29 April 2016

Friday Question: What Are We?

Answer them correctly, and win a wad of abc gum and a cob of corn. If those prizes don't tickle your fancy, please reach into the mystery bag of goodies, at your own risk.

What are we?

27 April 2016


Sleep was on and off last night. And now, it's a little after seven and we have the heat blasting. What the flip, Spring? Where did you go? I miss you.

Anyway, I've got Frankenberry's breakfast started and then he'll head to work and I'll tackle a few house projects that I've been unhappily ignoring. Maybe if I wear these boots, it'll give me the boost I need to get this crap done. And in other, other news, today is five years since we adopted Wiggy.

Whoosh, goes the time. Whoosh, I say, whoosh.

22 April 2016

Friday Question: What Are These?

Did you ever have one of those days where the iPod is playing every single song that you love? That's the kind of day I'm having.  Now let's get to Friday's Question.  Winners receive a pair of sweaty ear buds and three pieces of used tape.

What are these?

17 April 2016

Crumbled Cardboard Feet

Yesterday's banana crumble cake didn't work in terms of texture because the topping tasted like eating crumbled cardboard feet.


Today's chicken turned my lips and face puffy and swollen (but no breathing problems). This recent reaction to chicken has happened enough times now that I'll give it a rest for awhile.

Now onto better news. Medjool dates, mushrooms, peanut butter, avocados and cashews have been back on the menu for months with NO ISSUES. Thank goodness, because to me, those are some of the yummiest things, ever.

Now ... for the BESTEST news of my day .....

16 April 2016

Note to Future Self ...

Note to future self: Don't start eating the treats until all videos and pictures are complete and, when shooting said videos and pictures, make sure there's no dog hair present. Also, try and not shoot upside down.

Welcome to Saturday. Here's my video.

15 April 2016

Double Shot (with video)

I didn't plan on posting a double shot today, but then I made lunch, and wanted to share. Tell us what this is and win one broken tea pot and four flat tires.

Hint: Click the video below for the answer.

PS: What did you have to eat today? Anything yummy?

FQ: I LOVE THIS STUFF (how about you?)

It's the weekend, or close enough. Woohoo! Now, let's get to today's Friday Question. Tell us what this is and win a stinky pair of socks and a handful of daffodils.

In other news, it's my jog day.  Plus, if there's time (and energy), I'll bake a first draft test batch of a banana crumble cake. Here's hoping I wrote the science right!

Have a Yummy Weekend :-)

I love this stuff. How about you?

13 April 2016

I'll Take It

I am woefully behind on today's chores. Yet, as I type, onions are caramelizing, dogs are barking and I'm editing photos. But at least there's laundry swooshing about and I'm no longer in my jams.

I'll take it.

09 April 2016

That's Progress, Baby

It's another snow storm day here in the land of Spring. But you know what? It's Saturday afternoon, I'm still in my jams, just ate a yummy lunch and I don't have to be, anywhere.


For the last two weeks I've been on a jog/walk 5k every other day, schedule (and I love it). It wasn't long ago when chronic pain made walking to the bathroom by myself difficult and at times, impossible. Imagine my excitement when during today's 5k, I will complete 2 miles of steady slow and low jogging.

That's progress, baby.

07 April 2016

What Are You Eating ????

I'm having a pile of home-baked spicy garbanzo beans and a mound of rice called, Black Japonica. Don't know much about it, other than it's from Lundberg and was within my budget. Also in the oven are baby button mushrooms that I'll cover in garlic and paprika gravy.

Oh my gosh, my belly is gonna be so happy.

What are you having? Or had? Or will have? Really, whatever you're eating, I'm interested to hear about it.

04 April 2016


It's our anniversary and we are hanging home, listening to music, waiting for the laptop to charge so we can hit Barnes. What can I say, we love it there.

In other news, I didn't get to catch up (as I do), on the weekend with your adventures, so I'll double up one day this week. Until then, you Lovelies have the yummiest nummiest day, ever!

PS: These are the new treats I made.

01 April 2016

FQ: Do You Eat These?

This week is all about my office/lab/kitchen work space. Setting up a permanent food photo area, switching cupboards around, hunting for a NOT expensive fan oven, and donating anything I no longer bake with. I'm happy to report that I am very nearly almost all the way, cannot believe it, done.


But enough about that, it's time for another Friday question. Tell us what these are and if you eat them. Winners receive a set of used earplugs and four unused rolls of crapper paper.

Happy weekend and boogie boogie.

Answer posted in a few days, at the end of comments.