01 April 2013

That's a No-Go

Just woke.  Still frickin' sick.  Called off.  Really was hoping to make peanut butter pie today.  Back to bed. 

This sucks.

And even though I was feeling a little stronger yesterday, there's no way I have the strength to get through the entire shift today.  Short as it is.

This dumb cold has got me all kinds of cranky. 

PS: At least I have enough boxes of tissues in my couponing stockpile of wonderfulness.  Mostly free, too.  That makes me a little less cranky.

But not by much.


  1. I'm sorry, Whisk. Go back to bed, let the pups dogpile on you, and get some rest.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I've been fighting a sort of cold for the last month. I just can't seem to get rid of the cough! Very annoying.

    Cuddle up and watch some Dr. Who!

  3. Sorry you're still sick. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. UGH!!! Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait for pics of peanut butter pie.

  5. ah, sister, if only you used coupons on oranges and lemons, ya wouldn't have cold now :(
    I haven't had a cold or flu in about ten years thanks to drinking freshly squeezed fruit and honey each day.

  6. I've been away for some time and I'm sorry to come back and hear you've been sick. I've been there for most of March and it was horrid - so I know how you feel. Hope you get better real soon lovely lady!

  7. damn, I hate being sick! Hope you feel better soon, Ivy :)

  8. Sorry to hear you're unwell, Ivy. Get better soon.

  9. Alex: Just woke again. Wow, I slept for a long time.

    Stacy: Love Doctor Who. What season did you start with?

    Bard: I think Tim's getting it.

    Keepin: Peanut butter pie is at work, not here at home.

    Dezmond: I do use fresh produce coupons. Do you not coupon where you live? I don't know the area, but here, there's coupons for just about ever item at the market.

    Azra: Thanks for the great comment. I am soon headed back to the couch.

    mshatch: I hate it too. Just so cranky today, on top of it.

    Tim: Thanks. Loved all those grocery minis your wife found. Oh my gosh, those were great.

  10. Thought those would be right up your street. I was almost drooling looking at all that miniature food - the artistry of these people is quite amazing. It's as though they've stolen a supervillain's shrink ray!

  11. Hope you beat back that nasty bug soon.

  12. Not watching Dr. Who yet. Gotta get through Supernatural first (we're on season 6). My daughter said I WILL watch Dr. Who, though. She hasn't been wrong yet!

  13. Nothing like knowing your tissue supply is good! Makes the suffering a little easier.

    Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. :)


  14. Sending good karma your way. Sounds like you've got what I spent all winter fighting, so I can sympathize. Get well soon!

  15. It is miserable to be feeling so ill :( I hope you are all-better soon, there are peanuts waiting to be pied ;)

  16. Get better soon and watch some Godzilla movies. They'll make you sleepy and fell better too!

  17. Hi Happy Whisk, sorry to hear you are not well. Wish you speedy recovery, take care.

  18. Flea: Stolen supervillian's shrink ray ... that's great.

    Susan: Me too.

    Stacy: Cool beans. Curious to see what you think of it. It's a great deal of fun. Though it took me some time to get use to changing doctors. Now I'm okay with it.

    Jenny: A little easier.

    Boric: All winter, my gosh, this thing is crazy.

    Jen: Thank you.

    Elaine: Peanuts got pied by someone else :-( Here's hoping next week, I get to do it.

    bliss: Godzilla good.

    Amelia: Thank you. Cheers.

  19. It's no fun being sick.

    Peanut butter pie, you say?