22 March 2013

Big Plans - Friday Night

One pizza, two pups, great husband and clipping coupons.

And nowhere else I'd rather be.


  1. Whoa there, David Lee Roth, I think you need to take a step back from your hard partying life. It's only a small jump from Friday night couponing to Saturday night crocheting and eventually, a downward spiral to Monopoly nights.

  2. Cops will be called, fires extinguished, rampaging mobs...dogs and cats...living together, mass hysteria.

    Time for me to start searching the couch for change in anticipation of the "I need bail" phone call from Tim.

  3. Add in the T-rex two-finger back massage and you have a fiesta!

  4. That does sound nice - enjoy your evening :)

  5. Sounds like a fine time to me.

  6. Sounds lovely :) Especially the pizza!

  7. Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. :-)

  8. Alex: I want to do this again tomorrow night too.

    Jason: Hahahaha, you and Boric both wrote very funny comments. I enjoyed reading them.

    Boric: Hahahaha, you and Jason both wrote very funny comments. I enjoyed reading them.

    Debra: Thank you.

    DEZMOND: Poor pups. No pizza.

    Suzan: A fiesta? I don't hear that word enough. I like it. Fiesta.

    mshatch: We are a simple folk.

    Pat: Simple but good.

    Niki: The pizza was good.

    David: Ah ... now.

  9. Any one a demz more than I got tonight. But I do have some smoked herrings so I'm not despondent yet.

  10. seems the pups find the 360 as exciting as my dog does.

  11. @Boric: I found a quarter, two nickels, a dime, and 8 pennies. Let me know if Tim calls you.

  12. Sounds like the beginning of an awesome weekend ahead! I'm still recovering from this demonic flu!

  13. Sounds perfect to me... Well, except for the husband maybe ;)

  14. Spawn: I haven't had herring in forever. We grew up having it, on my mom's side. What do you eat yours with?

    Adam: They perk up when in-game dogs bark. Otherwise, yeah, not too exciting.

    Maurice: Simple but good night.

    Ken: Hahahaha. You guys kill me.

    Azra: So sorry you are still recovering from the demonic flu. Hope you have some good tea to sip, and lots of good movies to watch.

    Blue: That's okay because he's not for sale. Though sometimes I think about selling Bug. Not really ...

  15. Sounds great. We watched one of the silly syfy movies.