06 June 2018


Hello Boogerbutts.

It's been awhile and here's why. I've been working behind the scenes, followed by a 10-day staycation but also, I don't enjoy my blog space, anymore. Since I don't like my page, I don't come here. My blog feels cluttered, cramped, crowded, and useless, but in real life that's not how I feel. And since this blog has always been a mirror of my life - it's time to fix this space to reflect that.

So, I'm shutting down my blog to rebuild her. We have the technology (Bionic Woman reference - I still own/watch that show and love it!).

I digress.

This space may show an invite only notice, but that's NOT true. It'll be shut down for everyone until I rebuild. You'll still be able to reach me on email.

Thanks for being a part of my old life. But now, it's time for me to blow this sucker up and start fresh.

Whisk, out.