyone else baking today? Who likes brownies?

I'm not a huge fan, but these new ones might be okay. That's all from me. Thanks for reading and have a yummy day.

12 July 2015

Brand New Week

You know what I love? A brand new week, new goals and lots of fun bakes on my To-Bake List. What's not to love about those things?

And dig this, later today I'm making two pizzas, both with allergy-friendly crusts. Meat and cheese for Tim. Lots of fresh vedge and homemade sauce for me.

Thanks for reading and have a yummy day.

10 July 2015

Friday Question: LEEKS

My new favorite vegetable is leek. I've eaten leeks before but it wasn't until last weekend that I started using them at home. Now I'm putting them in everything but the apple pie.

I'd always heard leeks were a pain to clean but I haven't found that to be the case. Slice, rinse, eat. Raw or cooked, I love leeks. How about you?

08 July 2015

Answer: Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts (raw)

If you answered correctly, then you get an A on your paper and a star on your forehead. If you answered anything else, please reach into to our bag of useless prizes, where you'll find peanut shells, earwax and cookie crumbs.

Now onto the nuts ...

Just like Richard said, I did toss the jungle nuts into the Breville. And dig this, the peanut butter took 2 minutes and 24 seconds. In my old machine, it took over and hour.

How 'bout that?

Thanks for playing and have an oogie boogie day.

PS: The picture from yesterday was how the peanuts look raw. I love the purple stripe and the taste, killer good stuff. Even better, zero allergic reaction.

07 July 2015

03 July 2015

Friday Question: Salsa

Seriously, this is the best salsa that I ever made. I can't stop eating it. It's that good and so simple. But rather than write a how-to post, I'm saving this for my video collection.

Yeppers. I've been practicing.

Now onto Friday Question. Do you like salsa? Hate it? Make it at home? Have a favorite kind? And if you do like it, what do you like it on/with?

Do tell, do tell.

02 July 2015

Cantaloupe Adventures


The cantaloupe ice cream from Tuesday didn't work. Notice in the picture below, that the fruit remained crumbly. I'll search for a companion fruit/vedge that will add cream but not detract from the delicate cantaloupe taste. Or maybe I'll use the fatty part of the canned coconut milk. We'll see. Either way, this one is not ready for a how-to

In other news, Tim has a three day weekend. Our big plans include drive the pretty new car to the bookstore, at least twice.  But right now, it's time to hit the slab. Tim and the pups are snoring, and I'm soon to follow.


01 July 2015


This week marks my 3rd week of walk/jogging again. I absolutely love to jog. We have a killer treadmill named Monster and even if jogging indoors is easier, I don't care. It's still my favorite. This is my meditation. This is where I sweat out toxins and rebuild from the inside out.

So with that, I'm off to the market to get a few things, and then home for chores and my reward, a full set on Monster. Being strong enough even if I have to go slowly for now ...

 ... best thing ever.

Or as I say, suck on that infections/allergies/immune system and digestive issues. Suck on that.