12 March 2013

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

I'm home resting and it's freezing out.  So nothing but jams for me, two snuggle pups, a couch, and a pile of coupons.  I also have a pile of dishes, pile of bills, and a pile of DVDs.

Hmmm .....


  1. ooh, a pile of coupons! Any particularly interesting ones? What's the coolest thing you've bought with a coupon?

  2. First, do the dishes because, well, that's just gross not to. Then make sure the electric bill is paid because otherwise, you and pups cannot curl up on the couch and watch DVDs. (Or at least, not for very long.)

  3. Sounds like snuggle pups and DVDs to me!

  4. Go for the dvds, and even the pups too, the cat will agree with that haha

  5. snuggle pups and dvds go well together :)

  6. Hi... that's a great ideas resting at home and snuggle in bed. :)
    But best to settle the pile of bills and the dishes, then relax and watch your DVD. Enjoy!

    Have a nice day ahead. Take care.

  7. i am hiding under the table, i heard a storm was coming... well that is what she said... and i listen.

  8. My daughter is taking a nap. I'm using my time productively by surfing the Net and eating frosting out of the bowl. You should do this. I don't want to be the only one. :)

  9. What??? No books? I'm heartbroken! :(

  10. I like your piles... except for the bills. I'd swap those for chocolate and books. Gosh, if only I could spend a carefree day snuggled up *dreamy sigh*

  11. I would definitely start working on that pile of DVDs. :)

  12. Do the dishes first or they'll ruin your night by nagging at the back of your skull. Give the bills to Tim. Then dive into those coupons!

  13. Definitely pups and DVDS. Its sunny and warm here.

  14. It would so be DVDs for me. Definitely not dishes :)

    And love your new pup pic!! So cute!

  15. It's snowing like feck over here, I nearly slipped an hour ago and broke my liathroid's!

  16. I hope you popped in those DVDs, snuggled with the puppies and then got to the dishes while hubby paid the bills =)

  17. I'd go for the snuggle pups and DVDs! Love the shamrocks floating down your page!

  18. DEZMOND: Best thing, I think maybe good razors for free. Ones that don't cut Tim's bald head.

    But probably the best thing overall, is not having to reply on Walmart, anymore. That's a great feeling.

    Suzan: Dishes first? Say it isn't so.

    Alex: Good choice.

    Pat: Even the cat's choice.

    mshatch: Two more for the pups and the couch.

    Amelia: I went with bills first, then couch, coupons and pups. After all, I'm supposed to be resting.

    Jeremy: Did you get that storm?

    Dana: Funniest comment. I loved it. And laughed out loud.

    Southpaw: Me too!

    Stacy: I thought of you and said, on no, no books. Stacy's gonna get me for that.

    Azra: No rest for you? Not ever? How come?

    Savannah: Someone should.

    Anne: I did bills first and bad me, left the dishes. Well, I did a few, but then the pain made me stop.

    Sandra: You are lucky.

    alexia: Not dishes for me either.

    Kim: I did those first.

    Lurker: I hope you throw a snowball at Ray. That would be good.

    Elsie: I did bills and puppy couponing first. I started the dishes but had to stop, so Tim finished 'em up. He's such a good egg.

    Sherry: It really was the only logical choice.

  19. And snuggle pups are good to watch DVDs with. Unless it's a scary one, in which case, they'll bolt.