26 September 2012

Get Your Halloween Coupons Here

I love Halloween and what better way to celebrate than with a $5 off coupon.  Just spend 15 smackers and get $5 off your purchase.  Links listed below.

Do two separate transactions and walk away with 10 bucks off. 

Last year Tim bought skull dice and a zombie road sign, but that was pre-coupon days.  This year he's going in armed and dangerous.  That's right, I said dangerous.

Enjoy your coupons and boogie boogie.

PS: I do not eat more Rocky Road Klondike bars than Tim does.  He will tell you that I do, but that is a big fat fib.  

Direct Coupon Link: Halloween Coupon
Store Home Page: Spirit Halloween Store
Facebook Page: Spirit Halloween Facebook Page
Halloween Store Locations: Find Store Locations

NOTE:  As of this update, the original coupon has expired and been replaced with a new coupon.  Not sure how long the new one lasts but it's for 20% off costumes.

14 September 2012

Is it Saturday Yet?

Today is day 11 of my run at the pizza shoppe and boy am I excited for Saturday.  I'll have an entire day to do nothing.  Or something.  Or nothing mixed with a little something.

At any rate, I'm ready.

In baking contest news, I'm still plucking away.  Had to take a break from the banana muffins because we could no longer taste them.  But I did start work on entry 2, so we'll see.

In the meanwhile, I have some time before going off to day 11, so I think I'll go coupon, whilst drinking something warm and yummy from my big ass Wonder Woman mug.

You Boogerbutts have a good one.

05 September 2012

One Step Closer to Owning a House

This is my biggest free haul in ONE shopping trip, to date.  $70 in free stuff with a total out of pocket cost of $4.72.  The OOP is a little on the high side but that's the price of forgetting to pack headache medicine in the laptop bag.

Either way, I'm super duper happy because this brings my stockpile to a one year supply.  More money stays in the bank, and we move one step closer to owning a house.

Pretty frickin' cool.