26 May 2011

Blank Blank Quiz 2

Posing as a married couple, Rob and Laura (Mulder and Scully), take temporary residence in a gated community.

When asked by a neighbor how their first night was, Mulder says,  "It was wonderful.  We just spooned up and fell asleep like little baby cats.  'nthat right, Honeybunch?"

Scully replies, "That's right _________."

What lovey dovey name does Laura call Rob?

For the bonus round and an additional 3400xp, along with a plate of brownies, fill in the rest of the blanks.

To entice the monster of the week, Mulder places a ____ _______ on his front lawn and says, "_____ __ __."

As always, I'll see you back here sometime tomorrow with the answers.  Meanwhile, dig these brownies I made yesterday using my new cavity pan.

I love new cooking toys.

PS: Did I mention that I was on a 12 day staycation? No? Are you sure? Because I'm pretty excited about it.  Seems like something I might have mentioned a few dozen times.


  1. Really I didn't know you were on staycation?

  2. She called him a poopy head, and I think he started to put a pool in the front yard...

  3. Aw man! Brownies AND xp as a prize, and I have no idea what the answer is! Dad-blame-it, dang-blummit! :)

  4. Not a clue, but I like the look of them Brownies!!

  5. I don't remember but BigMike made me think is was a pond. I remember the ditch.

  6. Are you sure this isn't the first time you've mentioned your staycation??? I have no idea what the answers to your blank blank quiz are... oh well...at least you have brownies!!

  7. So I did mention it? See, I get so confused. What with me being off work for 12 days.

  8. BigMike's right - Scully says:

    "That's right, Poopyhead."

    That's a coincidence. Hey wait, who are you guys really..?

    And... Mulder places a pink flamingo on the lawn, but what he says I'm not sure.

  9. Brownies for everyone who played along with 3,400xp, even if you didn't get the right answer.

    Two extra plates of brownies to Porky and BigMike who said Poopyhead. Great job. And yeppers, Porky, it was a pink flamingo that Mulder put in the front yard. After which he said, "bring it on."

    The Poopyhead is my favorite part for obvious reasons. And the pink flamingo/bring it on, is Tim's.

    Love those monster of the weeks.

    That's about all from here. Thanks for playing and I'll see you next quiz.

  10. You picked a classic. I think the series is ageing very well, even if it can be placed easily in time. There are so many good ideas and lots going on beneath the surface. It did get a little samey week after week at the time, especially the mythology episodes, but dipping in now is magic.

  11. Porky: For me it was never replaced but I can understand why some feel that way. Especially with the mythology.

    I thought more people would have guessed Poopyhead. But that's they way these quizzes sometimes goes. I'll think an answer is super duper easy, and it won't be. Or I'll think, I've got you now, and you guys all get it in one.

    Either way, they are fun to do. Bionic Woman Quiz, to come.