17 February 2012

My First Score

Finally got my first score.  Toothpaste.  Check it out.

$0.94 Toothpaste
$1.00 Coupon
FREE item

The 6 cents overage was applied to the rest of my order.

This is the first time that an item was truly free.  Not register reward free, or Amazon reward free, but really, really free.   

I'm excited.  It's a lot of work and time, but totally worth it because by doing this, we'll be able to save for our car and write that cookery book, without breaking the bank.

Life is good.

PS: To the right of my blog is toothpaste.  Click image to receive your own $1 off coupon.  Enjoy and boogie boogie.

PPS: Some stores double coupons.

PPPS: Ray wanted to see a picture of the toothpaste, and I did take one but thought, no one wants to see my toothpaste.  I wasn't even sure anyone would read this post.  Anyway, thanks Ray for asking.

Behold ... FREE toothpaste.


  1. You really are a happy soul my Queen, good for you and Tim....

  2. Lurker: It's toothpaste and I got it for free. But really free. Not the other kind where rewards are used.

    I don't think I'm gonna let Tim use this first tube of toothpaste. It's like my first prize from all the time spent couponing.

    It's so pretty. In fact, it's right here on the desk now.

  3. I need a photo of this said toothpaste. Every penny saved is this financial climate is worth it!

  4. Ray: You know, I did in fact take a photo of said toothpaste but didn't post it.

    Check it out, I've gotten ...

    $0.64 shampoo
    $0.50 toothpaste
    $0.42 deodorant

    But NEVER FREE toothpaste.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to post said toothpaste. Because I really did take the photo.

    Meanwhile, I heard you took 39 minutes in the crapper. My gosh. Did you get lost?

  5. Awesome! My daughter loves her coupons too.

  6. I have heard one can truly save by couponing but free? THAT is cool.

  7. Reading a book, its the only peace I get at work!!

  8. Savannah: It's so fun. Congrats again on the new grandbaby. Very exciting.

    mshatch: I love it. So fun.

    Ray: Hahahahaha. You kill me.

  9. I don't know where to begin. The joy of knowing that you got free toothpaste or the horror of knowing how long Ray spent in the crapper!! Congratulations on the toothpaste Whisk. And Ray, eat more fibre.

  10. I used to do major couponing when I lived back home. Not so much now. But its a rush when you finally get something free, no doubt about it. Congrats on your toothpaste.

  11. Congrats on what an awesome score! Happy weekend to you!

  12. SCORE! That's pretty cool. I love how you compared it to the other kinds of "free" things.

  13. Anne: It's a toss up. I tell ya, there's been more bathroom talk on this blog this week, than anything else. Not really, but it's been a good deal.

    Anne: How was it going back to regular shopping after being a couponer? What made you stop couponing?

    Anita: Hey Girly. Hope you have a groovy weekend.

    Southpaw: Thanks. It feels different too. Loved your icing and banana cupcakes. Oh my gosh. So yummy.

    Matt: Great maps, and scary stuff.

  14. Wow, really good shopping. six pennies to the good.

  15. Susan: I never ever had six pennies to the good before. Not ever.

    Alex: I really am. It's sitting on my writing desk now.

  16. Enjoy your free toothpaste! The minty goodness is yours to enjoy

  17. There's not a lot of couponing here, at least in the stores I go to... just the standard rate sales advertized in the weekly flyers. If I see something I'll need at some point that's on for a good price, I'll buy it then...

  18. It's so fun. Congrats!! great score..