17 February 2012

Sold a Blanket - Hot Dog!

Thanks to Trey from, From the Sorcerer's Skull, for buying a blanket for his niece, yesterday.

That meant that tonight, when Tim found me this deal at Krazy Coupon Lady, I was able to give it a go.  Woohoo.

Here's the scoop.

$3.76 per year, up to two years allowed, using coupon code KRAZY.  Expiry date is 2-17 midnight (EST).

And dig this, tomorrow is double coupon day at Kmart.  Might have a hard time getting to sleep tonight.  Between the FREE toothpaste I got yesterday and the double dollar coupons tomorrow, my gosh it's almost too much.


  1. Congrats on selling another blanket! Hope you have a fun time tomorrow!

  2. Anita: Thanks bunches. I've been learning from my mistakes, which makes each kill far smoother than the last.

  3. I never knew coupons were so stimulating..haha. Hopefully you get some sleep and can coupon away the next day.

  4. Pat: They really are. The first time I couponed in the store. I could not get to sleep. And my job is early morning prep cook, so I was super duper tired the next day.

    Thanks for the drop in.

  5. Dear what will be the price here, you know is differente to USA and "other countries" that they said (lol) Love this magazine

  6. Gloria: I am not sure. Did you check if they had international shipping? Sometimes magazines do that, but I am not sure about this one.

  7. Ok I will se I have two subcriptions from USA, Bonne Appetit and Goodhousekeeping, thanks dear

  8. Gloria: I am sorry that I am not much help. But next time I get a hold of a good magazine deal I will look into the international shipping information, and post my findings.

    Cheers and Happy Baking.

  9. Glad to see someone having a good time in this economy! Ha ha, I can just feel your energy and it's making me smile.


  10. Congratulations!!! You're working your way towards your cook book. Have fun tomorrow!!

  11. I used to get that magazine. It's great. I always made lists when I was reading it of things I wanted to try.

  12. Jai: That is nice. And when I read your post I can hear you reading it to me, now that I know what you sound like.

    And I LOVE your laugh. Best, ever.

    Anne: I wasn't able to hit Kmart but I'm okay with that. Spending money at the pet store tomorrow on some real good deals.

    Susan: Cool beans. I know nothing about it but for the price, I thought it would be nice to read in bed.

    Also, I enjoyed reading your answers on your blog, just now.