27 March 2013

Coupon Crack

Back from the doctor's where they gave me a good crack, plus a bag of coupon inserts.  I tell ya, between the two snuggle pups, coupon videos the 360, and now this new stack of coupons ... why I may never go back to work.

Speaking of coupons, here's one from Hobby Lobby.


  1. You got coupons from the doctor as a form of medicine? :PPP

  2. Which is better - the crack or the coupons?

  3. That Hobby Lobby coupon is a constant of mine. Michael's has a similar one.

  4. DEZMOND: I tell ya, sounds silly but these little pieces of paper do make me feel better.

    Ian: I hope to be all the way back soon. Right now just resting and clipping coupons.

    Alex: Hmmmm. That is a tough one to answer. I don't know. Both are super duper excellent.

    WQRobb: Micheal's will accept Hobby Lobby coupons, as well as AC Moore and JoAnn Fabrics.

    Providing, it's for an item both stores carry. Or at least, those are the rules where I shop.

  5. I wish the Hobby Lobby carried more stuff for gamers. The one near me doesn't have much.

    You need to go by Dezzies place. He's got the Wolverine trailer up :)

  6. Glad the crack helped - and I know I felt pretty pleased after that freebie you sent me :)

  7. Oooooh, Hobby Lobby. Probably half the stuff on my gaming table owes its existence to Hobby Lobby. Better than ice cream cake.

  8. Yeah, I believe coupons ARE crack to you! :) You're addicted.

    And I have no idea why my posts are going into spam (unless it's those times I'm in AOL when I do it, which I am not now, so I am curious.)

  9. Wow if only coupons could heal everyone.

  10. LOL! Shopping is always therapeutic... Forget the medicine!

  11. Anne: You can use the Hobby Lobby coupons at Micheal's, JoAnn's, or AC Moore. But at least in my area, HL won't accept theirs.

    Wolverine. Yummy.

    mshatch: I am happy you liked it, that was great fun. And the lady who gave me two books after we sent yours, later told me that someone just gave her a book.

    Now that's just neat.

    Bard: I just saw that you are blaming Tim. I'm headed over there after this. And Tim did bring home ice cream. No coupon.

    Stacy: I tell ya, when I'm hummed up on the couch, couponing is a good way to keep my mind from going nuts.

    Pat: That would be good.

    Zoe: Welcome back. Savings is the best. Do you coupon?

  12. Adam: Cool beaners.

    Lurker: See, now I thought it was Ray that would have said that. Boy, I tell ya.

  13. Somewhere, there's a Coupons Anonymous meeting going on....

    "Hello, I'm the Happy Whisk, and I'm a coupon addict."

    "Hello, Happy Whisk!"