30 September 2015

Piss and Vinegar (that's me)

After much needed rest (immune system, blah, blah, blah), I'm back and thankfully, not tired at all. Rather, full of piss and vinegar. Which I believe is the proper medical term for, rested enough, now let's get some shit done.

Wizard Troubles

27 September 2015

Dog Turd Ambush

Sunday here at The Manor. My Sunday roast just went in the oven. Game soon for Frankenberry and for me, truthfully, I'm headed out to pick up little gifts from the pups.

Happy Sunday and boogie boogie.

26 September 2015

I Couldn't Get Lamb so I Made Pizza

Only I don't have a picture of the pizza because it's already in my belly. And when I say pizza, I mean a un-yeasted immune-bustin' concoction of a thin crust, topped with my sauce, veggies, fresh basil and local organic garlic.

It was yummmmy.

Special THANKS to everyone who took the time to tell me about lamb. Very, very cool, and helpful. When I hit the market last night, things were pretty well picked through. Then earlier today at different market, the clingfilm on the lamb was filled with gases. It's been my experience that those gases stink.  So I picked up a pizza for Tim and whipped up my own creation for me.

And holy cupcakes, it is ever a nice day out. I'm sitting on our back deck, soaking in this wonderful sunny crisp day. Heaven.

25 September 2015

FQ: Lamb

It's Friday and that means Barnes tonight, then a quick pop into Weggy's to pick up an organic bird for Sunday roast. Although, I'm curious about lamb. Never had it. Don't know anything about it. Not even sure if I can digest it. But I'm curious to give it a go.

Do you eat lamb? If not would you? And if so, what's the best lamb you ever had?

PS: The answer to my first Friday Question is veghead ball, right before I smashed him into a burger. I chucked a bunch of stuff in the processor and it was flippin' fantastic.

Friday Question: What Am I?

23 September 2015


Would ya' look at all these locally grown apples. Cortland and Gala. Before last year, I never knew how great Cortlands were. But thanks to my friend (and ex-coworker), Linda, I'm now hooked on Cortland apples.

Thanks Linda. I love these things.

Meanwhile, it's Game Night for Tim, and since my kitchen got away from me, it's Pizza-Man to the rescue. And for me, leftover veggie palooza and spicy spelt berries. It's not very fancy but sounds more fun when I toss in the word, palooza.

Palooza. Betcha can't say that ten times fast.

Anyway, that's all from me. Happy Autumnal (or Spring) Equinox. Hope it was a great day.

Fresh New Start (and season) Hot Dog

Happy Autumnal Equinox. I celebrate by making one private goal (to be completed during the three month season), and we both get small gift.

I love doing this because it's fun and it keeps life simple. I'm not into New Year's resolution lists that are longer than a trunk of a Snuffleupagus, because I find those goals boring and stale.

For me, it's one good goal. Bang it out in three months, then start fresh again with each new equinox and solstice.

And now, I'm gonna go eat an apple, unsweetened organic peanut butter and medjool dates. Yum, yum, yum.

Wishing you all an oogie boogie special day.

22 September 2015

Bad Wife (NSFW)

Hey Boogerbutts: I'm not here today. If all goes to plan, I'm in the movie room, watching Lucy, sorting the stockpile closet and going through DVDs that we no longer watch. We might not have the money to move just yet, but in my head, I'm gutting this place nose to tail, because this stuff isn't coming with us.

And now .. for cartoon that might not be safe for work.


21 September 2015

The Story of Bug (4 Years Today)

I kept getting this nagging feeling that we should hit the pound. It lasted about a week. Nagging, nagging and nagging me, until four years ago today, Tim came home and as soon as he got in the door I said, "we gotta go to the pound."


"I dunno. But we gotta go today."

So we did and as soon as we opened the door to where the pups were all held, there was Bug. Front right kennel, all bones and sitting there as if to say, "What took you so long?"

I turned to Tim and pointed at her and said, "That's why we're here."

We got her on the spot and at the counter I asked them, how long had she been here. The guys said, "about a week. We just brought her out. We had her in the back because she wasn't healthy enough to be adopted yet."  He explained that she and her sister were found in a ditch.  Her sister had just been adopted. Then he added, "good thing you got her, she would not have lasted the weekend." Meaning she was too cute and would be adopted quickly.

And let me tell ya about Bug, her full name is Bogár which is relative to Bug in Hungarian. She is a loud mouth little brat and I love her to bits. She is super smart and if I cut or burn myself in the kitchen, Bug makes a mad dash to check on me. She's half shepherd, half beagle and all trouble.

Her hobbies include stealing all of Tim's hats, snuggling with her sister, holding hands (she loves that), and licking Tim's stinky after work bald head (her most favorite).

18 September 2015

Friday Question: Pick a Bake - ANY Bake

If you could magically pull any bake out of the oven, right now, what would it be? Mind you, there would be no prep or clean up. I'm talking fully formed and magically made. All ya' gotta do, is make a wish and open the oven door.

What bake would be there?

17 September 2015

Dead, Dead, Dead (BOOF)

Looks like my vacuuming/hoovering days are over. At least for now because my vacuum just died.

Dead, dead, dead.

Dunno why? Maybe it will restart. Funny thing, I was just thinking how much I dislike this model compared to my last one, and how I'd love my old one back or something like it and, boof. Igor died (that's his name). A new vacuum is not in our budget, so next time I'll be more careful about what I wish.

Meanwhile, I'll cover the pups in two-sided tape. At the very least, it should keep their hair from falling on the floor.

And This Time I Meant It

I've been trying to sew since forever and still haven't gotten to it. So here's the plan. Get all the ding dong chores done, including all the bedding (human and dog).

Which should be easy, because I don't have any bakes or cooking lined up. Though I might make veghead chili for the weekend. Anyway, everything done TODAY. Because tomorrow, I sew.

And this time I meant it.

14 September 2015

No Maggots Were Eaten During This Video

How's your Monday? Mine is going pretty darn good. Very nearly done with all my chores, which means I get to sew when I'm done.

Hot dog.

Check out my breakfast from earlier today. I assure you, no maggots were eaten during the making of this video.

MONDAY (oldie but goodie)

13 September 2015

I'm Flippin' Happy

Yesterday was a big hit here at The Manor. Tim moved his office space about and I wrote and baked the best carrot cake, I've ever made. Not only did I write the science correctly but the taste was bang on.

Zero dairy. Zero refined sugars. Zero allergic reaction. I'm flippin' happy.

In other news, Tim just left for Dwayne's, and I'm about to pop over to The Dollar Tree. Then back home to whip up a little Halloween fun. I've got some old Halloween fabric that I'm going to make into napkins.

And for supper, it's another Sunday roast. And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print.

Have an oogie boogie day.

12 September 2015

Lucy, I'm Home

It's Saturday and the only thing I want to do for sure today is get my carrot and ginger bake, baked. Meanwhile, if you answered Lucy then congrats. You've won yourself a pile of dirty dishes and four dozen bubble gum wrappers.

10 September 2015


I woke up super late today but somehow, managed to eek out a good solid day. Which is pretty cool.

Up next, scrub the crappers, shower and whisk up a dessert. As for supper, I made that earlier today. We're having pierogi roll-ups, wings for me, pork butt steak for Tim. The name is horrible but the taste is good.

What's for supper at your place?

09 September 2015

07 September 2015

Yum vs. Ick

I left behind the gutting of Ethel (only the best fridge, ever), for another trip to Barnes. It was so busy when we got here that we had to sit at different mini tables. But once the bar opened, we moved.

Tried a new herbal hot tea, Autumn something. Tasted like the ass-end of a candle, so Amanda made me a new one. Back to my mint yum. And with it, a teeny piece of pure cacao, brought from home. And oh my gosh, so flippin' good.

I Might Have, Maybe, Possibly ...

One more day off. Tim's making a map and I'm about to gut my fridge.  Meanwhile, last night's supper was yum. Usually I bake a bird in a big honkin' cast iron with lots of vedge. But yesterday, I wanted to add MORE carrots, onions, garlic and little whole potatoes, so I went with a larger pan.

Best choice, ever. 

The big glass pan roasted the vedge in the chicken stock but didn't poach them, and the texture and taste was fantastic. As for my pear bake ....

... well, I might have, maybe, possibly, put the pear bake in the oven, leaving half of the homemade roasted pearsauce, on my workbench.

06 September 2015

Here's What's Going in the Big Oven

Click the video to see what's going in the big oven. Super simple and delish (it's raw so, vegheads and cupcakes, please look away).

And for dessert, some kind of pear bake. Not totally sure what yet, but I know it'll be topped with homemade maple caramel.

That's a wrap, folks. Two ovens on again, back from Barnes and enjoying the rain. I dunno about you, but Tim and I love rain-filled Sundays.

PS: What's for supper at your pad?

Two Ovens, No Waiting

I'm still figuring out how g+ works and I have two profiles, even though I deleted one (ack). But I'm long past agravated and now I'm seeing just how much food is out there.

The best part, lots and lots of metric, which is how I write and bake. Another best part, tons of food videos. So far, g+ is interactive, fun and educational.

Meanwhile, I've got both ovens on, brunch soon ready, then off to Barnes (we didn't go yesterday). Tim likes to write and do his map (which he sells online), and I'll enjoy the latest issue of BBC GoodFood.

That's a wrap. Catch ya' on the flip side.

05 September 2015

Saturday Food Finds (with flies)

With all the G+ stuff, I nearly forgot to post my Saturday video finds. Yummy stuff. I think after this, we're headed to Barnes. One of the best places on Earth. But first, I need a shower because I've been sitting at Tim's desk for so long, that flies are buzzin'round my head.

Mother Flippin' Bugger

I hate Google. I think I'm gonna pop my lid.

04 September 2015

Friday Questions: G+ and Lunch

It's Friday and I'm knee-deep in bills, bills, bills. But on the bright side, Tim has four day off. On the not so bright side, my appetite is being moody. Had an apple with peanut butter and dates earlier and that was yum, but for lunch, nothing is tickling my fancy.

What about you? Ever get food moody? What's for lunch at your place? 

Now for the second part of Friday Question. Who has G+? And what do you like and/or not like about it. I'm thinking that this is the weekend that I make the jump and get my butt out there. Maybe even start a youtube page, even though that bit scares the pumpkins out of me.

And that folks, is the end of my post. Back to bills. I printed my bill charts in Halloween orange but it doesn't make the money flying out the door, any more fun.

03 September 2015

Best Hubby, EVAR

I'm running all kinds of behind today, so I best get started. Then when Tim gets home, we start our 4-day weekend. But I've got a lot of chores to catch-up on. Doesn't help that I'm sitting here reading about Halloween Fun Facts.

PS: Tim just called and he said and I quote, "BB&B is having a clearance sale, so we should go look at those towels you wanted to get. And there's a 20% coupon in my email for you to print."

Best Hubby, EVAR.

PS: Meanwhile, if this were a magic whisk, my chores would be done by now and the world would be covered in Halloween lights.

02 September 2015

This is My New Party Apron

Today is one of those days where my main job is rest, and my side gigs are, do a few chores, chat online, watch more Lucy, and sort paperwork and bills.

What I love about these days, is I don't expect much. But then, I end up getting bunches done.

Love that.

PS: No new bakes today because tonight, we have the last of the apple cinnamon cake that's topped with caramel apples.

So flippin' good.

PS:This is my new party apron. Cupcakes sold separately.

Warning: Not Suitable for Vegheads

Good morning if it's morning near you. It is here and I'm about to put together a big hokin' cauldron of chicken stock. It'll simmer for about 12 hours, and be delicious.

In other news, Monday's carrot cupcakes worked, but yesterday's blueberry muffins didn't. But that's okay, because the bits that did crisp around the top, tasted so good, that it gave me an idea for a cookie.

I love when that happens.

Another thing I love is no waste. Back when I started buying organic local chickens, my friend Pat told me about this trick. Fair warning. If you're easily grossed out, don't watch. For others interested in no waste, this method works well.

01 September 2015

Big Girl Pants

Guess what I did yesterday? I wrote and tested a new carrot cake muffin (something safe for me to eat), and then I wrote it up, all proper like. I'm doing this from here on out so that I can get these buggers tested and sold.

I even typed it up and printed it. Then I stared at it about a hundred times because it looked so pretty on the page. No more mad scientist notes as I work. It's time to put my big girl writing pants on and kick some butt !!!!