14 February 2012

Turds on Toast

I took photos of my breakfast this morning, only spicy mushrooms and brown bread looked more like turds on toast.

Not a great photo. 
Meanwhile, I'm still working on my cookery book but doing it within a budget.  Instead of buying every single thing I want to make that week, I now work around coupons and sales.

And you know what? Getting the bargains really helps keep the production costs down.  Because let me tell you what.

I can shop.

Buying ingredients is far and away my MOST favorite thing to spend money on.  And then getting to play in my lab writing new formulas, is even MORE fun.

I'm still limping about with my bum leg, but other than that, not much new here at the Manor.  Just scrubbing toilets and writing about food.  Simple but damn good day.

Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Well now I'm curious as to what your breakfast looked like! And you prefer to shop for food? Over clothes and boring stuff? You are awesome.

  2. Sorry about the deleted comment...apparently the caffeine hasn't kicked in and it had way too many typos. What I said was...I love your love of food. I have good intentions but always go back to the same old recipes.

  3. Thanks for not including a picture of your breakfast! Though mushrooms on toast sounds good the photo sounds bad!

  4. Alex: Oh no, the photo was so bad. Looked like little turds. Now I'm giggling at the desk, but still it was bad.

    Yes, food over clothes, jewelry or any of that stuff. But even still, my ingredient shopping was WAY too high.

    Savannah: Not a problem, I just deleted it as all it showed on my end was a ghost comment. Faded and all that.

    Old recipes are good though. I turn to them often and they are the foundation of my writing.

    Bersercules: You are welcome. At first I tried to make the photo small but that didn't help.

  5. Sounds like quite the yummy breakfast! Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Anita: Have a groovy day there yourself.

  7. I was afraid you were going to show a photo. Glad you didn't.

  8. Trey: And yet you still clicked the link. Bless your heart.

  9. Okay, mushrooms for breakfast just doesn't sound very appealing. Maybe that's because I'm not such a huge fan of mushrooms. So, count me in as glad you didn't show a photo!

    Glad you're having a good day, though. Boogie back atcha!

  10. Stacy: Oh my gosh, I love shroons. Tim, not so much though.

    Boogie boogie.

    Lurker: As you already know, Tim is Irish and I'm learning from an Irish cookery book. And I tell you what, soon as those shroons went on sale, I grabbed two packages.

    Num, num, num.

  11. Helllooooo! I love hearing about your couponing skills! I need to develop some coupon skillz!
    happy Valentine's day to everyone at the manor!(hope you found a deal on chocolate....)

  12. I love the title of this post, Turds on Toast!! You do have to coupon in order to do what you do and keep within a budget. I'm picturing you in your lab, as a mad cooking scientist, developing the most lethal of all weapons...Food!!

  13. I just had to click the link...hoping for a photo! I feel robbed, tricked, swindled even! ;)

    Put me down for one of those cookbooks, can't wait to try out your recipes on my unsuspecting victims....uh, I mean my family!

  14. Lo-mo: It's so much fun. If you drop me an email I'll send you some coupon links.

    Anne: Thanks. I like that title as well. I also did Turd on a Spoon many moons ago.

    matt: Much thanks for the continued support. Sorry about the lack of turds in this post.

    Norma: I just couldn't do it.

  15. You can't go wrong with loads Shrooms on toast, yum yum. Even if they do look like turds on toast!

  16. Ray: All my life I've been calling them shroons. Turns out that means the drug.

    I didn't know that.

  17. Limping? Have I missed something? What happened? yum yum mushrooms :)

    Piglets doing great. They all survived the crucial first few days. I always end up naming a couple. The ones that have loads of character.

    Re macaroons. I don't know what sort they are. I buy them from the local cafe. They are so delicious :) Hard not to make moaning noises while eating them!

  18. Una creación es siempre buena y mucho mejor al desayuno,no es necesario las fotos cuando uno escribe que quedó muy delicioso,abrazos y bendiciones.
    TIENE UN ADORABLE BLOG he leído todo,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  19. As good as mushrooms are, somehow the thought of the sight of them like that would end up taking away one's appetite!

  20. Thank you for sharing! its fun..;)