29 March 2013

I Bombed Tim's Blog with Chicks

Tim's Blog.  It's wrong.  I know.


  1. William: Evil and fun.

    Jen: He didn't even notice at first. So funny.

  2. Ha ha! How come you don't have any??

  3. Aw.... but they are so cute.

  4. Stacy: I dunno. I thought about that but then didn't add them here. I dunno why?

    Southpaw: So fun.

  5. How are you feeling? Hopefully on the road to recovery. If you got any organic produce, I'd imagine that's helping.

  6. Porky: I feel worse today. Which kind of sucks but I'm off from work so I can rest.

    Thanks for asking.

    Alex: It's fun to be evil.

  7. I hoped exploding yellow peeps meant you were feeling a little better. GK thought the peeps were pretty funny.

    Odd how at twelve, nearly thirteen, he doesn't want to color eggs, but he expects the Easter Bunny to set up the annual scavenger hunt.

  8. P.S. I think you need exploding chicks here too!

  9. I'm so glad you did it! Wondering what kind of a rebuttal he'll come up with.

    Has he ever recovered from the disappointment of not getting 10 ice cream cakes?

  10. It seems very right.

  11. Suzan: Hope he enjoyed his scavenger hunt today. That's fun.

    Suzan: I might with my last post, because it ties in.

    Betsy: So fun.

    Bard: Poor Tim.

    Susan: Yes they are.

    Anne: He did get one ice cream cake yesterday. Thankfully, not ten.

    Ken: Yeah, yeah, I saw what you wrote over at the Manor.

  12. What to do next, that's the question. If you were Canadian, for Victoria Day, you could have falling Queen Victorias falling through the blog.