02 May 2011

Who am I? Quiz 4

After a morning of eating leaves, digging holes, chasing toys and snuggling, little Wiggy is pooped and so am I.

So ... while Miss Wiggy takes another nappy nap, I'm headed to play in the kitchen. Tonight I'm making stuffed bagels with pepperoni, cheese, garlic and onions.

But before I go, here's a short quiz. Enjoy and as always, I'll see you here tomorrow with the answers.

Meanwhile, check out Wiggy in her debut of Sleestak Sunday. She's so cute that I almost don't mind that she peed on the rug today.


These are my feet.
Who am I? And what am I doing?


  1. Olivia Newton John... or one of The Golden Girls?

  2. Ha! Nice! "Let's get physical!"


  3. edith bunker, using gym equipment... wondering how you can get suzzanne somers to get you one of those thigh masters... so you can kick archie in the junk.

  4. I only know there's exercise involved, not who. But I'll be interested to find out! and damn those stuffed bagels sound good...

  5. It's obviously not Barbara Bush.

    Well, maybe the first one.

  6. I wish I could take a nap right now. It's been a long day at work and it's not over.

    Have fun with those bagels.


  7. Well, Ivy, I'm familiar enough with your fuzzy slippers to know that it isn't you. Other than that, I'm stumped.

    (Yeah, I know, my answers are always so close to the mark...)

  8. Bionic woman? Testing her new legs?

  9. Hello my dear friend
    I think that exercise.
    But the stuffed buns, is a wonderful idea!!!
    Many kisses

  10. I really thought the first could be you. The second looks almost like a mannequin being rolled out, or some kind of low-tech jetbike.

  11. ????Not a clue, but am very intrigued????

  12. Hi Guys: Pepperoni stuffed bagels for all who played and extra for Bard, who guessed The Bionic Woman, testing her new legs.

    Good job and thanks to everyone who stopped by and gave an answer.

    And now ... it's time to take Wiggy for her night walk. Hope you're all having a groovy day.

  13. Woo-hoo! I finally got one. Most of these are so hard I typically have absolutely no clue whatsoever. :)

  14. I was so excited when you got it I told Tim, Bard got it. Teleporting you some stuffed bagels. Thanks for playing :-)

  15. Yum! Those stuffed bagels were delicious! :)