11 May 2011

Nappy Nap Time

Got Wiggy walked and played with.  Then she ate her ice cube treat and now she's down for a nappy nap. But not before she peed on the carpet. 


And since I didn't get crap done around the house yesterday, I best hop to it while she's napping.

Meanwhile, doggy treats for everyone who played Quiz 5.

PS: I forgot how much work doggy training is.

She's zonked.
Made her these treats using my new cavity cake pans. Click to enlarge.


  1. wow. I want to come back as your dog.

  2. Good stuff, give her a pat, she doesn't mean it.

  3. mshatch: It's fun to spoil her.

    Lurker: Good point. I'll let her live one more day.

  4. Dwaaah adorable. My dog is passed out on my couch right now.

  5. Nappy nap time is my favorite part of any day - for me that is, not the dog : )

  6. Bliss: I'm about ready to take one. Nothing like a good nappy nap. Zzzzzz ...