09 October 2012

Building My Stockpile

I'm off from work and building an entire wall-sized stockpile.  The last one I built got parted out to different areas of the house.  But now with more and more good deals coming in, it's time for an official stockpile wall.

By stockpiling cheap and free items now, it ensures we won't pay full price later, when we need it.  I love that.

Love it, love it, love it.

I'm hoping to finish the wall before Poopyhead gets home.  I'd share a picture but I can't since I left the camera out in the rain all night.  Now I'm on the hunt for a new camera.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to supper tonight.  We're having plain yellow fried rice from the local restaurant (my own sucks).  Then I'll add organic carrots and onions to both, and ghost chili peanuts to mine.

So freaking good.

That's about all from me.  You Boogerbutts have a good one.

Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. I'm sure you'll find a deal for a free camera somewhere!

  2. My stockpile is usually filled with books :D

  3. Alex: I hope so, they look terribly high in price.

    Kim: Good source of fiber :-)

  4. Its coming up to Christmas so I'll start the stockpile soon!

  5. Ray: Do your girls find your stockpile before Santa puts the gifts under the tree?

  6. Ouch for the camera. Sounds like a yummy dinner.

  7. Ghost chile peanuts sound good, I usually try to stock pile figures without much success!

  8. Susan: I miss my camera :-(

    Lurker: Maybe I should do a post asking people what they stockpile. It would be neat hearing the answers.

    PS: Very cool dice you guys got.

  9. Oh no! That sucks about the camera, but you seem to be good a deal hunting. You'll find a good one.

  10. Sorry about your camera. Maybe once it's dry it'll work. Stranger things have happened.

    In the meantime, have fun stockpiling!

  11. You'll be ready for the zombie apocalypse, for sure :) Have fun stockpiling!

  12. Southpaw: Hope I find a good one.

    Stacy: That would be good.

    alexia: I almost titled the post, Stockpiling for the Zombie Apocalypse.

  13. That rice sounds yummy!

    I made a great dhokri dish last night. That's like Indian pasta but it tastes totally different from pasta. I used fresh peas from my mother's garden, vine ripened tomatoes, and whole wheat flour to make the dough. It was delish!


  14. Jai: Holy pumpkin heads, Batman. That sounds AMAZINGLY good.

  15. Stockpiling is good! We stockpile non-perishables before the snow season hits us each year (though of course without equaling your amazing couponing skills). Since I imagine you guys get at least as much snow as we do, now seems like a better than average time to work on that stockpiling wall.

    Sorry to hear about the camera, though!

  16. I have trouble with the idea you can't do plain fried rice - I'll bet you still do it better than me...

    Stocking up makes good sense, especially the things that have most potential uses, or get boring least quick. Doing it when the price is low is smart too, for a bit of extra cash for things like that camera accident. You never know when.

    And Jai's dhokri sure does sound amazing, with those ingredients.

  17. Bard: That's what I was thinking too, just get us through the winter. Think we probably get the same amount as you guys. Though last year, we barely had anything.


    Porky: Nice to see you.

    I promise you, my yellow fried rice is terrible, but something I want to work on because buying it out is just too high.

    Happy Halloween :-)

  18. Poor camera!

    I'm slowly starting to develop a taste for rice again.