20 March 2013

1000 Posts - OSR Mega Bundle Giveaway

Yesterday Tim hit 1000 posts and is doing a OSR Mega Bundle Giveaway.  Most of my regulars already know about it, but just in case, head on over to enter.

What's really cool my husband started with a bundle pack of eight.  Then more donations rolled in and now I'm not even sure how big the bundle is, but it's a big one.

Four winners will walk away happy.  The four is for me, because I love fours.  The bundles are for you gamers, and the fireworks I put on his blog are for Tim.

Sorry Ken, I just couldn't do hearts again.  Though I did come dangerously close to these funky robots things.


  1. very cool! I'm about 200 posts away from 1000 so maybe by the end of the year...meanwhile, love the new header pic :) It looks like home with all that new snow. I'm hoping ours melts soon.

  2. He is giving away a lot of stuff.

    All the giveaways that people are donating is an indication that Tim is held in very high regard.

  3. awesome... really nice! i entered like i always do... gimme, gimme...

  4. Hi Happy Whisk, 1000th post!! That's cool and not easy to maintain.

    Have a nice day.

  5. 1,000 posts and it's already attracted over 100 comments. Tim is clearly "The Man" these days ;-)

  6. your hubs has a big bundle? Ok, ok, you don't have to brag, you know :PPP

  7. 1000 sure is a feat! At ones blog street.

  8. 1000 posts is impressive. I like #4 too.

  9. Congrats to Tim for 1,000 posts! Good luck to all who enter!

  10. 1000 posts is amazing! The fireworks are great too!!

  11. mshatch: Wow, you are so close. My goodness. That is cool.

    Thanks, that's baby Bug, looking out at the world, one early morning.

    Ken: Listen to you.

    Jeremy: Giveaways are fun.

    Amelia: It's big number to me. My goodness, I'm way far away.

    Flea: Pretty cool bundle, too.

    DEZMOND: See, now I was wondering who would say something. I figured you or Anne.

    Pat: Good rhyme.

    Susan: Me too :-)

    Alex: My gosh, you get that many comments, plus more daily. I don't know how you do it.

    Elsie: Good luck, indeed.

    Jen B: The fireworks were fun.

    Ray: It really is.

  12. I haven't even hit 500 yet, and that's taken me over 3 years. At that rate, I'll be an old woman when I hit 1000. Oh wait - I already am!! :)

    I did like the fireworks on his page. Nice job!

  13. Hi Happy Whisk! Greeting from Australia!

    1000 posts! Bravo! You are brilliant!

    I'm not even half way through :p

    Nice to know you via blogging. Now, I am your latest follower and hope to hear from you soon :D


  14. Big accomplishment there and generous as well.

    I like those fireworks you put on his page, very cool.

    Sent you an email.

  15. Stacy: I saw that you recently hit 444. Thanks, the fireworks are fun stuff.

    Zoe: Nice to meet you. I'll hit your blog after this.

    Anne: Got your email and sent you one back. Glad you like the fireworks, they were fun.

  16. You could do falling easter eggs...

  17. William: Just so happens that I have falling Easter Eggs.