26 August 2013

Chubba Bubba Mondays: Energized

Long before working in the food industry, I was headed toward nutritional journalism, specializing in healing whole foods and herbs.  I changed course, got sick and now I'm right back where I was, using whole foods and herbs to heal.

Only now I juice.

I started juicing not to lose weight, but instead to try and give my body a fighting chance by supplying my cells with powerful nutrients, as fast as possible.  Having and auto-immune disease isn't fun, and juicing was what I decided to try, in hopes of cleaning up my insides.

Understandably, lots of people do straight juicing, but I wasn't comfortable going that route.  So instead I incorporated juicing to my daily meals.  This was something that I could live with long-term, rather than burn out.

So now you know the history, it's time to do a little bragging.  This past week I have not been afraid to run out of food, and therefore been eating all those good nuts that we paid for.  My feet no longer look like they belong to Barney Rubble.  Swelling continues to decline and not only do I have ankle bones, but I'm in a 1.5 size smaller sneaker.

Had to buy smaller work pants and they are already big on me, so into the dryer they went.  This marks the first time in a long time that pants went to the dryer straight away.

Energy levels as of the last four days have been even, consistent and strong.  I'm back to house projects like redoing the fridge.  And thanks to Tim, we moved the living room into winter-mode and hung Halloween lights. 

And lastly, I feel good.  Even though working in prep is still a challenge and I'm not ready for the treadmill yet, I love not being in constant pain.  And get this, the swelling around my eyes is down so much, that by gosh I have eyelids again.

It's been a good week.  How 'bout you?

Ethel's before shot.
Then I had to find room for my new buys.
Thanks to field mice, everything must be in the fridge.
Ethel's makeover - using veg boxes from Dollar General.

21 August 2013

Better Boring than Bloated

Last night we hit Applebee's, where they serve mostly ding ding foods, filled with more salt than the ocean.  I still had nice time with family, but my choices were limited.  Ordered a plain baked potato (no salt, cream or butter), along with a plate of lettuce and a bit of dressing.  And a bite of Tim's burger, which was good but holy cow bells, salty.

Anyway, after supper we hit the Shoe Depot for new sneakers and I kid you not, I went down 1.5 in size,  compared to the sneaks I currently had on.   And, and, and ... I'd been working all afternoon in the kitchen at work.

When we got back in the car I said to Tim, "My meal might have been boring, but better boring than bloated."

Left Sneaker +1 Puppy Paw
Right Sneaker
(because I have the day off and aren't doing anything else)
Breakfast (before shot)
Click to Expand
+1 Jalapeno Juiced
And Bam - Breakfast in a Glass

Lunch +1 Handful of Cashews (added after)
Click Image to Expand

20 August 2013

Chubba Bubba Mondays: Fear

Since completing my 28 Day Reboot, I'm down 8.2 bricks of restaurant butter (or marge).  My body is working better, and today I'm wearing a new bra - with no back fat.

But wait, that's not even the best part.

For the last week I've been watching BBC's Supersized vs. Superskinny, along with Britain's Secret Eaters.  I can't recall for sure which show it was, but a girl came on and she talked about being afraid to eat her food and not have any left.

That was me.  For years.  See those pistachios?  Was once the case where I would agonize over spending money on them.  And if I did spend the money on these unsalted, non-oiled down treats, I would then be afraid to eat them.

I'd nibble a few here and there but to bring them to work for a snack, no way.  Too expensive and stressful.

This is where I was in my relationship with money and food.  But I'm most happy to report that I can now eat a serving of unsalted non-oiled down pistachios, without fear.

It's a huge relief and big step in moving forward.  In fact, my last two days at work, I ate and drank what I needed.  Though the first time I started to snack on those pistachios, I had to tell myself, "I will not be afraid to eat this food."

And now, I'm metabolizing machine.   In, out, thank you very much, have a nice day.  It's feels damn good.

So ... how'd you do this week? Realize anything new about yourself? Overcome a fear?  Get your knockers in a new bra? 

Please do tell.

I'm not afraid of you.

15 August 2013

That's Right - I Said Arse

Headed back to work today.  Otherwise known as, the scene of the crime.  The last two days I've had ZERO back pain.  None.  Zippola.  So we'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, dig yesterday's snack.  Thought for a change, I'd show you the before picture.  As for after, think pond scum.

Thankfully, only in appearance, as it goes down smooth.

Also dig Jen B's blog.  She's participating in the 28 Day Reboot starting 18th.  I asked Bloggers to join, doing ANYTHING they wanted, and my girl Jen is gonna Walk it Off.

Pretty frickin' cool.  Go you, Jen :-)

As for me, I'm headed into a second round of juicing (with whole meals).  Plus, I'll be getting back to walking as well.  I wasn't strong enough first round.  But I'm ready to kick something flippin' arse now.  That's right.  I said arse.

Thanks UK.  You've change the way I write, and I like it.

That said, you Boogerbutts have a good one.  And with any luck, I won't end these next two days in pain, but instead get to enjoy my Saturday day off with Tim.

Cheers and a great BIG boogie boogie.

See? Doesn't look so bad, right?
Now imagine it all juiced and green-like.
Num, num, num.

14 August 2013


That's right.  I called you a ButtFace.  And you know why?  Because I'm feeling pretty darn good this morning.  So there.

Check out breakfast.  So very yummy.  I swear.

Raw String Beans
Baby Kale
Baby Spinach
One Tomato
Two Celery Stalks
Half Lemon
Half Big Green Zuke
One Mango

These are things I like to eat, so it works for me.  But if you're not into raw foods, this is not for you.  That being said, I wish you all an oogie boogie day.

PS: For anyone who has Bic $3/1 coupons, you can snag FREE razors at Dollar General.  A few other places have this deal as well, but I love Dollar General, so I went there.
100 Razors, FREE
40 Pens, FREE @Dollar General

13 August 2013


I love this.  Now that I've rested and got veg juice in me, I'm digging the tunes and doing a little boogie dance at my desk.  Starting to come back to the land of the living, I am.

I see that big honkin' hill in front of me and I'm ready to do some serious peddle work.  Take THAT, day 24.

12 August 2013

Chubba Bubba Mondays: Recovery Time

I'm up 2.6 this week.  After working three days all I want to do is get back to NOT being swollen.  AND, I haven't been able to wear my wedding band, the last two nights to bed.

I look like this

Thankfully, I've got the next 3 days off to heal.  And that's where my focus is today, day 23.  Just to recover.  Plus, I'm curious how long recovery takes, this time about. 

I feel that it will take less time.

Meanwhile, my reboot ends Saturday, and on the 18th, I go another 28 days.  Care to join me?  28 days of whatever you want to do.  For me, more juicing and getting back to using Monster (that's our treadmill's name).  I won't be doing any marathons anytime soon, but I miss walking.

So that's where things are at for me.  How goes you?

09 August 2013

Big Stinky Drain

Today was my first day back to work, and it feels like all my healing time, just got sucked down a big stinky drain.

The good news though, is I was able to wear my wedding band again last night, and throughout my shift today.  That I like.  The swelling in my left ankle and back, not so much.

So it's off to the showers, into my jams and on the couch for a nappy nap until Tim gets home for supper.

Leftovers for him.  Sludge for me.

Best nappers, ever.  So flippin' cute.

08 August 2013

All Ding Dong Night Long

Day 19 and guess what?  Last night I was able to wear my wedding band all ding dong night long.  My fingers didn't swell, and in the morning I was even able to spin the ring.

Today's potion:  Lemon water, with a splash of pineapple juice, ginger juice and honey.  So flippin' good.

Beats a cuppa coffee any day.

07 August 2013

Doin' it Zine Style

I love my husband.  Last night he played around with my food photos and put together my very own zine-style juicing journal, with lined pages and everything.

How fun it that?  I love it. 

The printer was out of yellow ink, so things look wonky, but I don't care because it's my very own little zine-style juicing journal.  I know, I'm very spoiled.  Yes, I am.

Meanwhile, it's day 18 of my reboot.  Which feels both like no time has passed, and a long time has passed.  I dunno.  It's weird.  I have so far to go, but this is a solid start.

My goal is to reach this time next year, and not be sick anymore.  To be able to be near an ill person, and have my body be strong enough to kick some serious germ killing ass.

Or arse.  Both are good.

05 August 2013

Chubba Bubba Mondays: Eight Bricks

Welcome Boogerbutts and Chubba Bubbas.  Today's Monday and if you're joining us for the first time, welcome.  If you're a regular Bubba Butt, nice to see you again.

So, how'd ya'll do this week?  Lose?  Gain?  Did you have fun?  Eat anything good?  Eat anything really good?

Please do share, it's fun, I promise.

As for me, I got on the sale yesterday and I'm down 3.4 pounds, which means a total of 8.4 in the last 14 days.

That's EIGHT BRICKS of restaurant butter or marge.  Well, almost eight and half, but I'll call it eight for now.  Only I don't have any pictures of bricks and you're not seeing my bubba belly.  But I will show you what it takes to feed me.

Cost?  A lot.  And this doesn't include the nuts, dried fruits and whole meals I still eat.  But, I've stopped gaining, the edema continues to go down, whilst energy levels rise.  Add to it, eye whites getting whiter, skin looking good and get this, the color and shine in my hair is even coming back.

What the heck?  How cool is that?

04 August 2013

03 August 2013

"Don't Be Chicken Shit" - Monster Squad

Talked to my boss and he's agreed to reduce my work load to three day a week.  This will give my spine time to heal, and I'm pretty darn happy about that.

And he was super nice about it.

Thanks to all you Boogerbutts for the support.  Sometimes I'm a chicken shit. And when I am, I hear Phoebe's voice from Monster Squad say, "Don't be chicken shit." 

In juicing news, it's day 14 of 28.  Half-way mark, and it flew by.  Tomorrow I weigh-in and Monday I do the Chubba Bubba Report.  Hope to see you there.

PS:  I bought this at the Farmer's Market this morning.

02 August 2013

And THAT's Just Stupid

Holy crap on a cracker, I'm at day 13 of a 28 Day Reboot (where I include juicing as part - not all - of my meal plan).  It went fast.  So many changes just in this short time.

Woke today.  Eye whites still getting brighter, though little veins still present.  Tissue around eyes less swollen.  And Tim told me the breakouts on my back are healing.

Not too shabby.

Mental Outlook:  Good.  I feel stronger.  I'm ready for my doctor's appointment and then I talk my boss.  My offer is to take a three day work load, with no more hot side.  I love the puzzle of hot side, but physically I've set my spine backward.  And that's just stupid.  So we gotta have a sit down.  And I am NOT looking forward to that conversation.

Not one stinkin' bit.

01 August 2013

I'm Tappin' Out - Big Time

Work is draining the ever loving life from me.  These days during prep, I'm hurting more than I should and all I see is that jogger's wall.  Right in front of me.  Which sucks because I was getting stronger.  But as soon as I did, I let them pile more on and now, I'm tappin' out.  Big time.

In better news, the inflammation in my body continues to decline, thanks to Lucy my new juicer, and my passion for Healing Whole Foods.  Below is my lunch.  I put it in Tim's glass.  He won't like that, which just made me giggle.

But before you check out my groovy new drink, dig Tim's new Manor.  Issue #4.  Only the best number in the WORLD.  I'm super duper proud of him for all his hard work.

Click RPGNow and Lulu for PDF's and The Manor Issue #4 for a printed copy.  Extra thanks to all the Gamers that already bought one.  I loving seeing my husband have fun with this.

Here's the cover of Issue #4 - along with today's lunch.

Today's Lunch
Green Zucchini
Green Pepper
Transparent Apples
String Beans (local, organic and raw)

Look Babe - I'm using YOUR glass for sludge.
[evil grin, evil grin]