28 February 2017

Goodbye Lemon Tart Room

Look what I've got my paws into now. Destroying the Lemon Tart Room (aka movie room). Lemme tell you how freeing it is to do what WE want with OUR place.

Seriously good stuff.

But why say goodbye to a room that we loved using? Because we're done with it.

I started yesterday and my focus is to turn this space into a kick-ass work room for Tim. His Spring Equinox gift from me.

Goodbye Lemon Tart Room. Hello Change.

PS: I can't get the song, Goobye Yellow Brick Road, out of my head. It's been in there for like a week now. 

17 February 2017

I Don't Give a Monkey's Bung-hole

I'm in the mood to kick some butt today. How about you? As I type, onions are cooking in the cast iron, soon to pop in mushrooms. Stuff it all in a homemade wrap, and call me a happy camper. After that, I'm gonna crank the music and prep for our 3-day weekend. Three earwigs and a tooth, if you know who I'm gonna listen to.

In other news ....

10 February 2017

Who Says Dreams Don't Come True?

Once the second tub is GONE, the pantry shelf will fit great in that spot, along with holiday boxes and indoor tools. So why not put it all there right now and simply remove the tub when it gets warm?

And get this people. As of last night, everything we own has a proper home.

Who says dreams don't come true?

03 February 2017

I've Dun-Dun-Dun Gone Nuts

Last week, because of the mice, I removed my baking toys from the cupboards under the sink and yesterday, I yanked my cleaning stuff from under the prep station.

But ... (and this is the BEST bit), because I did a killer job decluttering last year, I was able to find room for everything. This is heaven people.

As for the lower cupboards in the kitchen, those are on the demo list. Don't need them. Don't want them. They gotta go.

PS: Mini-vids below.

01 February 2017

I Can't Stop Making Videos (please send help)

Seriously, I cannot stop making videos. It's so flippin' fun. Apologies that they don't come with recipes or enough educational information but these videos aren't about that. They're more about me learning and taking you along for the ride.

Thanks for watching and boogie boogie.