31 May 2022

Get the Pudge Outta Here! 30-Day Challenge

Kicking off June with a 30-Day Challenge to get my health back on track because true confession time; I've gained a bit of chub and it's gotta go! Sometimes people do this whole, don't talk about if you've gained weight, or don't tell someone who has gained weight that they need to drop it but I say, balls to that.

I gained weight. 

It's uncomfortable on my short frame. 

It's gotta go.

Which is kinda perfect because I want to blog more and this is something to share as I go. I'll share my Buddha bowls, non-dairy ice cream and whatever other fun things I make.

Ah ... That feels better, already.

And I dunno why June? Just sorta feels like the right thing. Just feels like all of the pieces are coming together and that makes this challenge, fun. But I've no doubt, there will be times when it won't be fun, and I'll write about that too.

Anyone who wants to join, is more than welcome. Doesn't have to be about weight, comfort or anything. It can be a 30-day challenge to spend more time reading, being outside or anything at all.

For me, this extra weight is uncomfortable on my frame so that's the focus. Now with Monster (or treadmill), gone, I'll get back to other forms of exercise. Currently shopping for a small indoor trampoline. But I also love my tai chi and yoga so it's time to make time for that. Love to jog and walk and work on the yard. Lots of fun ahead. Even without Monster.  

And that my Booggerbutts, is all that's fit to print.

Thanks for reading! Talk again soon. 

26 May 2022


It’s a 50-plate pile up at my house and I’m smack dab in the middle of it. If I stop drawing cartoons, I’d get dish done MUCH faster.

In other news, my Ninja Creami arrived and soon I’m gonna play, play, play. And in other, other news, today I ordered more paint to play with.

Big day.

For the ice cream, I'll continue with my non-dairy, no eggs, low sugar and no oil, formulas. I've done this for years in blenders and food processors (both big and small), but I just wanted to try the Ninja Creami and when the sale hit, I had to snag it.

My machine came with 5 containers, which are about 1-2 servings for each container. The mixture gets frozen overnight in each container and then once ready, placed in a machine that looks like a coffee maker. 

It's pretty cool. 

And lastly, for the new paint, it's a whicker basket for a friend and possibly a front door for home. Or maybe the freezer. Or maybe the fridge. Not sure yet. Paint won't get here until next week so I have some time. 

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. Time to crank the Bon Jovi and finish this 50-plate pile up! 

Whisk, out.