29 August 2023


Things are coming along with the kitchen. Today we moved Tim's long butcher block table with black hair pin legs to the kitchen pegboard wall and my old table next to his writing desk in the office. This should be the last round of Table Tetris until we move, move, move.

As for move, move, move, nada on the houses. 

Nada. Nada. Nada.

As for baking and writing food, that started back this past weekend with banana cake, soon to turn them into banana doughnuts. Pictures to come. In the meantime, dig these cinnamon sugar mini doughnuts I made awhile back. 

My gosh, I love autumn! I love everything about it. 

Tomorrow I hope to hit the local restaurant store and add to my Halloween baking collection. Pictures to come of that as well. For now, the air fryer is chirpping which means it's almost time to sit, eat and watch more Halloween Baking Championship. 

LOVE that show. LOOOOOVE it! 

I'm also still LOOOOVING my new Samsung tablet, with pretty purple bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Lots of food writing and blogs to come from this new space. 

And that my Boogerbutts is all that's fit to print. This is Ivy, reporting live from the new kitchen butcher block bench, under the kitchen peg board wall. 

Back to you in the studio.

Huggs & Bugs, 
- Me

12 August 2023


Current obsession ... pretzel bagels. Not even mine. Horton's on the hill. Not sure what the one in town has. Either way, now it's in my head to get back to making homemade pretzels. Only this time with a twist. I'm thinking, pretzel bagel bites stuffed with roasted jalapeno and non-dairy smoked gouda. 


In other news, we're at Barnes. Took me awhile to get out the door today. Now that we're here, I'm glad to be. I gathered a HUGE stack of autumn food and reno magazines. I love flipping through those, even though really, it's the same recipes and decor year in and year out. Still, I love it.  

In other, other news, here's the little table that Tim and I built together using bits and bobs from the shed. The top timber is cedar that naturally came mixed with pink and blonde and the base is pine, a blonde almost white wood. I stained the top and painted the base yellow. The best part is we made this together and didn't spend any new money. 

How cool is that? 

In other, other, other news, I'm using both the time before and after work much, much better than before. More on that another day, along with the finished chairs (spoilers, I painted them). And if I get to it tomorrow, homemade pretzel bagel bites stuffed with non-dairy gouda and jalapeno.


A puppy, a table and a pretzel bagel walk into a bar. Stop me if you heard this one.

07 August 2023


Check out the setup. Halloween and autumn sounds with slightly moving spooky pictures, puppy under the table and me using the new Samsung Galaxy tablet. This new toy makes writing and reading blogs a breeze. This is now my fourth week in a row and I love that.  

In other news, dig these two ALDI finds. Ten smackers each. They fold. Probably paint them the same yellow as the shed. And since I love writing, drawing and reading outdoors, I'll need to build a small writing table or find one on the cheap. 

Either works for me  

In other, other news, we looked at the outside of another house last week. There's an open house for it this week. Not sure if we'll go or not. Neither of us loves the location. We don't hate it, however ....

I dunno. We'll see. Price good. Inside from pictures good. Might just go to go.

Lastly, this week I'm working on structure. Mostly after work (at least for now). Because last week felt like my after work time wasn't spent well. Fixing that this week. Started with today when I got home. I went straight into chores, showered, made supper, took a few pictures and wrote. 

Bada bing, bada boom.

That's more like it. Right now, I'm sipping hot peach tea and listening to the spooky sounds on headphones as Tim plays D&D with the guys online. It's not a bad night, that's for sure. 

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. 

Huggs & Bugs,

- Me

Puppy PS: When I started writing the blog, there was one. By time I finished, there were two. I love that. Thanks for reading. Catch you on the flip side.