31 March 2014

10 Formulas Done

Good Morning Buttfaces.  Hope you all had a fun weekend.  We did, can't believe it's over.  Always goes way too fast.

Meanwhile, last week my spine acted up and I missed two days of working on the doggy treat book.  Thankfully, on Saturday I was able to make up my time.  The first photo is a Crunchy Corn Cookie and the second is Ham & Rice Crackers.  Both pup-friendly, and super fun to bake.

And that makes 10 new formulas.  I'm at the half-way mark.  Woohoo.  Go me.  I'd do a little boogie but I can't move so well today, so I'm headed to the doctors this morning for a crack.  After that, no computer.  Just lots of rest on the couch, surrounded by pups, and clipping coupons.

Catch y'all tomorrow.  Cheers and boogie boogie.

30 March 2014


Yesterday I traded Tim, Diablo for Dishes.  He didn't want to go out on a Saturday and I didn't want to do dishes, so on my way to get bacon, I hit GameStop.  Dig the cover of Diablo.  This game was made for him.

Meanwhile, it's Sunday and not only do we have uncured bacon, but we also have killer blueberries for the waffles.  I love blueberry waffles.  Do you like blueberry waffles?

Okey-doke.  We're hungry.  Time  to make waffles and bacon.  Or maybe I'll make bacon and waffles.  Really, it could go either way.  Cheers and boogie boogie.

29 March 2014

I Want Bacon

The question is, how much do I want bacon?  Enough to get dressed and hit the market on a Saturday? And this is yummy uncured bacon where it isn't overloaded on salt.

So flippin' good.

In other news, Bug got up last night and I pretended to be asleep, and instead of her normal antics, she jumped back in bed.  Even better, I'm not all spinal sore from lack of sleep.

So maybe I will go get that bacon.  Goes great with waffles.

What's for breakfast at your house?

28 March 2014

I Almost Don't Want to Blog, Today

I'm tired from trying to get Bug to stop this crazy new thing of hers.  Recently, she started getting up at all whack-a-do hours of the night.  Then she runs up and down the hall.  Followed by crying.  Let her out and she sits.  Bring her back and she does laps around the house, over the bed, over Tim and back down the hall again.

It's not fun.  Good things she's so flippin' cute.  As it has saved her butt many a time.

Anyway, I'm tired again today.  This is what I look like.

27 March 2014

704 Posts & Wonder Woman Pig

Check out Wonder Woman Pig.  How cute is she?  Tim got her for me.  And for the Spring Equinox he got me a Wonder Woman flash drive so I can keep all my food photos in one place, instead of jumping from computer to computer.

I love that man.  He's what I call, a keeper.

Although, I've had the thumb for a week and I still can't open the package.  I think about opening it, but then I chicken out.  But I love that Tim got it for food photos.  So sweet.  Almost makes me feel bad about what I put in his lunch.

Meanwhile, thanks to all my regulars for sticking with me.  I appreciate your time, comments and fun personalities.  You're the best bunch of Boogerbutts, ever.

Cheers and a great big boogie boogie.

26 March 2014

Baked Pecker

This is what Tim did to the Peanut Butter Man.  I was making these for the pups and I walked away from my bench and when I got back, bam, there's a pecker.  So I baked that sucker (a little too long), and now I can't bring myself to feed it to Wiggy or Bug.  So he's still sitting in the tin, all alone because his buddies already got gobbled up.

Maybe I'll put him in Tim's lunch for tomorrow.  As a surprise.  Shhh ... don't tell ...

25 March 2014

Curve Ball Kitchen

Yesterday I started my bake session late.  This, along with a few curve balls, made me cranky.  Regardless, I still had to write food so I did and boy, do I LOVE these peanut butter dog biscuits.  Somewhere between the size of a nickle and a quarter, these babies make for fantastic training treats.

So excited.

Only problem, is they're a bit crumbly.  Just enough to require another draft, which I'm happy to do.  For me, writing food is a curious process of different stages that in the end, all come together.  I love that.  Love it.  Love it.

Meanwhile, on the human side, I tested a combination of spelt flour (ancient grain), along with strong flour (higher protein/gluten flour), into a flatbread (or wrap), and it was yummy.  Next round I'll change the percentages and eventually, go full spelt.  Tasting each time I go and noting texture, easy of use and all that good stuff.

I love this.

And that wraps my post for the day.  I'm headed to the kitchen to make pizzelles, both human and puppy-safe.   I'm excited because if all goes well, we're hitting the Barnes cafe bar tonight.  Tim writes and I study food.  I just made myself giggle.  Because if I'm not writing/testing food, I'm reading or watching it.  I might have a problem.  But that's okay.

Happy Tuesday and boogie boogie.

Here's the fork design, two ways.

24 March 2014

I Started My Day, Grumpy

I started work late today, and that made me grumpy.  But on the good side, I hit my goal last week and wrote five new dog treat formulas.  By the close of 28 days, I want 20 treats DONE.  That includes full write-ups, notes and multiple testings, on each. 

Another good thing is this Monday, the fears I had last week have completely dissolved.  Maybe they'll come back, maybe they won't.  Either way right now, my focus is solid.

Get this project done to the best of my ability, and sell it.  So with that, I best get back to work.  You Boogerbutts have a good week, and boogie boogie.

PS: Last of the evil Jalapeno Cheetos with lunch.

23 March 2014

Don't Throw Anything at Me

Here's what I learned.  Housework never ends.  Instead, I keep finding more things that need done.

Meanwhile, it's Sunday afternoon and we never made it back to Barnes, but we did have a nice day home.  And don't throw anything at me, but last night I wished for one big snow storm, for today.

Also, I wish I didn't like these crunchy treats but I do.  Cheddar Jalapeno Crunchy Cheetos.  I can't help it.  I'm a sucker for anything with the word jalapenos.

So flippin' good.

That's all from me.  Off to the corner to get the Sunday paper, and see if there's any good coupons, or ... I'll just go play in the kitchen.

Really, it could go either way.

21 March 2014

Friday Question: Grain Mill

Do any of you Boogerbutts own a grain mill?  This past week my food processor stopped grinding flax seed and yesterday, it barked at me for wanting rice flour.  So today, I'm looking for a grain mill that will fit both our budget and our small kitchen.

So far, I've found The Country Living Grain Mill which is wonderful and has a lifetime warranty but priced at 400 bucks.  The Victorio Delux rings in at about $84, and makes a finer grain, but does a overall slower grind.  There's also the Wondermill, which I'm still learning about.

So today, I'm in the market for a grain mill that will fit both our budget and our small kitchen.  If you have one, I'd love to hear about what you like and/or dislike about your mill.

Thanks and boogie boogie.

20 March 2014

Today's Bake: Peanut Butter Men

I had so much fun yesterday.  I even worked over so I could have a lighter day today.  The goal was to hit a few stores this morning but with the first spring snow, I might just make a cup of tea, clip coupons and watch Drop Dead Diva.

But first, I have to do bills and complete today's puppy bake.  Peanut Butter Men, two ways.  One with homemade rice flour and the other, homemade oat flour.  I'm curious to see which yields the best gingerbread man shaped dog biscuit.

Meanwhile, I love this photo of Bug. 

Happy Spring Equinox and boogie boogie.

19 March 2014

This is the Tough Life

This is how Wiggy and Bug end their busy day.  Wiggy sleeps and Bug sleeps too.  But first, she licks the couch.  Every single time.  No idea why.

Meanwhile, I had a kick butt seven hour shift in my own kitchen and I am happy to report that I wrote my butt off and ... my kitchen is cleaned and supper just needs heated.

But first, I'm headed to Aldi to snag a few deals.  One of which is uncured bacon to go with my new spelt flour waffle sticks.  That's all from here.  Hope you had a good one.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

18 March 2014

I Had a Fun Day at Work

My day is going pretty darn good.  Instead of doing one puppy treat, I made three.  Carrot & Oat Cookie, Celery Skeletons, and Frozen Bricks.  Have a few things to tweak, but all in all a focused day.  And I made sure to leave off, knowing just where to start tomorrow.

I love that.

I also wanted to say, thanks for all the support yesterday.  Happy to report that today, I didn't think about sucking - not even one little bit.  Instead, I worked and had fun.

Not too shabby.

In other news, we're having homemade pizza tonight.  Using Paul Hollywood's formula.  It's a wee bit different than mine but so far, I really like the feel of the dough, and I'm excited to see how the personal pans bake up later tonight.

So ... what's for supper at your house?

17 March 2014


Last night I ate a big handful of sesame sticks and salted cashews, and boy did I pay the price this morning.   Puffed up ain't a pretty look.  And it felt like someone hit me upside my skull with a hammer.

Not fun.

Thankfully, my headache is gone now and my eyes aren't glued shut anymore.  Meanwhile, on the stove top simmers a veggie leves (soup), in one pot and in another, pork bones from last night's goulash.

My plan, is to simmer the raw meat off the bones, then use the meat and stock for dog treats.  I also tossed in carrots because Wiggy and Bug LOVE carrots.

My goal for the week is to complete five new dog (or cat), treats, because Tim convinced me to put them into a zine or a POD book, and I tell you what, I feel a little scared doing this.  Last night I went to bed thinking, what if my formulas suck?  What if nobody buys my zine/book?  What if I I suck ... you see where I'm going.

Anyway, I pushed all those thoughts aside and started work on today's puppy bake.  Pork and carrot biscuits.  Kind of simple but also, pretty darn cheap as I'm using leftover bits.  And better yet, the excitement of writing a new bake, has helped me to get out of my own way.

Go me.  Rah.

Wow, this is a long post.  Maybe it's because I know that after this I have to go collect dog poo from the back yard.  Now that our snow is gone, I see all the little gifts the girls left me.  So someday, I'll have a published zine/book about pet treats, but today, I have go clean poop.


14 March 2014

Friday Question: Have You Seen This Show?

It's called Food Safari, and I love it.  We get to travel around the culinary world, learning from the top players in each cuisine, along with how-to clips. 

I just finished watching Food Safari Hungarian and I loved it, because it reminded me of ingredients and methods that I grew up with and still use.

I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series.  And I'm even more excited about making many of the dishes.

I might not be able to afford to travel the world and taste everything, but thanks to this show, I can bring a little of everything, right to my own kitchen table.

And that is very, very cool.

13 March 2014


As of yesterday, I am excited about blogging again.  Which was day 74 in a row.  Only I didn't know it was until I added the days from this year and last.  And, I gotta say, last week I really wanted to stop but something told me to keep going and I am glad I did because today, I've got more food.

If you read yesterday's post, you know about my Garbanzo Crunch.  Today, I'm going for Cinnamon Sugar using Habichuelas Romanas (Roman Bean).  I got them because they reminded me of the Rattlesnake beans I used to grow and eat for breakfast with brown rice and Hungarian sauce.

So flippin' good.

As for these, not sure how they will work, since garden fresh heirloom is the best.  But since I got these little cans next to nothing (w/coupons/sale), I'm giving them a go.

Wish me luck and boogie boogie.

12 March 2014


I'm excited about blogging again and do you know why? Because I just made something to share.  Garbanzo beans, roasted in my Easy Bake Oven, with olive oil, Hungarian Paprika and Kosher salt.  Oh my goodness, these are so flippin' good, that I got excited to write an evening post.

And show you the pictures.

Meanwhile, if you read my last post you know I'm on Frump Patrol today.  And it has served me well because I feel relaxed.  An even though I only did laundry, bills, couponing, bake and make dough, I still feel productive.  Keep in mind, for me, that's a light day and I did it all in my ugly old robe, ratty pink slippers, with the ugliest hair you ever did see.

But I don't care.  Know why?  Because I feel refreshed.  Plus, tomorrow when I shower and get dressed, I'm gonna look like a beauty queen by comparison.

Anyway, below is the picture, along with method and ingredients.  I cannot wait to make these again.  This is one fun treat and, it's enough to put me off salty crispy crappy snacks, for good.

And by the way, Frump Day rules.

I drained a can of beans, removed the skins (though I might keep them on next go), and patted them dry on a bake sheet.  Then I added a bit of olive oil (not virgin), and some Hungarian paprika and Kosher salt.  Gave them a mix and in a fan oven at 350F/180C.  Keep in mind I have a teeny tiny counter fan oven.  So adjust as needed.

During their bake, I tasted them several times, taking care not to burn them.  When they hit the crunch I wanted, I pulled them out and added, to taste, Kosher salt and a whisper of good strong cayenne pepper.  Cooled them on a big clean plate and that was that.

Next, I want to do a cinnamon sugar crunch and maybe down the line a chocolate or salted caramel.

The combinations are endless. 

Trailer Park Frump

I absolutely love overcast, coldish, rainy days where I don't have to leave the house.  Instead, I can stay in my ratty robe and ticker about the house with laundry, coupons and bills.  Then for supper, homemade burgers with screaming fries.

But for now, I'm just gonna keep working that trailer park frump.  Not everyone can pull this look off, you know. 

11 March 2014

My Sleep Schedule is Shot to Hell

Today I'm moving slow.  But there's deals to be had so I best get dressed and get out there.  But to be honest, my sleep schedule has been shot to hell over the last couple of weeks and today, I'm feeling it.

Meanwhile, last night's vegan and diabetic-friendly chocolate pudding was weird.  Somehow, I couldn't taste the cocoa until the very end and then it was too bitter.  Going to play around with another method, see if that helps.

But first, I should probably get dressed, eat something, and set up my coupons for today's run.  Plus, Aldi has baby gold potatoes on sale.  They were so flippin' good, that I want to snag another bag, as the promotion ends today.

That's all from me.  Cheers and boogie boogie.

10 March 2014

Shake & Bake

It's Monday and I'm ready to kill this week.  As in, make it count.  As for blogging, I haven't been reading blogs all that much, nor put much effort into my own.  Instead, my focus continues to be in my kitchen, writing and testing bakes as well as mains.

And I love it.

This is what I want to do with my life.  Now I just gotta figure out how to make a living at it.  I have a few ideas.

Let's see what happens.

06 March 2014

Stick a Fork in Me

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.  That's right, all my coupons are clipped and away.  Took nearly all of yesterday.  I never ever, not ever, want to get that far behind AGAIN.

Meanwhile, my vegan vanilla pudding turned custard.  Needs modifications but there's a good base to work with.  And the turn in texture gave me an idea for a vegan lemon curd pie. 

That's about all from me.  I'm soon to hit the market for produce and hopefully, free crapper paper.  Then home to whip up a sweet and spicy soup, using the veg stock I made last week.  Then get this, Poopyhead has a THREE DAY weekend.  Hot digity ding dong, I'm a Happy Whisk.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

05 March 2014

I Can't Think of a Title ... Here's My Post

Today, I'm all about playing serious catch-up.  So I put a pot of organic decaf on, got my pile of bills, coupons, shopping lists, homemade bread with smeared cream cheese, and a load of bedding in the wash.

Then for supper, I'll make maple brown sugar ham, roasted cream corn and mash.  Toss a small salad on the side, and call it a night.  And for dessert, I got nothing.

Or, I might give my vegan vanilla pudding idea a go. 

Either way, that wraps it up for me.  I hear Wiggy barking.  I'm not in the mood for barking dogs today, so it'll be interesting to see which pup lives to see the end of the day.

03 March 2014

Today's Lunch Kicked Butt

Today's lunch kicked butt.  A big bowl of Broccoli & Chipotle Cheddar Soup.  Made from little bits I had left in the fridge.  Tossed in Muenster at the end, and I'm glad that I did.

So flippin' good.

Meanwhile, I had a great morning writing and testing bakes.  Can't wait to get up tomorrow and do it all over again.

So ... what's for lunch at your house/office/kitchen?

01 March 2014

Move Over Candy Cane

Such a nice Friday night.  We hit Barnes, which we usually don't get to do on Fridays.  Now it feels like we have a whole honkin' bunch of weekend left.

I love that.

And, for the most part, the house is clean.  Love going into the weekend with a clean house.  And, and, and, the Toffee Crunch Cookies I made yesterday were killer good.  Though we couldn't tell they were toffee, they did have a smooth wonderful taste and texture.

Meanwhile, look at this pretty tin Tim got me last night.  I can finally put away my Christmas tin, and happily keep this pretty little bugger out all ding dong summer long.  Holds the perfect test batch amount, eight 31g cookies.

Move over candy cane, there's a new tin in town.