18 May 2014

Lazy Day ... Sorta Kinda, Okay, Not Really

It's Sunday here at the Manor and we're getting stuff done at home.  No Barnes for us this weekend but I gotta say, neither of us wants to go anywhere.

Love these kinds of days.

Meanwhile, I just pulled dinner rolls from the oven.  Smells great.  Supper is done, and so is Tim's lunch for Monday.  Now to tear down the kitchen, fold towels, and paint.

The goal this week: Finish The Lemon Tart Room.  How 'bout you?  Any goals you want to share with us?


  1. Just one: to get the new book ready for publication!

  2. Yep, one of my goals will be to ask even more celebrities to spread the word of the terrible floods in Serbia. The more people know the more of them might help.

    1. I hope both Serbia and Bosnia get
      all the help they need. Mother Nature,
      she's one mean B when she wants to be.

  3. Two weeks - first draft done of next book!

    1. Wait one more - finish replying to all three hundred comments I received this week. Only a couple more to go...

    2. Imagine if you had reply set on
      your blog to each one, like it is
      here. You'd have a mess on
      your hands for sure.

      First draft done, very cool goal.

    3. Although, I gotta say, now I
      love the reply to each one.

      So flippin' easy.

    4. Padding the comments was drilled into me from day one, so that is why I don't have individual replies.
      Unfortunately, that means most of those 300 are unique.
      And I did visit them all!

    5. No disrespect meant, but I don't
      agree or see it as padding. I use
      the reply back because it's a useful
      tool. Though I didn't like it
      at first, I love it now and wouldn't
      go back. And, it's a great way to
      have a little chat, like here, right now.

      That said, for you, since you get
      300 comments, it would probably
      be messy. But for me, it works nicely.

  4. Those dinner rolls look yummy. Enjoy your lazy day!

    1. Thanks. They actually turned
      into better mini sub rolls.

  5. I think I'll help myself to those dinner rolls...

  6. I always get pre-made rolls. Had some that were suppose to be cooked in the oven and came out hard as a brick.

  7. Weekend all gone now