28 October 2016

Halloween Staycation (yeah, baby)

I did it. I finally finished that pile of keeps and moved everything into the new space. And just in time to lock the doors and bolt the windows, because our 10-day Halloween staycation, is here.

My plans? I got none.

My goals? Don't got none of those either.

With any luck, we'll get one heavy snow storm, lots of rain and a few days of sun.

Happy Holiday! May witches fly over your house, werewolves howl in your garden, and spiders lay eggs in your ears.

25 October 2016


I made laundry soap for the first time and oh my gosh, does it work. It gets clothes so flippin' clean.  Didn't smell enough of the lemon but the fabric was super clean and no static! OMG. I will never use store-bought again.


In other news, the pile of KEEPS from yesterday's post, is coming along well. I'll write more when I'm done.

24 October 2016

I'm THIS Close

I still have one pile of stuff that I'm keeping but haven't done anything about. Unless you count moving it from one room to the other, and back to the other room again.

So this past weekend, Tim cleared off shelves that are smack-butt next to my lab. This could work. I want this pile DONE before our 10-day Halloween staycation.

I'm this close I tell you. THIS close. 

In other news, this is ...

18 October 2016

My Head Smells Like Chocolate

I'm playing around with homemade shampoos because each time I go to buy ready-made poo, I get disgusted by the ingredients.  So today, I made dry shampoo with arrowroot and cocoa powder. I smell like a giant Willy Wonka Bar.

And yesterday ....

15 October 2016

I Love Saturdays !!!!

Yesterday I pumped gas and last week I mowed the lawn. Both without a rash or breathing problems.

Huge step forward. No step back.

During the healing process there's been plenty of step backs, knock downs and grumpy days. But if asked, I'd do it all again.

In other news, 14 sleeps until our Halloween staycation and this weekend, we're on a 3-day holiday. Up next, a hot mug of homemade pumpkin spice yum and then after that, anything we want.

I love Saturdays!

PS: Last week's answer: Chocolate bubbles.

07 October 2016

Friday Question: What Are We?

With all the demo and repairs going on, this Halloween season is whooshing past me. So in the spirit of spooky, gross and fun things, tell us what these are and win a broken broom stick, a cracked cauldron and a wart.

Last week's answer: Bean curd.