26 September 2012

Get Your Halloween Coupons Here

I love Halloween and what better way to celebrate than with a $5 off coupon.  Just spend 15 smackers and get $5 off your purchase.  Links listed below.

Do two separate transactions and walk away with 10 bucks off. 

Last year Tim bought skull dice and a zombie road sign, but that was pre-coupon days.  This year he's going in armed and dangerous.  That's right, I said dangerous.

Enjoy your coupons and boogie boogie.

PS: I do not eat more Rocky Road Klondike bars than Tim does.  He will tell you that I do, but that is a big fat fib.  

Direct Coupon Link: Halloween Coupon
Store Home Page: Spirit Halloween Store
Facebook Page: Spirit Halloween Facebook Page
Halloween Store Locations: Find Store Locations

NOTE:  As of this update, the original coupon has expired and been replaced with a new coupon.  Not sure how long the new one lasts but it's for 20% off costumes.


  1. Alex: Hahahaha. Thank you. Ray won't believe me but it's nice to know that you do.

    Boogie boogie :-)

  2. We all know you never tell lies my Queen, Tim is the bad one!

  3. Lurker: Thanks for the vote. Although I do admit I was the one that brought the Klondikes home and without a coupon.

    Jai: Sure thing. Coupon is good for online purchases as well.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  4. We all know your a good girl but Tim only ate so many to save you from yourself ;-)


  5. What would he do for a Klondike Bar?

  6. Once the kids moved out, no, strike that. Once we moved to a dead-end street, our interest in Halloween died. We used to live on a street where we needed at least five bags of candy. Decorated and all that. Moved and we're lucky to get 15 souls. It's not worth decorating any longer. Then again, the kids grew up and I lost my free labor!! Ha ha! Glad you still enjoy the holiday, though. Someone has to!

    Oh, and I know you would never lie, so he must eat more bars than you do.

  7. I googled the Klondike bars, they look very filling???

  8. You ARE the COUPON QUEEN!!

    I love the Spirit of Hallowen! I find the greatest props for both my yard and my book covers there!

    (Okay, that's wa-a-ay to many exclamation points. I need to back off on the Paspi Max.)

  9. I dare not even have Klondike bars in my house. All my running would be for naught.

  10. Ian: Hahaha, on the saving me from myself.

    Mr. Blue: That song is going through my head now :-)

    Stacy: I decorated even back when I was single living in my own little house. Just so much fun, not to celebrate. Though I never decorated with too many things. But I do have the bestest true orange Halloween lights.

    Oh no ... I would never tell a fib. Not me. Noppers ;-)

    Ray: Back when I was a kid, they seemed so much bigger. But they are still good. Now they have a billion different flavors.

    Can't believe you never had one. I'd mail you one but I'm pretty sure it would melt by time it arrived.

    Suzan: I haven't tried Pepsi Max yet. It sounds powerful.

    Hope you get some good deals. I think the coupon expires this weekend.

    Susan: None in the house? But they have so many flavors. But I understand if you're training.

  11. After all the Klondike bar talk lately I went out and bought some last night. Yum.

  12. I think both you and Tim sneak in a bar or two behind the other's back! :-) But that is the fun of relationships! Your post lifted my spirits (mine and the ghosts who frequent my blog!)

  13. I knew you'd have a cool new banner up :D

    Thanks for the coupons.

  14. Mr. Blue: No way? That is so great. What kind did you get and was it good?

    Roland: Nothing like a good game of who gets to the freezer first. Glad the post lifted your spirits (both yours and the ghost who frequent your blog).

    Kim: That picture flashes but I had to enlarge it for the header and lost the animation.

    You are welcome for the coupons.

  15. I got mint choc chip and made a delicious shake in the blender.

    It fried the blender though so now I'm in the market for a new blender...

    See what you've started??

  16. Mr. Blue: I love mint ice cream, so I'll have to give that one a try. I think Tim likes that flavor as well, so I'll have to battle him to the freezer.

    Sorry about your blender. My goodness, those Klondikes are powerful blocks of chocolate covered ice cream.

  17. I wish I could blame the klondike bars but it's probably more that the blender was maybe 10 years old... and cheap :)

    Mint and dark chocolate in a shake is worth a new blender.

  18. Mr. Blue: I love dark chocolate. We're giving the Reese one a try.

    Have you ever heard of a VitaMix? That's what I'm saving for.

  19. Hadn't heard of VitaMix/VitaPrep before, but now I have one on my wish list! They had me sold at "self cleaning".

  20. Look the other way while I swipe that Klondike bar...