19 May 2014

Hello Boogerfaces

Hello and Happy New Week.  Though for me, the work week started yesterday.  I did that so if I needed an unexpected day off this week (spine), that I would still get in 5 days.

And guess what? Yesterday I used up the last of the first gallon of Lemon Tart paint.  Which means today, I get to crack into a new can.  Yeah, baby.  Life is good.

Meanwhile, I'm moving a tad slow, clipping coupons and getting ready for the markets.  Got Christmas music in my brain, and I'm about to have a small bowl of ice cream.

And that my Boogerfaces, wraps up this post.


  1. Will we get a picture when you are finished?

    1. I think so. I've been taking a few
      here and there as I go. Before
      and afters. It's a pretty room.

      Really makes me happy.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished room. Have a wonderful week.

    1. You as well. Congrats on your
      phone writer weekend, too.

      Very cool stuff.

  3. Have a great week Whisk - hopefully your spine won't play up.

    Boogie boogie!

    1. Thanks bunches. How goes
      your back? I hope you're feeling
      better and better and better.

  4. I love that shade of yellow!

    1. I just walked in the room
      to see how it looked from
      last night's work. I love it.

      Good luck with your goal
      this week.

  5. Replies
    1. He did at that. One big honkin'
      goober of a sneeze, all over the room.

      And I love it!

  6. Hope you're going to share some pictures when the room is done.

    1. I think I will, if I can get a
      good enough shot. It's such
      a small room.

  7. Can't wait to see a pic :)

  8. did you use coupons to buy yourself those nondripping kits for painting with which you can paint a room without even moving the carpets and furniture?

    1. Had to still move furniture because
      everything is up against walls.

      But .. thankfully, we had stuff around
      the house to cover things. Woohoo!

  9. What in the world is Christmas music doing in your brain? Is it that cold?

    1. I was happily clipping coupons,
      sitting at my desk, swinging my
      feet and before I knew it, Christmas
      music came out of my mouth.

      We did have the heat on this morning,
      and the air on now. Weird spring.

      How's it by you?

  10. Sometimes I like to listen to Christmas music at odd times of year. It makes me nostalgic for Christmas...odd, I know! It's also a bit of rebellion...

    1. I have a few that I really like and
      when they pop up on iTunes I
      usually listen. But today I was just
      happy, clipping coupons and before
      I knew it, found myself singing
      quietly at my desk.

  11. You are so funny! Love that yellow - the color of enthusiasm, cheerfulness. I hope you feel better soon. Christmas music? Starting a bit early, eh? Anyways, have a Happy Day! Cheers!! P. S. Yes, I would love to see the results of your project.

    1. Thanks, Bobby. I feel pretty darn good,
      actually. Just have to take it slow.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope
      you're having an oogie boogie day.

  12. So funny that you would have ice cream, too! That was my treat right after I was done painting for the day, and right before I hit the garden out back. I'll be off to get another gallon of paint soon. Painting will be this week's main theme. Lots of projects lined up! Happy week to you!

    1. Brilliant minds and all that. What
      kind of ice cream did you have?
      I had Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow,
      and it was really hard not to eat
      the rest of the container. .

      May have to buy more tomorrow.
      Or, better yet, finally learn how to
      make my own ice cream. There we
      go. But not today.

      Today, I paint!

    2. Oh, yours sound soooo good! Mine was just plain chocolate, but it tasted mighty good since I paid 0 dollars for it. Had a coupon for it that was more than the sales price, so the store paid me to take it home. :) I just love that.

      I picked up my white paint this evening, and tomorrow morning I'll be rocking and rolling with the paint brush. The current project is the bathroom cabinet that I can't stand. It's too expensive to replace, and we need whatever extra money we have for more important things. So I decided to give the cabinet a face lift with a nice paint colour. It was only primed today, but it already looks 10 times better! I enjoy these types of projects.

      I made ice cream with my older daughter when she was very young. Lots of fun, and oooooh so delicious!

    3. Ice cream that you got paid
      to take out of the store. That
      is my kind of dessert. Well
      done, you.

      It's amazing how much a coat
      of paint can make something
      better. Enjoy your rocking
      and rolling. I'm hoping to do
      the same here today.

      Cheers and boogie boogie.

  13. I like your eclectic thinking --- your spine, lemon paint, coupons, Christmas music, and ice cream, all in the same post! Have a good week!

    1. Hey, Pam. I just write this stuff
      as I think of it. Hope you have a
      groovy week with lots of good things
      to eat. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  14. Hope you have a beautiful week and that you don't have any pain!