25 March 2013

Blogger is Giving Me Crap

Just finished wrapping my friend's Coupon Newb Spring Equinox Gifts, and when I upload the original photo, it makes the photo go longways.  I dunno why?  Do you? 

So I took a picture of my computer screen.  The photo is a little dark but check out her loot.   I can't wait to give her this stuff.  And it's wrapped in comic paper using free tape, that I got from couponing.  Free, free.

Not free but then I get a reward, or points.  Or free but I had to pay tax.  Real free.  Free, free.

Anyway, check out all her goodies.  So much fun.   

On my computer the original photo is normal.  But when I uploaded it to my blog, and it got all wonky.

Anyone know why?


  1. Creative wrapping!
    Something is up with Blogger today. Half the posts aren't showing up in either reader I'm using and Stephen's blog vanished entirely.

  2. Thanks, Alex: Maybe that's all it is. Wonky Blogger Day. I think we have too many of those.

  3. Don't know what to tell you. I have trouble understanding a lot of computer stuff. Maybe it's the snow!

  4. Blogger has been having problems with pictures in recent few days.
    But you do know how to edit, position and size the pics here, yes?

  5. Lot's of loot, shame on blogger, bad blogger, blooger sit!

    Nah I can't get it to it sorry

    Ian ;-)

  6. DEZMOND: Yeppers. I did all that and it still won't upload correctly.

    Ian: I get to give this stuff to her on Wednesday. She's a newbie couponer. Fun stuff.

  7. I have a weird photo thing happen on my blog sometimes; it changes the orientation of the pictures. But just on some pictures. Blogger IS wonky!

  8. That's a lot of stuff!

    Blogger is weird sometimes. I've had my share of troubles with pictures, too.

  9. mshatch: Yeah, that is weird, because I had a crappy shot, but that one it didn't change.

    Wonky, wonky, wonky.

    Dana: It's all little stuff but it's a good newbie starter kit.

  10. Sometimes when the image is too large, it distorts the picture. Or maybe Blogger is just wonky.

    Can I tell you how envious I am of your Spring Equinox. I am not looking forward to winter *sigh*

  11. Thanks, Azra: I tried various sizes and it still just didn't want to work.

    It is spring here, but it snowed all day long. But I'm home from work and clipping coupons. So snow away.

    Happy Winter Solstice to you.

  12. Actual free free free makes me happy and yeah blogger is giving all crap today for some reason.

  13. Love things that are free free. Way to go! The comics wrapping paper is pretty great!

  14. I still need to take a stab at this couponing thing, very cool that you could get all that for your friend!

    On that note, I need more friends like you! ;)

  15. I was having problems last night with my pics. I thought it was just me. I had to upload them and then delete them repeatedly until I got them to be the size I wanted.

    And I'm having problems with blogs updating as well.

  16. Great wrapping paper!!! No blogger probs my end????

  17. Pat: Do you coupon?

    Jen: No more buying wrapping paper, now that we have all these comics.

    Matt: You have my email. So anytime you have questions or want to give couponing a go, drop me a note.

    PS: Digging your new avatar.

    Carol: It's almost free.

    Anne: Blogger problems. Oh so fun. Thanks for stopping by.

    Ray: You are lucky. Here's hoping you continue to have zero Blogger problems.

  18. Just getting to this post now, but I noticed there was a period a few days back when it seems half my blogs that I read weren't updating themselves in my blogroll. I'm sure I missed some entirely.