14 September 2012

Is it Saturday Yet?

Today is day 11 of my run at the pizza shoppe and boy am I excited for Saturday.  I'll have an entire day to do nothing.  Or something.  Or nothing mixed with a little something.

At any rate, I'm ready.

In baking contest news, I'm still plucking away.  Had to take a break from the banana muffins because we could no longer taste them.  But I did start work on entry 2, so we'll see.

In the meanwhile, I have some time before going off to day 11, so I think I'll go coupon, whilst drinking something warm and yummy from my big ass Wonder Woman mug.

You Boogerbutts have a good one.


  1. You must've made a lot of muffins.
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. I hope you get to relax and just enjoy your day off! I can't wait for the hubby's next one. Happy couponing and happy weekend!

  3. Have fun doing something... or nothing ;)

    Don't forget next Friday is Second Breakfast Day - http://www.hobbitsecondbreakfast.com/

  4. Pretty bad when you can't taste the muffins!

    Must be chilly in your neck of the woods. We still have SOME heat in Ohio. I might need a jacket for tonight's football game, though.

    Have a scrumptious Saturday!!

  5. Enjoy your day off. About my postless post. It is now fixed. You can read about when winter makes you sad! Sorry about that!

  6. I love the new look of your blog - very visual, very fun!

    You just put a big smile on my face. And...I hope your Saturday is full of "something" mixed with a little bit of "nothing" and a good cup of coffee to start!

    With smiles, Jenny

  7. Alex: Four batches, to date.

    Anita: Have you tried couponing yet? Good luck on all your new goals.

    Tim: Ha, that's great stuff.

    Stacy: It is, so I paused after 4 batches and moved to entry 2 for a bit of a break.

    Enjoy the game. Haven't turned our heat on yet for the house, but one morning I did in the car.

    Roland: Glad you got the post up. Thankfully, winters don't make me sad. Nothing like a good old snow day, home.

    Jenny: Thanks bunches for all the nice words. I love Halloween.

    Glad you got a smile as well. Smiling is always good in my book.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  8. That's the trouble with even the best food - and I'll bet those muffins are some of the best - if you eat too much the pleasure tails off. One day, progress might help fix that.

    But it's a big pleasure to see you're the Spooky Whisk again - it's that wonderful time of year come back round. It's not so bad summer finishes if autumn and winter follow. And then spring again.

  9. Porky: Sadly, after the first batch, they weren't so good.

    I changed up Spooky with an animated head this year. Fun stuff. I don't mind summer ending either. Love the fall. And a cold winter day, spent home ain't too shabby either.

    Cheers to you Porky. And a great big boogie boogie boogie.

  10. All bananed out ah? Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Ray: I really am.

    Good Weekend to you as well :-)

  12. I'm with you on the weekend readiness!

  13. Not long to go before Saturday, hon. Enjoy that warm and yummy drink from your wonder woman mug!


  14. Have a good day off, sounds like you have earnt it


  15. Yeah, after four batches I can see why you need a rest from banana! LOL

  16. Don't tell me it was twelve days straight? You definitely NEED a wind-down day!

    I, on the other hand, am painting our family room finally! It was a redecoration project started in 2008 and interrupted by that nefarious Hurricane Ike. The DH is taking off next week and we'll lay down the new hardwood floor.

    So what's the new project for the contest?

  17. Trey: Hope you have a great weekend away from work. I have to go in Sunday, but not until 11AM, so not too bad.

    Jai: I've been looking forward to it for days.

    Ian: Thanks bunches.

    Southpaw: And they weren't even made right after the other. There were several days in between but I still can't taste anymore.

    mshatch: Woohoo to Saturdays!

    Suzan: My bad. It was only 11 days. I accidentally counted the Monday I had off.

    Glad to hear you are getting to your painting. It's funny how time can get away from us.

    The second entry probably will be this high-fiber cookie I'm working on. Not sure though. Made draft one and it's a wee bit dry after day two or three.

    Thanks for asking :-)

  18. Mmmm. Muffins. 11 days in a row is a lot.

  19. I have no idea who took the banana muffins.



    I swear.