28 February 2012

Plucking Away, Sorta

I have a few herniated (slipped) discs that are causing all kinds of fun with my sciatic.

Or is it sciatica?

Either way, my chores are moving sloooow.

Meanwhile, have you ever gutted a room, only to have leftover stuff? That doesn't really belong anywhere?

That's where I'm at.  But at least I was able to Dyson half the living room, and that's almost like making progress. 

Maybe I'll have a snack.  Read a few more blogs.  Or maybe I'll just prop my sad little leg up and watch Lucy on DVD.

But you know what's the best part about having the problem leg?  It's that Poopyhead doesn't want me to do any dishes.  And I guess I gotta be a good wife and listen.

After all, he is King of the Coupons.  So he thinks.


  1. Thanks, Lurker: If I could find a way to teleport you Miss Pam Anderson, holding a plate of potatoes, I would.

    Maybe science will someday make it so. Headed off to watch a bit of Lucy, I think.

  2. I hope your back pain gets off your case and in the meantime you manage to rest comfortably, not an easy thing to do in the circumstances. And of course Poopyhead is right.

  3. Ouch. I feel your pain :(

    My herniated disc caused me a decade of suffering (still does). It's a long story I devoted a few long blog posts about, so I won't even bother getting into it now trying to abbreviate it.

    I really hope you start to feel better.

  4. Yo Whisk,

    Long time no comment, but I'm sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully some of the slowness is due to good drugs.

    This is your Post 306, which reminds me of Camper van Beethoven's 'When I Win the Lottery'. You are therefore entitled to:

    1) A color TV
    2) A bottle of French perfume
    3) Silver-plated six-shooters
    4) A quart of the finest highland scotch.


  5. David: Tim will be thrilled that Poopyhead is catching on.

    Mostly the pain runs up and down my right leg, with heavy focus on the back of the knee. When it hit the hardest I could not walk. The pain. Never felt that before.

    But that was I think two weeks ago and now I'm able to walk about, clean, work, but slow and not too much at once.

    The good thing is now, some moving about helps. And thankfully, major leg pain, the kind that I cannot even believe can be, has passed.

    Thank you for dropping in.

    Angry Veg: I am feeling worlds better, thank you.

    I am sorry to hear that it has been so long for you. I understand these things can take quite long to heal.

    The bummiest (that might not be a word), part for me, is not being able to jog.

    As for your posts. I would love for you to give me those links, or I can try and find them. As I am interested in reading them. And hope you do not have another decade of suffering.

    Yo, Endra: Where the hell ya been? :-) No drugs but I did start using ibuprofen to help with the inflammation and it's pretty good stuff. Even got me a darn good deal on a big bottle of 500 pills.

    That's some list of prizes and funny at that. So do I drink the highland scotch, and wear the French perfume, while using my six-shooter to blow a round into the color TV? Or do I use these things separately?

  6. Acccccckkkkk! My eyes! That header photo! Accckkkk! Water! Something to wash the horror out of my eyes!

  7. William: What? No favorites? I like Sheldon. He is my favorite.

  8. Take it easy. I hope your back gets better soon. I have stress knots in my shoulders that press on my nerve. My fingers stay numb. I feel you. Love the header pic!!! Sheldon rules...LOL.

  9. Denise: Doing much better this week. Just moving slow, but it beats not moving at all.

    Woohoo, Sheldon does rock.

    Thanks for the visit.

  10. You've been given permission to bum - do it!

  11. Perhaps this will cheer up up (if you didn't know about it already): http://www.etsy.com/listing/93930458/wonder-woman-apron

    Take it easy, Ivy!

  12. Definitely take care of yourself dear! I do have the homeless leftover things happen to me all the time. That's about when I know it's time to spring/fall clean! :)

  13. Back pain is the worst (I know), but moving around (and lots of ibuprofen - like 800mg at a time lots) will make it get better. The moving around stinks, I know, but it works.

    Hope you're 100% soon!

  14. Wait, you have a Dyson? Now I'm jealous.

  15. "Sciatic" is the poor nerve that's getting impinged by your spine. "Sciatica" is what that condition is called. First time my medical degree has been useful in th blogosphere!

    I hope you get to feeling better.

  16. Sciatica pain smarts. I hope your feeling better soon. I don't know how you managed to Dyson half the living room. Ours is a beast and is a workout when I'm feeling good, let alone in pain. So yes, put your leg up and take a rest.

  17. Alex: I rested all ding dong day, yesterday. But today I needed some movement. Pain is super low in the leg and zero in the back. Just don't have my full range of movement with the right leg.

    Comes and goes.

    Flea: I'm in great spirits as the worst is gone. BUT ... I ALWAYS love seeing Wonder Woman stuff. As you know. So thanks bunches. Gives me some ideas to do with my own fabric.

    Anita: Sure will. We dumped stuff that we didn't need. The box the Xbox came in and stuff like that. But there's still tools and other house stuff that I just can't find a home for.

    So, I have a folding table open with what's left on there. And I'm leaving it for Tim. I'll stick to baking cookies and making pizzas, while looking cute in my Wonder Woman apron.

    Pierce: Thanks, sis-ta.

    Stacy: I was wondering how your day went today. I hope all went well at the new job.

    Thankfully, I haven't had any back pain with this. Which is good. But back when it started a few weeks ago, my leg was all wonky and some serious pain. Then it stopped. Then it started. Stopped and then, BAM. Worst fricking pain the back of my knee and rest of the leg ever felt.

    But that part hasn't come back since I got cracked at the docs.

    Susan: It was a Christmas gift from my husband. And I got a little over $200 off the retail price. I named him Igor. He is wonderful.

    Trey: You are wonderful. And that makes sense. They told me but I don't think I heard anything over the initial blinding pain.

    But as you know, I've been feeling much better and that's exciting.

    Kathi: First, and again, great cover for your new book. I'm still new to your blog but so far, I like what I see. Much congrats on all your hard work.

    And second, thanks. This happened a few weeks ago. But now I'm moving about, just doing it slowly.

    Thanks for the drop-in.

  18. sadly I can totally relate to your back pain. Not today, thankfully, but in the not so recent past and boy does it SUCK!!! Take it easy and hope your sciatica ( I think that's right, but I'm not 100% sure...) feels better soon.

  19. mshatch: Thankfully, I have no pain in the back. Just the leg. Mostly all of it gone. Just moving slow.

    I am sorry to hear that you've had pain. It's amazing how much things can hurt.

    Thanks for the drop-in.

  20. I would love it if my husband asked me not to do the dishes. I hate them. It would actually have a better reverse-psychology effect if he said that :)

    My sciatic was hurting a few weeks ago, too. At least, I guess that's what it was, shooting pain down my leg and all that. Hope you feel better soon!

  21. alexia: Sorry to hear you had it as well. Hope it's gone now for you.

    Someday I want a dishwasher, but we would have to gut the counters and I'm not ready for that price tag.

  22. Sorry you have pain dear hope feel better!

  23. That's right, you gotta listen. ;)

    I feel your pain. Feel better soon.