29 February 2012

Pretty Little Book

Today I'm skipping Big K's double dollar coupon day.  Instead, I'm enjoying the rain, and working on my book.

She's so pretty.

Tim gave me his football card inserts for my coupons.
I love him.

Aerial view of my favorite page.
A Monster change purse a friend made me.
A chopped man.  I made him by accident.
It reads 42% FREE but that's a fib.
And my 2nd FREE toothpaste.
Just in case Ray doesn't believe me.


  1. I just commented on this? Ray is such a eijit for not believing you....

  2. Lurker: Hahaha. Yes, you did. Sorry about that. Had to repost.

  3. That is a great idea for storing and organizing your coupons Whisk. It's raining here as well, but bringing warm weather with it. I'm enjoying my day as well.

  4. Anne: I see you posted the minis, I'm headed over there to read them. So fun.

    Glad your enjoying your day as well. I rather like the rain. Especially on Halloween. It's like snow on Christmas, for where I live, that is.

    Headed to check it out now.

  5. Gloria: Are you able to print coupons from the Internet? If so, are you allowed to use those?

  6. Awesome -- so organized!

    BTW, I heard you came up with the name for Tim's zine -- very nice!

  7. Bard: I'm writing this comment from the Nook, and hope it doesn't kick me offline.

    I saw those coupon ladies using notebooks. And then King Poopyhead dug out his inserts.

    For the name, we tried to come up with something that meant something to Tim, and a name that tied into his brand/blog.

    I am glad you like it.

    Tim is excited and enjoying his new office/man cave. Whist I am hanging out on the couch, watching Lucy and playing with my book.

  8. no soup for you, i had first rights to the comment... so i say again, no soup for you. even if you have a coupon.


  9. Alex: I'm getting there.

    iZombie: Even without a coupon? Hahahaha.

  10. Coupon Woman! Great organization there. :) Love your current header too--that WW guy had quite nice legs, hehe.

  11. Rained here today too and I didn't do a blasted thing. Love your organization folder!

  12. Carol: That's Sheldon. He's my favorite.

    Anita: I love it as well. soon I'll add dividers.

    So much fun.

  13. Seeing how organized you are makes me want to go shopping at Office Max and buy some stuff to use in organizing my desk.

  14. That's the key I'd guess, keeping them all clearly arranged so you know what you have. It looks to me like doing it very right. Cool purse too. Looks full, like it has a lot of saved dollars in it, from the hard work on the coupons.

  15. Susan: Office Max is having a sale this week. 20% off everything you can fit in a grocery paper bag.

    Porky: For couponing, being organized is the key. I didn't have my inserts for my first shop, and it sucked. Well, not sucked but was not as smooth as it can be.

    Thanks for stopping in.

  16. you know in start of raiders of the lost ark when indy just makes it out of the cave and the belleq makes the sound to get indy... like i whisk, whisk... then the laugh. i am sending 30 angry tribesmen to your doorstep...

    yeah, i know it's early.

  17. Rumors that the chopped man was put through the guillotine are unconfirmed at this hour, of course.

  18. Great organized! its cool.. thank for the tips! ;)

  19. iZombie: 30 angry, I don't know what to do with. But 30 hungry, and at least I can give them food.

    William: Of course :-)

    Jeremy: It's like a big puzzle. So much fun.