31 March 2013

That's a Wrap

Looks like I might be able to go back to work tomorrow.  Or at least I'm hoping so.  Then Thursday we start our mini holiday, celebrating a total of ten years together.

No set plans yet, just hope we're both feeling good.

Meanwhile, if you missed it, Tim did get his ice cream cake.  Boy those things are expensive.  Not sure why either.  The ice cream if kind of bland and boring.  And while I enjoyed the crunchy part in the center, it's not worth the price.

Even free, I'd probably pass.

And that's a wrap, folks.  I'm headed over to Tim's blog to remove the falling peeps, then to shower and into my jams.  

Cheers and boogie boogie.

"Peeps, Mister Spock ...."

No Nudity Required

How to make your husband happy?  Ready for the secret, girls?  It's easy.  Hand over the ice cream cake coupons.

And you don't even have to be naked.

30 March 2013

Dear Bloggers

I still feel like crap.  Over and out.

28 March 2013

Organic Couponing

Dig these two coupons that I just printed.  Neither state they're for organic product, but they do read for ANY.  And that's what we're looking for -- the word, ANY.

Not only can I score an organic product from their line (which they both carry), but I can also get any size.  And in some cases the smaller sizes will be free with coupons that double.

So that 75 cents off ANY one Smuckers (organic or not), will double to $1.50 off.  Toss in a store sale, or a clearance item, and you've really got yourself something.

And that's how easy it is to get organic stuff, using non-specific coupons.  Click Coupons.com to get these.

Meanwhile, my head is still fuzzy, so back to the couch.

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27 March 2013

Coupon Crack

Back from the doctor's where they gave me a good crack, plus a bag of coupon inserts.  I tell ya, between the two snuggle pups, coupon videos the 360, and now this new stack of coupons ... why I may never go back to work.

Speaking of coupons, here's one from Hobby Lobby.

Field Trip Cancelled

Woke with a rattling in my chest, so no couponing field trip for me.  I feel better but look and sound, not so good.

Haven't been sick in something like 14 or 15 months.  And I don't want it now.


I'm losing two battles, this one, and the 10 ice cream cakes.  Because when I don't feel good, Tim goes marketing and I'm thinking, he'll make a beeline straight for those cakes.

To read about it, click Staples & Ice Cream. Tim and the guys crack me up.  It's the boys against the girls over there.

26 March 2013

Staples & Ice Cream

We hit Staples tonight for more paper.  Just have to pay tax.  Even I can swing that.  Then we were going to get ice cream only it was late, so we passed.

But it was still nice to get out some.

I'm feeling less tired than I looked in my last post.  And tomorrow I go on a couponing field trip with my friend.  She just started couponing.  And soon she'll be saving, big time.

Meanwhile, I'm having a hard time explaining to Tim that just because we have 10 ice cream cake coupons, doesn't mean we get 10 ice cream cakes.

I love that man.  He cracks me up.

How I Feel, Right Now

Hopefully, I don't look like this tomorrow, too.

25 March 2013

Blogger is Giving Me Crap

Just finished wrapping my friend's Coupon Newb Spring Equinox Gifts, and when I upload the original photo, it makes the photo go longways.  I dunno why?  Do you? 

So I took a picture of my computer screen.  The photo is a little dark but check out her loot.   I can't wait to give her this stuff.  And it's wrapped in comic paper using free tape, that I got from couponing.  Free, free.

Not free but then I get a reward, or points.  Or free but I had to pay tax.  Real free.  Free, free.

Anyway, check out all her goodies.  So much fun.   

On my computer the original photo is normal.  But when I uploaded it to my blog, and it got all wonky.

Anyone know why?

22 March 2013

Big Plans - Friday Night

One pizza, two pups, great husband and clipping coupons.

And nowhere else I'd rather be.

Now that's a Good Lid

Back from Dollar General where they have shoebox containers for 97 cents less than what I recently purchased, at the Big-K.  97 cents, plus tax, times 18 containers.

That's a lot of money.

But you know what?  I really love the ones I already bought, for $1.97.  They're a tad bigger and see-through.  And I've already measured them to fit my bake shelf.  I love them.

Here's the older style going for less.

And look.  Just look how dingy that top box is.  Why I can barely see the onion skins and garlic.  Nobody wants that.

But check out this beauty.  That's some pretty onion sitting in that beautiful box. Think of all the ingredients I can stash.

It's like a dream.

And check out this old lid for the 97 cents less.  It's not even see-through.  I don't know what's in there.   Could be anything.  Don't know, can't see. 

But look at my new lid.  Why I can see right through it.

Now that's a good lid.

20 March 2013

1000 Posts - OSR Mega Bundle Giveaway

Yesterday Tim hit 1000 posts and is doing a OSR Mega Bundle Giveaway.  Most of my regulars already know about it, but just in case, head on over to enter.

What's really cool my husband started with a bundle pack of eight.  Then more donations rolled in and now I'm not even sure how big the bundle is, but it's a big one.

Four winners will walk away happy.  The four is for me, because I love fours.  The bundles are for you gamers, and the fireworks I put on his blog are for Tim.

Sorry Ken, I just couldn't do hearts again.  Though I did come dangerously close to these funky robots things.

14 March 2013

My Friend Died - David B. Silva

I never had a close friend die before.  Sucks.  Big time.

He was a good egg.  He was my editor, mentor, gave me my first paid writing gig, and more after that.  He was generous with his time and knowledge and loved peanut M&M's.  Could not eat just one.  Had to gobble the entire bag.  Had to.

He would also send me funny things in the mail.  One time I got 100 yo-yos in a box.  100 of them.  So I sent him back 4 cans of Spam, and a box of Halloween Devil Dogs.

And that's what we did.

Another time, he put me in his book and then killed me off.  But my favorite is when he completed that novel.  I sent him a handmade card with lots and lots of confetti inside.  And that day he brought his mail to Carl Jr's for lunch.  Opened it and confetti went ALL over him, and the floor. 

That made me laugh.  Him not so much.

Then another time, I forget what he sent me but in return I wrapped this HUGE box with every bright girly color known to the rainbows of fairies and unicorns, and shipped it.

He was color blind so I had to make it big and bright.

The postman called him to see if it was his birthday.  It was not.  So here walks in this 6 foot 5 dude (that was my friend), and had to collect his girly ass package.

Again, I was happy.  Him, not so much.

But that's the way it was.  Send me 100 yo-yos and you're gonna get your ass kicked because that's what we did.

And now, I'm going to head outside to find an unfrozen patch of ground, and plant some flower seeds.  Probably something blue, it was his favorite color.  Or maybe I'll go with girly colors, because that would really get him.

Dave's Amazon Profile Page

13 March 2013

Such a Fun Day

I just ate the world's crappiest microwaved potato.  But I don't care.

I'm done with work, showered and almost dressed.  It's snowing outside, I have off tomorrow, and Tim's already home.  Plus, the girls at work gave me gifts.

Yeppers.  Two books, one about couponing, a fun bag of coupons, and two CDs.  It felt like my birthday.

I must bake them cookies.

Then I got home and Tim did all the dishes.  I love him.  No cookies for him though.  Tonight he requested my apple pizza bake.  It's got an almond crust, cinnamon vanilla sugar cream cheese, cinnamon nutmeg apples, and a crumble top.

So good.  That it's best to make two, because it really does taste better then next day.  Only we never make it that long.  Noppers.  We gobble that sucker up.

But first, I want to get some chores done, so that tomorrow I can redo my baking area.  Now that I'm writing and testing bakes daily, I need a more focused work space. 

That's all from me.  You Boogerbutts have a good one.

12 March 2013

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

I'm home resting and it's freezing out.  So nothing but jams for me, two snuggle pups, a couch, and a pile of coupons.  I also have a pile of dishes, pile of bills, and a pile of DVDs.

Hmmm .....

11 March 2013

Big Dead Bloated Roaches

I love baking.  It's creative, challenging, fun, and best of all, I get to make stuff up, just to see if it works.

Last night, I paired a new cookie formula with a brown organic pastry flour (bought with a coupon).  There's a slight grit in the dessert, but overall it didn't suck.  A few tweaks and it'll be ready for the book.

Another thing I'm grooving on right now is dates.  They look like big dead bloated roaches, but once chopped and in a bake, they are like little bursts of happiness.

I wrote a cinnamon, raisin, date bake and man alive, did those little bloated roaches pack a punch.  Seriously good. 

And in health news, I'm getting stronger.  Today was day five of work and I noticed that the first three days I did great.  But then saw a decline in day four and five.  But after getting cracked this afternoon, I'm feeling better.  And get this, the ladies at the desk gave me a bag of coupons.

How groovy is that?  Plus I have tomorrow off. 

And lastly, Tim's got game tonight, so I will shut him in the office while me and the pups park our butts on the couch and play a game of, who can stay awake the longest.

I bet I won't win.

09 March 2013

Winning Boogerbutts

And the four winning Boogerbutts ....


I'm sorry, Tim said I had to add the dot, dot, dots.


He said this is supposed to add tension.


And suspense.


I don't know if it does, but it sure makes my falling shamrocks look pretty.  Did you see Tim's blog yet?

I shamrocked that sucker, big time.


And now, the winning Boogerbutts.

Anne, from Anne's Attic.
Jen B., from My Adorable Small Town Life.
Marcy, from Mainewords.
Niki, from The Colours of Me.

I have all but one of your emails.  My contact information is posted at the top right of my sidebar.  So let's catch up over email so we can hammer out the details. 

This was so much fun.  Thanks to everyone for playing.

Cheers and a great BIG FAT boogie boogie.

04 March 2013

444 Posts & Bundle Giveaway

This is post 444.  Holy jelly beans, I love the number four.  So to celebrate I'm giving away a bundle prize package of four e-books, highlighting four writers, to four winners.

The four writers are Alex J. Cavanaugh, Susan Gourley Kelley, Suzan Harden, and Tim Shorts (alphabetical order).

That's one good celebration bundle.

No need to tell me what combination of digital titles you want, we'll handle that later.  International orders are welcome, and encouraged.  Just leave a comment, and we'll roll the dice to see who wins.  Easy sneezy on your cheesy.

Tim made me write that last part.  They're his dice.   

Alex's upcoming title. Part 3/3.
He has the first two to pick from.
One of Susan's many many books.
You can look at her blog and select a title.
First novel in the Bloodlines series.
Plus she's got many others to pick from.
Any issue of the Manor, you fancy.  This is
issue #3 of The Manor, written by my husband.
Cover art and Legless Skeleton of death, by me.