17 May 2011


Yesterday morning I called a timeout for myself and enjoyed my first real writing session, since adopting Wiggy.  The little pup's been sucking up most of my time, and all of my energy.  But with only one in-door pee pee accident, it was well worth the efforts.

This is Wiggy beside my writing desk.  She's zonked.

And now ... it's time for me to get back to my writing desk, and log another two hours session in.  Got my travel mug filled and my Wimpy hat on.

Life is good.

Best Writing Buddy

Groovy new desk timer.


  1. Do you think it went well (the writing not the dog ;)

  2. Yes, did you get a lot of writing done?

  3. Hope the writing went well. I love the pics of Wiggy. She's so cute I just melt every time I see her. :)

  4. Cool. I haven't seen one of those pencil-end rubbers in a while. Do you set yourself a time limit? I find working to a deadline can help.

  5. BigMike: Oh yeah. It felt good to be back to work, writing. Thanks for asking.

    Lurker: I did. Two hours. Was a good amount of time. Wiggy nappy napped and I wrote. She makes a great writing buddy.

    Bard: Last night was rough for her. She woke crying, crying, crying.

    Yes, the writing was fun. I got to actually sit and work. And I'm a big-time scheduled type of writer, so two hours with ass to chair, served me well.

    Porky: I love those pencil-end rubber thingys. And all the colors. So fun. I do set a time limit, in that I knew I had two hours while she napped. Had to break away from my writing already today to let her go pee, and now it's back to the timer.

    I'm a scheduled writer. I don't believe in inspiration or fairy dust. I much rather, plant ass to chair and get it done. Then, I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want.

    Tonight I have the shop. My hours at the shop will go back to afternoon/nights. And, until I find another morning job, writing will be it.

    How's your writing going?

    Thanks Guys: For stopping by and asking questions. Hope you all have a groovy day :-)

  6. What a sweet dog! My Golden Retriever is my best writing buddy (when she can make up her mind whether she wants to be inside or outside.)

  7. So cute!! Dogs, if they chill out, are much better writing companions than cats, who feel the need to be petted and lay on top of your keyboard while you are trying to write.

  8. I'll vary the start time to suit the spark, but that idea of getting it done is there with me too. I do feel confident these days I can start with a blank page and produce the thing that's needed, and that makes it all the easier to get stuck in.

  9. I wish I could do what the pup is doing, I'm K-nackered!

  10. Ass to chair... :) Best advice anyone's ever given me. Good luck on the writing and Wiggy is a cutie!

  11. Your writing companion is too distracting. At least there's nap time.

  12. I use those pencil erasers all the time. I only like the old-fashioned pink onces as they erase the best.

    Wiggy looks cute sleeping on her Boo pillow. Hope she lets you write.

    So what kind of timer is that? I like and I need one to get me working.

  13. I'm glad you got back to writing. Wiggy doesn't look too put out :)

  14. I was going to ask how your writing was going. Good for you. :)

    Twin2-Cody is the one who works for Borders. There has been no mention of it closing so hopefully her job is safe.

  15. Your dog is lovely!!!
    Many greetings

  16. Do you find setting a timer for writing sessions motivating (ie you get work done during that 2 hours)? My son has been doing a lot of writing for his fiction writing course (and enjoying it) and was just wondering about the timer method. He often just sits with his lap top and writes! (I love that he has found something he enjoys!)

  17. Answering your question from yesterday, I typically write fantasy, horror or some combination of the two. If I can finish a book long enough for me to consider it "done", I think I'll have a cover painting done and put my finished work up as an e-book for Kindle. The 70% royalty option is attractive for self-published works.

  18. Susan: Love those little writing buddies. Wiggy is also a great nappy nap buddy, too. So many talents, that pup.

    Alexia: Cats really are funny that way. How many do you have?

    Porky: Great that you can face the blank page.Many writers fear it. Go you. Rah.

    Ray: K-nackered? I'd not heard that before. Will be using it.

    Savannah: I'm still dreaming about that giant Cadbury Egg.

    Susan: She's a good little egg when it comes time to write.

    Pat: I'll do a post with the link.

    mshatch: It does feel great.

    Niki: Glad her job is safe. They are both cuties.

    magda: Thanks. She is fun.

    Lo-mo: No. I just use it as a way to track my time since losing my morning scheduled writing times. Very cool about your son's writing. Love that.

    DocStout: Fantasy and horror. Cool beans. I never wrote fantasy before. Excellent news on the 70% royalty. That's excellent. Do you enjoy reading electronic books?