15 February 2012

Toilets or Baking

I'm home from work and I'm torn between dishes, baking, toilets (that I never did yesterday), or couponing.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

At any rate, if you look to the right of my blog you'll see a cover of a magazine.
I glanced at a copy at the market and while I liked that it contained coupons, I still didn't think it was worth the $2.50 cover price.  So I searched and found it on Amazon for $12 bucks per year.  Only I used my rewards and got it for FREE.

So now I'm passing the information along to you chickies.  Or maybe even you gamer dudes with chickies of your own.

As for the toilets?  I'm not gonna lie.  It's not looking good.


  1. Toilets first definitely!! :) aww love your picture. Where did you get that from?

  2. Just spray some bleach in the toilets and they'll clean themselves.

  3. Settle into a comfortable chair and go for the couponing. Save enough money and you can hire someone to clean for you.

  4. Niki: I don't know where I got that little chef cartoon.

    Alex: Self-cleaning toilets. That would be heaven.

    Bard: Sounds like the winner. I'll go with that.

    I was going to pop in some cheesy bread but I'll save it for the weekend.

  5. I'd say do the baking first, and while that's in the oven, start couponing. Hand your hubby the dish soap and a bucket of bleach and you'll still have to do dishes and clean the toilet tomorrow. My Hubby would just point and laugh at me.

  6. Oh yes, baking first. Then couponing, then dishes, then toilets. Clean and foody...progressing to not-so-clean and disgusting. LOL Good luck!

  7. Toilets can always wait a day or two, maybe (and he will kill me) Tim will pony up and do a late Valentine's Day chore for you. :)

    Sorry Tim.

  8. Really hope you chose baking, toilets are always dirty.

  9. I think you should do all at the same time and not wash your hands!!!

  10. You'd have to clean the toilet a lot more regularly if you had a Ray, I just timed him at work and he was in there for 39 minutes.....

  11. I'd probably bake first (yeah, shocking, I know!) because for some strange reason that puts me in a cleaning mood. We won't say why, okay???

  12. Anne: I didn't do anything but make a baked potato and plop my butt on the couch for resting time. Tim did the dishes and we watched something, but gosh, now I don't recall what it was.

    Then early to bed.

    Carol: I wanted to make garlic cheese bread but passed and rested instead. Tim did the dishes. Bless his heart.

    Matt: He did dishes and I didn't do the toilets. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not. So hard to say. I'm looking for that self-cleaning toilet.

    Daisey: I was gonna bake but my body got too tired after working on Etsy and working at the restaurant so I just rested instead.

    Ray: Hahaha. I heard you took 39 minutes in the crapper. 39 minutes? My goodness.

    Lurker: Thank you for this information. I will use it against Ray when needed. And, it's funny.

    Stacy: I can't do both clean and bake in the same day. I get too itched out since with the baking I'm often working with doughs and stuff.

    Hope your day is going well. Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Yeah, toilets would be last on my list, too :)

  14. Isn't it Tim's turn to clean the toilets?

  15. oh I love find your blog in Anne attic (lol) love your header, and Im happy you live the sam eof until I have my recipes blog (you are invite) I know sometimes I cant clean all:( but I enjoy baking more (lol)I hate clean toilets, ha, now Im clean the kistchen cause I wanna bake ha!

  16. I place you in my sidebar cause I dont find the following, hope you enjoy!I will see the recipes!!!

  17. mshatch: My Warehouse 13 gloves finally ripped. And they made cleaning so much easier.

    Lo-mo: He did the dishes, whilst I rested.

    Gloria: Welcome to my little corner of the world. We have a great group of bloggers here. A mixture of gamers, cooks, and writers.

    Gloria: I'm sorry but I had to remove my followers gadget. I believe you have to be logged into Blogger and go to the top left of the screen to join.

    Thank you for putting me on your roll. I will be over to visit your blog.


  18. I agree with you "Lurker" nice blog!!