19 February 2012

Stop Following Blogs

*Note* Since writing this post, Blogger has changed, again.

Here's two quick fixes to stop following blogs that aren't dead.  This post is for bloggers who cannot stop following through their manage accounts. 

Please Note: These methods also work to start following a blog.  But from what I understand, Google will be removing Google Friend Connect, for non-blogger blogs, come March.

Quick Fix One:

1) Sign in to your blog.
2) Look to the top left and click the word, Follow.
3) Pop up will read, you already follow said blog.
4) Click stop following.

Quick Fix Two:

 1)  Find the Followers Gadget. (Look to the right of my blog.
      For a test, follow the steps while reading this list).
 2)  Click join this site. (Even if you want to stop following).
 3)  Pop up window for sign in.
 4)  Sign in using an account you already created.
 5)  I selected Google icon.
 6)  Click sign in again.
 7)  Your icon will appear.
 8)  Click options.
 9)  Click site settings.
10) Pop up window will give options.
11) Click stop following this blog (to the middle right)

NOTE: Site settings will give the following options.  Options 3 is another way to leave other blogs, as well.

            1) Basic.
            2) Messaging.
            3) Sites you've joined.
            4) Manage friends.

Wonder Woman Head: Apparently, I had many of you on my Jelly Roll but not in my dashboard.  I am in the process of making the two coincide.  So if you have seen or do see, my head pop up on your Followers Gadgets, now you know why.

As for Dead Blogs: To help prevent being stuck on dead blogs, Tim unsubscribes to bloggers who haven't posted in 2 months.  He figures if they start coming around again, he'll re-join.  But in the meanwhile, he uses this method.


  1. What even more difficult is when you've subscribed to a site that doesn't use the Google Friends Connect and no matter how many times you hit 'unsubscribe' in your Google Reader, it just keeps appearing! If I can unsubscribe first on the site through the GFC widget and then unsubscribe in Google Reader, it stays gone.

  2. I'm taking notes. I haven't tried to unfollow anyone but I know there are some 'dead' blogs still in my Reader.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us Alex. I have not used Google Reader yet, and this is good to know.

    Susan: So many are having problems with dead blogs. It shouldn't be this hard. Some can get their manage blogs to work, while ohers can't.

    These days, Blogger is one hot mess.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I know that I've got several blogs that are dead myself and trying to use manage blogs doesn't always work for me.

  5. All this issues, including the fact the Friends Connect is disappearing I moved all my blogs to Bloglovin.

    I more generous with blogs not posting, I give it six months or so. I move the blogs to a special folder too.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Blogging shouldn't be this much of a pain. : (

  7. Thank you for the info. I'm still new to blogging...can use all the tips I can get.

  8. those i follow that have died cause of lack of posting... first i make sure there is not a "we moved" or "we will be back" last post. i move them into the hidden part of my dashboard... then i check them for life... then i remove them. if i can or they remain hidden.

    we all are going to die, but not today...

  9. Anita: I don't know if these will work for blogs that are dead. It's odd, all these issues with Blogger. Some can use their manager, others not so much.

    Southpaw: You are more generous. I am somewhere in the middle, depending on the blogger. I will go back and peck at them to see if they are blogging, but then after I bit, I will leave.

    Brutorz: Anytime.

    Lurker: Thanks Lurker.

    Denise: Hope you are resting, resting, resting.

    iZombie: Well, I hope not today. I still have dishes and coupons to do.

  10. I've been using the same plan to avoid dead blogs! Problem for me though is I'm already following 20 or so dead blogs!

  11. Bersercules: Awhile back we had that problem with Tim's blog. And we went into Google somewhere, as was able to stop following dead ones.

    I remember it was a pain in the ass to get to, not a usual place and when I went back to try and do it again last week, I failed.

    I wish dead blogs would be on auto remove and just dump all the followers.

  12. I've got some dead blogs in my list, and one that I'd like to get rid of...

  13. Thanks. I've tried to unfollow some blogs, but I can't seem to get them off of my Google Reader list. Drives me nuts. I'll give this a try.

    BTW: Love the mouth-watering rolls in your banner.

  14. William: Once I nuked Tim's blog roll by mistake, I haven't finished updating mine. Maybe this weekend.

    Have you had a problem adding? I can only add up 167 on his roll, so I had to make two different rolls for his blog.

    Kathi: I'm sorry you can get them out of your Google Reader list. I haven't tried reading in the reader yet.

    It just shouldn't be this hard for us all to update our rolls and lists.

    Thank you for the nice comment. I like to change out my header often. Makes it fun.

    Thanks for joining my blog and welcome to my little corner of the world. Headed over now to check out your blog.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.