30 December 2016


I made an yeast-free pizza dough that's ready to bake faster than my oven needs to preheat. This is a game changer.

I'll include the crust in my upcoming video series. That's right, I said video. Watch out world, I'm not chicken shit anymore.

29 December 2016

Fermented Fun (for realz)

I've said this before but I gotta say it again, homemade fermented veggies kick the asses of every store-bought, ready-made jar, I've ever eaten. And I've eaten a lot. Not only that but the cost comparison isn't even on the same planet.

For realz.

28 December 2016


For awhile now my large garbage bin for the kitchen has been too blippin' big. Problem solved. Behold, my new baby bin.

Better than jewelry.

26 December 2016

Happy as Balls

Tonight I made egg-free noodles, lasagna sheets and teeny tiny pasta nuggets. So flippin' yum. I'm happy as balls to have my own allergy-friendly options.

Suck on that eggs, you're not needed.

23 December 2016

The Flippin' Kitchen

Even with 95 percent gone, the kitchen still has a lot of stuff. It's my office, lab and home kitchen. And if I'm REALLY honest, there are some baking toys that I haven't used since I decluttered 34 weeks ago.

Today I pull EVERYTHING out of the kitchen (again), and see what (if anything), I'm willing to let go of.

One word: aldfladkjfalkfjlsdkjfaldfjla!!!!

And to those who celebrate ...

22 December 2016

FQ: What Are We?

For all the allergies that I no longer have (thank you immune system), I'm still not able to handle corn. I test it every so often, but I'm not there yet. So I make due by drizzling these with melted unscented coconut oil and a sprinkle of Kosher salt and cayenne powder.

What are we?

Too Long? Or Just Right?

Ohhh bonkers, I'm pooped today. But I'm outta laundry soap so time to get my butt in gear and make some. Pictures to come. Meanwhile, I may have let these ferments rest a tad too long ....

21 December 2016

Kitchen (challenge accepted)

I just cracked open my largest ferment and boy, it's gettin' tangy. My oh my. It tastes so good. Not sure I'll be able to wait.

In other news, part of my kitchen is solved. We're building a new pantry. I never drew plans or built one before but you know what? It doesn't even occur to me that I can't.

Happy Winter Solstice

The Fantastic 4

The chunky carrots are my first ever brine-water test batch. Not sure if that's what it's called, still learning the words. The rest are regular ferments mixed with napa cabbage, spices and the two outer ones have onions. No set formulas. Just chop, season, taste, smash, protect water line, close lid, wait.

Suck on that, bad belly bugs. You gonna die.

20 December 2016

My Kitchen Annoys Me

When I started decluttering we had at least, 500 pens, markers and pencils. I kept a small stash, donated the rest. Time moved on, but I still wasn't using most of them, so I reduced my share by half.

Below is what's left.

In other news, my kitchen annoys me. So I'll post this, unplug, make a cuppa hot chocolate and get crackin'.

Thanks for the suggestions yesterday.

19 December 2016


I'm struggling with where to store our quick-turnover room temperature produce like bananas, potatoes and onions. Tim cleared a bookcase but put I my cookery and bake books there, along with waters on the bottom. I just can't figure this one out.


PS: My latest ferments. Oh my yum.

16 December 2016

Friday Question: Fermented Veggies

I eat fermented veggies for my gut bugs but up until this week, I bought them. Now after making my first jar there's nooooo going back. Sooooo many combinations. Sooooo much fun. And soooo soooo much cheaper.

Friday Question: Do you like fermented veggies?

14 December 2016

Sorry Batman, Ya' Gotta Go

Next to me is the biggest cuppa free from dairy hot chocolate in the history of ever. So flippin' good. Before this, I removed what clothes I had left and you know what? Everything I own fits into one large laundry basket. And yet, there are a few items I'm not wearing. Like my Batman shirt. I like it, but I don't wear it. Now my Captain America, Halloween and zombie shirts, I wear those all the time.

In other news, yesterday I cleaned the house and oh my gosh ....

09 December 2016

I'm Baaaaacccckkkkkk !!!!

Hello Boogerbutts! Long time no blog. Good to be back. And oh my gosh, so flippin' pretty outside. We've already had a snowed-in weekend a few bits back, but I'm excited for another one.

Bring it on.

In other news, so much has happened, that I didn't know where to start writing today. So I figured, I'd just pop on here and say howdy to all your boogerbutts and buttfaces.

That's about all from me. Gonna jump in the shower and when I get out, make the biggest mug of hot chocolate in the history of ever and then after that, a batch of maple vanilla pizzelles.

Num, num, num.