31 March 2013

That's a Wrap

Looks like I might be able to go back to work tomorrow.  Or at least I'm hoping so.  Then Thursday we start our mini holiday, celebrating a total of ten years together.

No set plans yet, just hope we're both feeling good.

Meanwhile, if you missed it, Tim did get his ice cream cake.  Boy those things are expensive.  Not sure why either.  The ice cream if kind of bland and boring.  And while I enjoyed the crunchy part in the center, it's not worth the price.

Even free, I'd probably pass.

And that's a wrap, folks.  I'm headed over to Tim's blog to remove the falling peeps, then to shower and into my jams.  

Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Boogie, Boogie back at ya, and congrats on the 10th anniversary! :-)

  2. Hi, happy 10th anniversary, keep the romance rolling.

    Have fun and enjoy your holiday. Regards.

  3. Ten years together - congratulations!! Now you know it's love.

  4. Ten years together! Whoo hoo! Years fly by, don't they? I still can't believe I've been married 33 years.

    So, what kind of ice cream cake was it (so I know to avoid it)?

  5. Amelia: Thanks. It is a happy. Glad we both have time scheduled off together.

    Alex: Big time. Thanks.

    Stacy: I hyperlinked part of the cake, in the above post. It was a Dairy Queen plain ice cream cake. Very boring.

    Yes, ten total on the fourth. Wow, 33 married for you guys. Amazing. How long total together?

  6. Ivy, we knew each other exactly one year when he proposed. Sent me an anniversary card and did it through the mail. Of course, he was in Georgia for training at the time while I was in Arizona (we were both stationed at Ft. Huachuca). Kept asking me everyday if I'd gotten the mail. I probably should have taken the hint, but what a shocker when I got the card! The next day he called, I said yes and his response was "Yes to what?" He's still making me laugh!

  7. Ten years, a good number, congrats, it's our 11th Wedding Anniversary in May and best of all it's a Saturday so no problem spending the day together


  8. Stacy: I love this story. Thanks for sharing it. Did you guys end up marrying on the same day?

    We married a year after we started dating seriously. Which was the fourth of April. So it's married 9 but together a total of 10 years.

    I love that your hubby makes you laugh. That's the best.

    Ian: That is the best when it's on a weekend. Very cool and big congrats to you guys.

    I love marriage. So much fun.

  9. Ivy - We didn't waste any time. We got married the week after he returned from training.

  10. Congrats on ten years together! Hope you feel better soon so you can celebrate!! :)

  11. Stacy: Cool beans. We didn't waste time either. When you know, you know.

    Jen: We have four days off together. Hope to get to do something besides sit on the couch.

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

  12. Ten years together is indeed impressive!