28 May 2011

Mister Lucky

Yesterday we hit Panera, Barnes and then the casino. Tim started with 20 smackers and turned it into 90.  On the ride home, he bought me two new chairs for backyard reading.  And I don't mind telling ya ... he got lucky.

That's right.  Two thirteen dollar chairs, and I'm good to go.

Groovy New Chairs
Sweet Little Pup
Holiday Reading
Bad Little Pup

26 May 2011

Bionic Bonus

I have the best Hubby, ever.  He just came home from lunch and with him, season two of Bionic Woman.  Hot dog.

Meanwhile, if you missed it, here's the latest Blank Blank Quiz.  And ... here's a shot of Miss Wiggy's new treats.

I used leftover boiled chicken, veg and homemade broth, added it to oat flour and whole wheat. Put the batter in the cavity cake pans and bam, new treats.

They taste like little chicken pot pie doggy treats.
Then with the leftover batter, I made Puppy Pancakes.
Both are Wiggy approved.

Blank Blank Quiz 2

Posing as a married couple, Rob and Laura (Mulder and Scully), take temporary residence in a gated community.

When asked by a neighbor how their first night was, Mulder says,  "It was wonderful.  We just spooned up and fell asleep like little baby cats.  'nthat right, Honeybunch?"

Scully replies, "That's right _________."

What lovey dovey name does Laura call Rob?

For the bonus round and an additional 3400xp, along with a plate of brownies, fill in the rest of the blanks.

To entice the monster of the week, Mulder places a ____ _______ on his front lawn and says, "_____ __ __."

As always, I'll see you back here sometime tomorrow with the answers.  Meanwhile, dig these brownies I made yesterday using my new cavity pan.

I love new cooking toys.

PS: Did I mention that I was on a 12 day staycation? No? Are you sure? Because I'm pretty excited about it.  Seems like something I might have mentioned a few dozen times.

25 May 2011

Asparagus Monster

I snapped a shot of this scary asparagus monster, right before I gobbled up his fingers.

Num num num.

Then I chopped and froze the rest of his body in little baggies. You'd be surprised just how big asparagus monsters can get. 

And now ... I'm done with our Wiggy walk and a kick-ass morning jog. It was a great way to start day one of twelve days off from the shop. 

Meanwhile, Poopyhead's staycation starts Friday.  That gives me plenty of time to get the marketing and house done. Plus, make him brownies using one of my nifty cavity cake pans.

You Boogerbutts have a groovy day.  

That's Wiggy in the top right corner.
Here I am. 

23 May 2011

2 Day Work Week

Boy, these 2 day work weeks are killer.  Good thing our 10 day staycation starts Friday.

I'm all set with ingredients.  Bought three whole chickens.  Gonna chop 'em up and make yummy things.

And yesterday, we found a new Borders.  It's a little over an hour away but the drink was amazing and the cafe, very nice.

I even bought a new book with a 50% off coupon.

Not too shabby.

And now, if you'll excuse me, there's steamed yam mash with my name on it. Along with good butter, sea salt and organic steamed broccoli. 

Num num num.

17 May 2011


Yesterday morning I called a timeout for myself and enjoyed my first real writing session, since adopting Wiggy.  The little pup's been sucking up most of my time, and all of my energy.  But with only one in-door pee pee accident, it was well worth the efforts.

This is Wiggy beside my writing desk.  She's zonked.

And now ... it's time for me to get back to my writing desk, and log another two hours session in.  Got my travel mug filled and my Wimpy hat on.

Life is good.

Best Writing Buddy

Groovy new desk timer.

16 May 2011

Hello Booger Butts

Hope you had a great weekend.  It's Monday a little after 8AM here.  Miss Wiggy and I have already gone for our mile walk, ate and now she's taking a two hour nappy nap, while I'm headed to hide out at my desk.

Since getting Wiggy, I haven't worked on my book, at all.  But I've got my pink and white travel mug filled, my Wimpy Kid hat on, and I'm ready write. 

Here's hoping we all have a groovy day.

13 May 2011

Blank Blank Quiz 1

To win 3 doorknobs, a broken stick and the rest of my Easter candy, fill in the blanks. 

As always, I'll see you back here sometime tomorrow or maybe even Sunday.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Norm and the dude on the right are having a heated debate. The guy on the right yells, "I don't believe you guys. That's it. I'm leaving."

Norm tells him to go ahead and leave, because they don't need his kind there.

Rebecca steps in and says, "Gentlemen. Now I think that this bar is big enough for people who like the _____ ______ and the ________.

11 May 2011

Looky What I Found

Easter Candy!

Tim stopped home for lunch.  Made him a toasted sandwich filled with leftover chicken, cheese, and onions.  For Miss Wiggy's snacky snack, I gave her frozen string beans and another ice cube.

She really loves those cubes.

Guess I should get back to cleaning.  Even with Wiggy taking a nappy nap, I'm still not getting very far. But if I finish by time Poopyhead gets home, then we're off to the BIG PET store.  Woohoo!

PS: Tim doesn't know I found the candy yet.  Shhhhh ...

Nappy Nap Time

Got Wiggy walked and played with.  Then she ate her ice cube treat and now she's down for a nappy nap. But not before she peed on the carpet. 


And since I didn't get crap done around the house yesterday, I best hop to it while she's napping.

Meanwhile, doggy treats for everyone who played Quiz 5.

PS: I forgot how much work doggy training is.

She's zonked.
Made her these treats using my new cavity cake pans. Click to enlarge.

09 May 2011

Who am I? Quiz 5

I'm seated at the end of this bar, night after night. We talk about all kinds of things and today, we're talking about characters in movies.

Who am I? And who am I imitating?

For the bonus round, tell me who I'm talking with.

As always, I'll be back sometime tomorrow with the answer. And if you missed it, here's the results of Quiz 4.

And now ... I'm headed offline to make Wiggy homemade peanut butter treats, using my groovy new cavity pan.

Num num num.

Time for Dessert

After a weekend of being exhausted, I'm recharged and ready to get to my chores.  And the sun is out, again.  I think that's three days in a row.

Hot dog.

Meanwhile, last night Tim moved the entire living room around and this place looks fantastic.  To celebrate, I got vanilla ice cream and made homemade caramel sauce.

Formula is super easy.  I use all organic because it's yummy.

80g brown sugar (about 1/2 cup once lightly pressed)
30g good unsalted butter (2 tablespoons)
2oz. double cream (heavy cream/whipping cream)

Melt and bring to a boil for a minute or two, while whisking as it goes.  For a thicker sauce, remove from heat and let stand a few minutes. Sauce reheats nicely in microwave or over hot water.  Not sure how long it keeps, as I've never had it in the house longer than 24 hours.

Here's my other post with picture of caramel popcorn.


07 May 2011

Will Pee for Carrots

I didn't have all the ingredients for homemade dog treats but I don't think Wiggy minded, as she enjoyed her, I peed outside so I get a carrot, treat.

What a goof.

She makes me happy.

06 May 2011

I Pooped!

I went to the door all by myself and I pooped outside like a big girl.
Now I want to eat this towel. 
That's okay, right?

Happy Baking

Check it out.  I'm gonna make homemade dog treats with these nifty new cavity cake pans I bought today, using a recipe a co-worker gave me.

I'm also going to try making my own healthy McGriddles.

How fun is that?

And dig little Wiggy. She's munching on an ice cube after doing a very good job of peeing outside.

Life is good.

03 May 2011

Stuff It

I did.
And they were nummy.
Little Wiggy is passed out on the couch, next to Tim, who's on the 360. They look cute together. Meanwhile, I've got a 5am roll call, so I best hit the slab.

Stuffed bagels for everyone who played Quiz 4, and extra for Bard, who got the right answer.

Thanks for playing and have a groovy day.

02 May 2011

Who am I? Quiz 4

After a morning of eating leaves, digging holes, chasing toys and snuggling, little Wiggy is pooped and so am I.

So ... while Miss Wiggy takes another nappy nap, I'm headed to play in the kitchen. Tonight I'm making stuffed bagels with pepperoni, cheese, garlic and onions.

But before I go, here's a short quiz. Enjoy and as always, I'll see you here tomorrow with the answers.

Meanwhile, check out Wiggy in her debut of Sleestak Sunday. She's so cute that I almost don't mind that she peed on the rug today.


These are my feet.
Who am I? And what am I doing?