30 May 2014

Friday Question: Home or Out?

Today we're both home resting.  Tim with his tummy rumbles, and me with a left leg limp.  It's not so bad though, we still have 2.5 days left of staycation, food in the fridge, doors locked, windows bolted, and phones unplugged.

Meanwhile, I'm out back writing long-hand, waiting for dough to ferment, as the pups work on their tans, and Tim enjoys the new Movie Room.  And even though we're not feeling our best, there's still nowhere else I'd rather be. 

How 'bout you?  Are you a home person? Or would you rather be out and about until the wee hours of the morning?  Us? We enjoy being out, but at the core, we're homebodies. 

29 May 2014

My Pretty New Front Porch

But first, I gotta tell you.  We hit the casino on Tim's birthday and he won $275 on his fourth spin.  In less than five minutes we were cashed out and on our way. 

After that, we hit Staples and Tim found paper towels on clearance.  With coupons and rewards we got them FREE.

FREE!  I could not stop smiling. 

Then earlier in the week, he painted the front porch.  I love it.  Makes me happy each time I open the front door. 

Meanwhile, we still have four days left of staycation.  We've pulled the house phone from the wall, and tossed the mobile in the swamp.  Tim and the pups are snoring and I'm about to put together a cinnamon sugar bake. 

Thanks for reading.  You Boogerbutts have a groovy day.

PS: Look at my pretty porch.  I just love it.

27 May 2014

6 Blobs on a Bench

We're headed out soon and since I'm not sure when we'll be back, I've prepped dough for later.  What can I say?  Take the prep cook out of the kitchen, but never the prep training, out of the cook.

Here's what I did:  Weighed six dough balls at 73g each, covered them, and tucked them away in the fridge. 

I don't always portion the dough, but since these are for personal pan pizzas, I let them ferment, already shaped.  Tonight I'll pull two, shape, top, and bake.

And then ... we get to use our brand new Movie Room.  Yesterday, all the furniture went back and I flippin' love it.  Can't wait to watch our first cheesy movie, eat pizza, and snuggle.  Although, with it being Tim's Birthday Week, we'll be doing more than just snuggling.

26 May 2014

Best Cinnamon French Toast, Ever

Yesterday Tim stained the front porch and it's beautiful.  Or as he says, it's a polished turd, but still.  I love it. Then this morning I used a leftover spelt loaf for Cinnamon French Toast.  Best ever.  Seriously good. 

This one goes in the book because the taste of the spelt, mixed with the strong flour, mixed with the organic cinnamon, and local maple sryup, my gosh, I wish I could have had you all over for brunch.

And that's another thing, I see cookery shows where judges belittle brunch.  What's that about?  Brunch might be rustic and a bit of mix, but by gosh, I'll take a good breakfast brunch over a snooty, over-priced, don't put your elbows on the table, restaurant, all ding dong day long.

And that my Boogerbutts, brings me to end of another post.  Meanwhile, Tim's got the music on, he's writing and I'm to put finishing touches on The Lemon Tart Room. 

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

24 May 2014


Today starts our NINE DAY staycation.  And the best part is that we don't have ANYTHING scheduled.  Each day, we can do whatever we ding dong well please. 

Now that's good livin'.

Here's some shots from my bakery.  My bench faces the back deck.  And I tell you, I love it.  When we get our house, I hope to be lucky enough to have a view this great.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

23 May 2014

Friday Question: Subs & Hoagies

What's your favorite sub?  Or maybe you call it hoagie.  Or maybe you call it something different.  

My top pick goes to an eggplant sub.  Sliced, skinned, no breading, swimming in homemade sauce.  No cheese and on a homemade sub roll.  It's about as simple a hot sub could be.  Although, I eat mine room temperature.  Which is how I like all my subs.

How about you?  Hot sub?  Cold sub?  Room temperature?  And please, do tell us about the innards you like best ...

22 May 2014

Got My Boogie Back

I'm suckin' on a homemade vanilla iced coffee and happy to report, my boogie is back (see last post).  Yeppers.  I put my Magic Sneakers on and I don't know why, they just work. Something about them, makes me get the chores done.

That, and we're headed into staycation.

Meanwhile, I've got onions caramelizing for onion dip.  Not sure about you, but in my kitchen, there's a zero tolerance for boxed onion dip.  Can't stand the stuff.

And now, I'm nearly out of iced coffee and it's time to do more dishes.  My gosh, but I cook and bake a lot.

You Boogerbutts have an oogie boogie day.  Cheers.

No Thursday Boogie for Me

Aside from resting and a trip to the market, I didn't get squat done yesterday.  Today, I pay for that by being super duper behind.  Which doesn't make me cranky, but I'm not doing the Thursday boogie, either.

So there you have it, no Thursday boogie.  Instead, I'll settle for a homemade roll with butter and black coffee with local  maple syrup.  Not a breakfast of champions, but it's about all my belly can handle this morning.

Tim's not doing so hot today either.  Last night we had crap food, and it's given him an upset belly and thrown me off my morning game.  But on the bright side, it's a new day, I don't have to leave the house, and look what's under my desk.

21 May 2014

Skull-Shaped Chunky Bars {How-To}

I'm not a big fan of candy bars but I do like to melt my own chocolate and make stuff.  For this, I melted dark chocolate, and added chopped unsalted peanuts with organic raisins.  Filled the skull trays, set them in the fridge and waited.

Below is an older picture of a chocolate skull but below that is today's skull, cut with a knife to show the innards.  At first I thought I added to much nuts and raisins but after my first bite, I was happily proven wrong.

Meanwhile, I got a lot done on the Lemon Tart Room yesterday.  In fact, I slept so sound that I was at my desk this morning by ten to six.  Made Tim and I a nice breakfast of Hungarian Krumpli (potatoes), with a side of eggs, ham, Feta and homemade rolls with good butter.

All in all, a good morning.  But now, I'm headed offline to sit on the couch and sort coupons, with my left leg raised and rested.  You Boogersbutts take care and as always, boogie boogie until you can't boogie no more.

PS:  The skull trays were bought at the Dollar Tree, but any plain (or fun shaped), ice cube tray could work as well.  

20 May 2014

Hello? McFly

I was all ready to crack into paint can #2 yesterday.  Even got dressed in my painter's pants and everything.  But then I remembered.  Hello?  McFly.  No painting 2 days in a row.


But today is here and happy do dah day, I get to paint.  And paint I shall.  Although first, I'm going to put on a nice big pot of good Hungarian food.  It's a perfect overcast and cold day for a bowl of something great.

Life is yummy.  Grab a spoon.

19 May 2014

Hello Boogerfaces

Hello and Happy New Week.  Though for me, the work week started yesterday.  I did that so if I needed an unexpected day off this week (spine), that I would still get in 5 days.

And guess what? Yesterday I used up the last of the first gallon of Lemon Tart paint.  Which means today, I get to crack into a new can.  Yeah, baby.  Life is good.

Meanwhile, I'm moving a tad slow, clipping coupons and getting ready for the markets.  Got Christmas music in my brain, and I'm about to have a small bowl of ice cream.

And that my Boogerfaces, wraps up this post.

18 May 2014

Lazy Day ... Sorta Kinda, Okay, Not Really

It's Sunday here at the Manor and we're getting stuff done at home.  No Barnes for us this weekend but I gotta say, neither of us wants to go anywhere.

Love these kinds of days.

Meanwhile, I just pulled dinner rolls from the oven.  Smells great.  Supper is done, and so is Tim's lunch for Monday.  Now to tear down the kitchen, fold towels, and paint.

The goal this week: Finish The Lemon Tart Room.  How 'bout you?  Any goals you want to share with us?

16 May 2014

Friday Question: Dogs & Thunder

This week it's tornado watches and lots and lots of thunder.  Right before a nasty storm hits, our bigger dog Wiggy gets a terrible case of the shakes.

She never minded storms until one year the loudest crack of lightening we've ever heard hit over our bedroom ceiling, and jolted us awake.  Since then, she struggles during each storm.  We can get her calm for a bit but it's never long before another crackle of the sky, gets her shaking again.

Does your dog get scared like this and if so, have you found anything that helps to calm them?

15 May 2014


Here's our first attempt at making a video.  Only, I didn't know I was in the frame and I was goofing about.

To see our 9 second video click, Our First Video. The link goes to Tim's blog, where he posted the video.

Meanwhile, here's yesterday's bakes.  Personal pan pizzas for Date Night.  Veggies for me, meat for Tim, homemade sauce with Muenster and mozzarella for both.   

All in all, a very fun night.

Tonight's menu:  Hot subs on homemade bread.

14 May 2014

Fun & Scary

It's Date Night.  But instead of watching a movie, we're going to snack on personal pan pizzas (homemade), and tinker with editing software and make our own videos.  Thanks to Suzie The Foodie who pointed us in the right direction.

Thanks Suzie, you rock!

Tim wants to do reviews and I want to do a bake show from the trailer park.  I don't think the FoodNetwork has a show like that, yet.  And since nobody's hiring me to do one, I might as well make my own show right here at home. 

It'll be fun.  And scary.  But mostly fun.  But also scary.

I Don't Think She Sees Me

13 May 2014

Dancing Queen - That's Me

I'm happy with yesterday's progress.  Fixed my new writing station, tried a new laundry soap, got the dog beds cleaned, and baked a mean batch of chicken meatballs.

The goal was to do a write-up with method, only my camera battery died mid-shot.  So that ended that.  Though I kept writing because I tell ya, Tim loves these meatballs.

In the book they go.

Then at the end of my food writing session, I blasted ABBA.  That's right, ABBA.  Started with Dancing Queen.  You know, that's a fun song to boogie too.  Really makes scrubbing crappers and vacuuming, so much more fun. 

12 May 2014


Hello Blogger Babies.  How the heck are ya?  I'm moving around today, getting tons of crap done.  Had a minor setback and wasn't able to paint over the weekend, but no matter, today is here and I'm choppin' at the bit.

I went with choppin' because I'm a cook, not a horse.

Anyway, I'm just thrilled I can paint at all.  So if it's gotta be rest days in between, I am Ooooo Kkkk with that.

But first, I'm off to finish making homemade chicken meatballs.  I'll have to try making meatballs with bean curd, and see if I can sneak it past Poopyhead.

Shhhh ...

But before I go, dig these freebies from the weekend.  We snagged them on the ride home from Barnes.  Old Spice and Crest from Wegmans and the floss was free at Wally World.

Click Reach Floss to print a coupon. 

Note: This floss is also free at my local Dollar General.
And that my Buttfaces, brings us to the end of this post.  I hear my water rumbling from the stove, so it's time to make the pasta.  I'm on a new kick where I make supper early, and we reheat on the stove later.  So far, it's working great.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

09 May 2014

Friday Question: Chocolate or Lemon?

I wanted to ask this question last Friday but when I saw Lucy eating snails, I had to go with snails.  Duh.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  I loved reading the comments and, I learned a few things as well.

Not too shabby.

That brings us to today's Friday Question.  Sitting in front of you are two bakes.  One is chocolate, and the other is lemon.  Any bake you fancy, but one has to be chocolate and the other, lemon.

The catch? You can only eat one.  Which do you pick?

Me?  Lemon trumps chocolate, all ding dong day long.

08 May 2014

Moving Along at a Pretty Good Clip

Pizza sauce is simmering, the cookies are baked, supper just needs reheated, and our new office is tidy, and vacuumed. 

Plus, the bedding is done, dry, and just waiting to be put back on the bed.  I save that chore for Poopyhead because my shoulder is not strong enough to do the fitted sheet.

It's a little after four and I get to start painting.  A little later than I thought, but that's okay because I don't hurt and currently, I have the energy to spare. 

So tell me?  What's for supper?

Maple Butter & Brown Sugar Ham, Mash & Roasted Corn for us.  No bread.  Didn't get to dough this morning.

PS:  Check out Tim's blog.  He released Manor #6

PPS:  The Manor dropped off the back deck twice before I was able to get the shot, this morning.

Thankfully, the zine didn't land in any doggy poo.  

Things I Love

I love waking up to a clean kitchen.

Any other part of the house, I don't care.  But the kitchen sink, when that's empty at the start of my day, well then, I'm one Happy Whisk.

Here's another thing I love.  My hubby.  He released Manor #6.  As I type, many Manors are printing behind me.  It inspires me to want to produce my own food zine.

But for now,  I'm headed to make Poopyhead a batch of waffle sticks before he leaves for work.

Vanilla for him, chocolate chip for me.

07 May 2014

NOT a Big Bird Fart

These were baked last Tuesday.  Hamburg and rice flour heart treats for the pups.  I didn't like the taste but the girls LOVED them, so this one goes in the book.

I finished one wall yesterday and I'm happy to report that it's not a Big Bird fart, thank you very much, Lurker.

If there's leftover paint, I'm going to do our front door.  And I've always, always wanted to own a bright yellow house with white trim.  Someday I'll get that, but for right now, I have my very own yellow movie room.

Or as Debra said, put a sign over it that reads: Welcome to the Lemon Tart Room.  Which is a brilliant idea.  Makes me feel like I'm in a Roald Dahl book.

Meanwhile, I best get back to chores.  Tonight's Menu is garlic and parsley shrimp over brown pasta.  And if I feel strong enough, chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

06 May 2014


Today I paint the movie room yellow.  I've upgraded it to movie slash reading room.  Slash peaceful, I can't believe it took us this long to swap the house around, my husband is brilliant, room.

But see, that's too long.

Anyway, time to get one wall done.  I made this little sign below but no matter what I do, frickin' Blogger keeps screwing with the background and making it not white and the words, not lemon tart yellow.

That's right.  We went with Lemon Tart.  When we saw it we both liked it at the same time.  So that works for me.

Though right now, I'm a tad nervous that the room will look like someone shot Big Bird all over the walls.

Minus the feathers.

04 May 2014

744 Posts & Tabletop Sunday at The Manor

Here's what my work bench looks like.  Or, my idea of a tabletop game.  Making dough, using Paul Hollywood's Pizza Base.  Love this dough because it's super workable.

What I do though, is shape six portions before the first prove/rise/fermentation.  This way, when I go to use them, they're ready to shape into pizza rounds or sub rolls.
No muss, no fuss.  Just good simple food.

Meanwhile, my sore throat is gone and Poopyhead and the pups are now awake from their nappy naps.  And, I just heard Ghost Adventures go on in the movie room.

It's a real nice Sunday, here at The Manor.

PS: I just realized this is post 744.  Hot dog.

This container may rest in or out of the fridge,
depending on when I want to bake.

Sunday Comic: Vegan-Style