29 February 2012

What the Hell ...

Pretty Little Book

Today I'm skipping Big K's double dollar coupon day.  Instead, I'm enjoying the rain, and working on my book.

She's so pretty.

Tim gave me his football card inserts for my coupons.
I love him.

Aerial view of my favorite page.
A Monster change purse a friend made me.
A chopped man.  I made him by accident.
It reads 42% FREE but that's a fib.
And my 2nd FREE toothpaste.
Just in case Ray doesn't believe me.

28 February 2012

Plucking Away, Sorta

I have a few herniated (slipped) discs that are causing all kinds of fun with my sciatic.

Or is it sciatica?

Either way, my chores are moving sloooow.

Meanwhile, have you ever gutted a room, only to have leftover stuff? That doesn't really belong anywhere?

That's where I'm at.  But at least I was able to Dyson half the living room, and that's almost like making progress. 

Maybe I'll have a snack.  Read a few more blogs.  Or maybe I'll just prop my sad little leg up and watch Lucy on DVD.

But you know what's the best part about having the problem leg?  It's that Poopyhead doesn't want me to do any dishes.  And I guess I gotta be a good wife and listen.

After all, he is King of the Coupons.  So he thinks.

Poop Scoop Boogie

Dig this.  For something similar, the tractor supply store wanted $21.20.  Only it came with a long, poorly constructed rake.

The pet store ranged from $26.49 to $34.97 (tax included).

Our version, came from the dollar store, where I also bought a pretty  pancake flipper.

Total cost: $2.12

Now I understand.  This might not be the way those housewives on TV clean up poop.  But here at the Manor, that's how we roll.

Here's the picture.  Thought you'd like to see it before we used it.

You are welcome.

27 February 2012

Post 304

I never thought I'd blog longer than a few months, let alone hit post 304.

Glad I was wrong.

So to celebrate post 304, I've lowered the prices of my homemade blankets.  Check it out.

Baby Blankets: $24.00
Throw Blankets: $44.00
Shipping is still FREE 

And a super duper BIG thanks to Trey From the Sorcerers Skull, for being the first Gamer to buy one of our blankets.

Please have a look, or pass My Blanket Shoppe link to someone who might be interested.

And a more BIG thanks to everyone who visits my little corner of the blogger world.  It's been great fun getting to know you guys and share stuff as well.

You really are the best Boogerbutts, ever.

PS: I just signed onto my Etsy account to lower the prices of the throws and noticed that after Trey bought his, that I have 44 left.  And as some of you already know, I really love the number 4.  It's just so pretty.

Even Wiggy Loves Superheros


Dig me.  I scored my second FREE toothpaste. And, and, and ...

For a total of $10.63, I scored a 500 count bottle of generic ibuprofen, liners, organic almond milk, and FREE toothpaste.

But, if I had bought the 200 count of the name brand ibuprofen, it would have cost $14.96.  Even with the $4.00 coupon, no thanks.  For that price, they can keep their brand name, and I'll keep my money.

At any rate, I'm super duper excited to land my SECOND free toothpaste.  Plus, the store paid the six cents overage (applied to my order), because the coupon was worth more than the toothpaste.

I rule.

26 February 2012

Tore Down the Wall

Here's what the wall looked like back in our hay day of doing shows on the weekends, where we'd travel to ever not so fun places and sell the blankets I made.

Tore the remaining wall down last night.  Shelves and all.  And while it's not the perfect Man Cave, at least a nice clean workable space for Lord Poopyhead.

No more pups eating his maps or pencils.  And even better, now when he needs to work, I can just shove his ass in this room, shut the door, and go play in my lab.

Ah ... it's a good life.

In food news, I made on sale mushroom soup last night.  And since it snowed and is a bit chilly this morning, I think I'll go have a big bowl, before I head off to work.

Happy Sleestack Sunday and boogie boogie.

Click Image to Expand

25 February 2012

Man Cave

Now that King Poopyhead has his crown jewel, the massive new zine printer that he named Hugo, we need to give them a proper work space.

No more sharing the living room with his writing and gaming stuff.  Noppers.

Time to turn that dead sewing room into his brand new office.  And since I rested the ENTIRE day yesterday, I'm energized and ready to bang this sucker out. 

Just as soon as I finish my organic decaf, that I purchased on sale, and with a coupon.  Oh yeah.  Life is good.

23 February 2012

King for a Day

So I just got off the phone with Tim and he's still going on about how he rules, and that he's King of the coupons.

Alright, he can be King for the day.  He got a great deal on the zine printer.  No doubt.

But let me tell ya my story.  Not only did I coupon to save that money, I also taught him everything he knows.

You can view his post by clicking, King of the Coupons.

22 February 2012

Armed & Dangerous

Tim wants a new printer for his zine, so that means my goal this week is to save enough from couponing, and buy him that printer.

So today, I'm taking on Wally World.

When I get home I'll take it easy for the rest of the afternoon but as of right now ...

I'm armed.  I'm dangerous.  And I'm ready to shop.

20 February 2012

I Nuked Tim's Blog Roll

I worked on Tim's blog today for I don't know how long, because he was still subscribed to dead and spam blogs.

Thankfully, I was able to unsubscribe him from all of those, through dashboard.  But in the process, I blew up his blog roll thinking I could make a new one that would work correctly.


Good thing I'm cute, and armed with this steak.

Meanwhile, when I tried to rebuild a new blog roll, Blogger would not let me add more than 167 to his roll, before it locked and froze on saving.

No matter how many different ways I tried.

My solution was to part his blog roll into two lists, A-L and M-Z.  If anyone knows how to get past the frozen saving page, please let us know.

Thanks Bunches,
 - Whisk

19 February 2012

Stop Following Blogs

*Note* Since writing this post, Blogger has changed, again.

Here's two quick fixes to stop following blogs that aren't dead.  This post is for bloggers who cannot stop following through their manage accounts. 

Please Note: These methods also work to start following a blog.  But from what I understand, Google will be removing Google Friend Connect, for non-blogger blogs, come March.

Quick Fix One:

1) Sign in to your blog.
2) Look to the top left and click the word, Follow.
3) Pop up will read, you already follow said blog.
4) Click stop following.

Quick Fix Two:

 1)  Find the Followers Gadget. (Look to the right of my blog.
      For a test, follow the steps while reading this list).
 2)  Click join this site. (Even if you want to stop following).
 3)  Pop up window for sign in.
 4)  Sign in using an account you already created.
 5)  I selected Google icon.
 6)  Click sign in again.
 7)  Your icon will appear.
 8)  Click options.
 9)  Click site settings.
10) Pop up window will give options.
11) Click stop following this blog (to the middle right)

NOTE: Site settings will give the following options.  Options 3 is another way to leave other blogs, as well.

            1) Basic.
            2) Messaging.
            3) Sites you've joined.
            4) Manage friends.

Wonder Woman Head: Apparently, I had many of you on my Jelly Roll but not in my dashboard.  I am in the process of making the two coincide.  So if you have seen or do see, my head pop up on your Followers Gadgets, now you know why.

As for Dead Blogs: To help prevent being stuck on dead blogs, Tim unsubscribes to bloggers who haven't posted in 2 months.  He figures if they start coming around again, he'll re-join.  But in the meanwhile, he uses this method.

17 February 2012

Sold a Blanket - Hot Dog!

Thanks to Trey from, From the Sorcerer's Skull, for buying a blanket for his niece, yesterday.

That meant that tonight, when Tim found me this deal at Krazy Coupon Lady, I was able to give it a go.  Woohoo.

Here's the scoop.

$3.76 per year, up to two years allowed, using coupon code KRAZY.  Expiry date is 2-17 midnight (EST).

And dig this, tomorrow is double coupon day at Kmart.  Might have a hard time getting to sleep tonight.  Between the FREE toothpaste I got yesterday and the double dollar coupons tomorrow, my gosh it's almost too much.

My First Score

Finally got my first score.  Toothpaste.  Check it out.

$0.94 Toothpaste
$1.00 Coupon
FREE item

The 6 cents overage was applied to the rest of my order.

This is the first time that an item was truly free.  Not register reward free, or Amazon reward free, but really, really free.   

I'm excited.  It's a lot of work and time, but totally worth it because by doing this, we'll be able to save for our car and write that cookery book, without breaking the bank.

Life is good.

PS: To the right of my blog is toothpaste.  Click image to receive your own $1 off coupon.  Enjoy and boogie boogie.

PPS: Some stores double coupons.

PPPS: Ray wanted to see a picture of the toothpaste, and I did take one but thought, no one wants to see my toothpaste.  I wasn't even sure anyone would read this post.  Anyway, thanks Ray for asking.

Behold ... FREE toothpaste.

15 February 2012

Toilets or Baking

I'm home from work and I'm torn between dishes, baking, toilets (that I never did yesterday), or couponing.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

At any rate, if you look to the right of my blog you'll see a cover of a magazine.
I glanced at a copy at the market and while I liked that it contained coupons, I still didn't think it was worth the $2.50 cover price.  So I searched and found it on Amazon for $12 bucks per year.  Only I used my rewards and got it for FREE.

So now I'm passing the information along to you chickies.  Or maybe even you gamer dudes with chickies of your own.

As for the toilets?  I'm not gonna lie.  It's not looking good.

14 February 2012

Turds on Toast

I took photos of my breakfast this morning, only spicy mushrooms and brown bread looked more like turds on toast.

Not a great photo. 
Meanwhile, I'm still working on my cookery book but doing it within a budget.  Instead of buying every single thing I want to make that week, I now work around coupons and sales.

And you know what? Getting the bargains really helps keep the production costs down.  Because let me tell you what.

I can shop.

Buying ingredients is far and away my MOST favorite thing to spend money on.  And then getting to play in my lab writing new formulas, is even MORE fun.

I'm still limping about with my bum leg, but other than that, not much new here at the Manor.  Just scrubbing toilets and writing about food.  Simple but damn good day.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

09 February 2012

Bug Levels Up

Poor little Bug has tried to snuggle up to Wiggy for a nappy nap, ever since the first day we got her from the pound.  But Wiggy wasn't having it.  Lots of growls and grumbles.

Then when I was sick and Wig was already tucked into me, she let Bug do this.  And without a single grumble.

Click image to expand the cuteness.

07 February 2012

Who Am I? Quiz 11

Back when I was sick I watched a DVD marathon of this show.  It is one of my favorites and even though I've seen each episode a billion times, I still laugh and giggle.  Such a great cure for being locked in a house, sick.

Today I have the day off and as I write this to you, both pups are fighting over a used dryer sheet.  Such goofballs.

But I digress ... Back to the quiz.  And as always, I'll be back later or tomorrow with the answers and prizes.  Which include two rocks, a lamp and a stinky pair of socks.

Who Am I? Quiz 11

When I need to relax, I do hair, nails and makeup.

1) Who am I?
2) Who is next to me?

Bonus points if you know ...

3) What I'm counting?
4) And how far I got before I had to start over?

06 February 2012

104 Sales Mark

Tim just hit his 104th sale of Knowledge Illuminates.  I'm super duper proud of him for passing his goal of 100 and reaching 104.


I love how excited he was on the phone when he called me. 

But now, I best get to my chores.  Then tonight when Tim games, I'll put together my coupon notebook, complete with clippings up the wahzoo.

Hope you're all doing well.  Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes.  We are both doing MUCH better.

Cheers & Boogie Boogie.

03 February 2012

Best Sick Day, Ever

Check out the flag Ray made me.  How cool is that?  It's the BEST flag and I LOVE it.  Thanks bunches, Sir Ray.

He made Anne one as well.  Are we lucky girls or what?

Ray sent my new flag to me while I was sick and on the same day, one of my prep buddies dropped off a Justice League comic from her morning cereal, along with a stack of manufacture coupons for my new adventures.

And on that same night, Tim found me a commercial-free marathon on the 360, for Extreme Couponing.

Best sick day, ever.