28 March 2015

Saturday Answer

A round of dead rats and leftover earlobes to all who played Friday's Question. The answer: a bowl of vanilla, apple cider vinegar, almond milk and baking oil.

Now on today ... my big plans include nothing, followed by more of that and mixed with more nothing. Sunday, bookstore!

Thanks for playing and boogie boogie.

26 March 2015

How to Write

I'm away today but please enjoy this instructional writing video from Kermit.

25 March 2015

Ack! My Desk

This is what my desk looks like. Time to get things sorted and back to normal, as the only items that I like on my writing desk are currently hidden under a pile of papers, papers and MORE papers.


22 March 2015

Who Puts a Bedroom Closet in the Bathroom?

I've had a cranky morning but things are getting better now that I'm in my cleaning clothes and yellow gloves.

Cleaning is a way for me to let off steam. Plus by time I'm done, I'm usually crank-free and the place looks great.

Here's the house from yesterday. Who puts a bedroom closet in the bathroom? Seriously, this is the only closet and it's next to the crapper, which is in front of the shower.

Just what every wife wants; to shower then walk past her husband who is in the middle of his morning dump.


21 March 2015

White Noise Muck

So I've been sitting here most of the night doing jigsaw puzzles on the tablet. Only now, it's after midnight and I need some sleep, but my brain has that white noise muck and I can't sleep.

Note to Self: No digital puzzles 5, 4, 3, 2 hours before bed.

PS: Tomorrow we're going to go look at houses because we are tired of living in a giant metal hallway that's falling apart, beyond repair. But before  we do that, we're gonna have waffles and bacon.

That is all from me, nighty night (I hope).

PPS: Tim said LOTS of BACON!

18 March 2015

Yum, Yum & 444 Days of Fun

I just ate a bowl of cooked bella mushrooms, organic local garlic, Kosher salt and Hungarian paprika.

My belly is HAPPY.

PS: Today makes 444 days of posting in a row :-) Thanks bunches to all your Boogerbutts who read my blog.

Very cool.

PPS: Also, I made homemade flours. Which has nothing to do with this post but I drew the cartoon and wanted to use it.

Now .. it's time to go for my walk.



17 March 2015

Best Writing Table, EVER

I finally removed the last of the snow from the back deck, most of the winter poo from the yard and none of my indoor chores, complete.

As I write this, the pups are in exploration-mode, and I'm seated at the best cafe' table in the world (ours), with a cuppa coconut coffee and a face full of sun.

As for indoor chores ... they'll keep.

14 March 2015

The Answer is ...

The answer to Friday's Question is dried beet root flakes, which I make from leftover juicing pulp.

Everyone who played wins. But to my friend Pat, who emailed me the correct answer, you get 8 rolls of 2-ply, each roll autographed by Tim.

Thanks to all who played.

In other news, it's after 2AM and I just looked over at Tim. He's at his desk with his eyes closed. I'm not sure he knows it. I'm gonna poke him and see what happens.

13 March 2015

Friday Question

Hello Boogerbutts:

Welcome to another round of Friday Question. Tell us what the following picture is and win yourself a broken big screen TV and four rolls of unused crapper paper.

That's right. I'm giving out the good stuff today. Unused and two-ply.

PS: The answer is up, click next post.

12 March 2015

Bag of Yum

I'm going to bake something yummy. Maybe an almond cherry bar, cookie, scone or muffin. Not sure. But I know one thing for sure. If I keep eating the dried cherries from the bag, I won't have any for one bake, never mind two and three.

Oh, such problems.

11 March 2015

What's for Lunch?

I just had these best lunch, ever. So good, that I had to hop online for a quick live post. You know, I miss live postings, but this week I'm mostly away, so there ya' go.

But back to lunch.

Leftover roasted chicken breast wrapped in organic baby beet leaves with mayo and a side of sliced baby beets. So good, that my little feet were swinging away under the table.

Now I ask you ...

Spooky Eyeball Forest

I'm not here again today, but please enjoy the spooky eyeball forest.

Speaking of eyeballs. I was at the market yesterday and they had these great little glass jars, that would be PERFECT for my test batch cookies. So instead of eyeballs and brains on the shelf, I'd have test batch 1, test batch 2, and so on.

Okay doke. It's going on 9PM on Tuesday and Frankenberry and I are headed to the Lemon Tart Room for a movie. I don't think I'll last that long. I'm pooped.

Thanks for reading and have a Yummy Day.

07 March 2015

Hug Monster

Tonight Tim asked me for a silhouette monster. He wanted a scary monster. But Tim made the mistake of asking me after a day of drawing flowers and cupcakes.

So he got this.

Cookies for Everyone

06 March 2015

Friday Question: Soup

I love making and eating soups but there are two kinds that I won't eat. Canned soup and soups made with cow's milk.

For canned soups, they can stick all the organic labels they want, the ingredients still have the texture of already been chewed, food.

So gross.

As for milk-based soups, even as a kid I hated cow milk and would not drink it. Heat the stuff up in a soup and yuck. I'd rather eat my own vomit.

Also gross.

FQ: What's your least favorite soup? 

05 March 2015

Back in Business

My kitchen is open and tonight we eat good; pork, caramelized apples and homemade potato cakes.

As for last night's takeout, Tim's pizza was so-so. And I'd like to say that my sub roll had the texture and taste of a sponge, but that would be an insult to sponges.

03 March 2015

Zzzzzzz .........

4 Bucks, Baby

I'd been eyeballing this bad boy since the holidays. Finally went to clearance for four bucks.

Hot dog. Now we're talkin'.

The machine isn't powerful enough to turn a nuts into flour, but it's great for whipping up small batches of vanilla or chocolate maple cream, and chops toasted pecans nicely. 

Just perfect for little test batches of fun.

01 March 2015

Sunday Zombie Shuffle

It's 5:30 in the morning on Sunday. Bug really really had to pee at 4:00, so I figured what the heck, might as well start the tear bread dough to go with chicken.

Only we're out of whole birds so I'm debating. Do I want to brave the freezing flippin' frickin' cold to grab a raw bird (one store is open, the rest will be soon), or do I want to grab my pillow and conk out in the movie room until Frankenberry does the Sunday zombie shuffle down the hall?

Hmm ....