28 February 2012

Poop Scoop Boogie

Dig this.  For something similar, the tractor supply store wanted $21.20.  Only it came with a long, poorly constructed rake.

The pet store ranged from $26.49 to $34.97 (tax included).

Our version, came from the dollar store, where I also bought a pretty  pancake flipper.

Total cost: $2.12

Now I understand.  This might not be the way those housewives on TV clean up poop.  But here at the Manor, that's how we roll.

Here's the picture.  Thought you'd like to see it before we used it.

You are welcome.


  1. Looks like quite an efficient set-up. Great find!

  2. Bard: Just came back from inside and you know what? I'm thinking of getting one for the backyard and another for the front.

    Totally worth it.

  3. ...and it's easily washable, great find!

  4. Lurker: Unlike Ray's ass crack. What that hell was that?

  5. Lol...love your solution and the money saved. I don't think the animals will notice their pooper scooper is not designer :) BTW...my husband would absolutely have a fit over the picture at the top of your blog. He loves Big Bang Theory.

  6. Savannah: You could copy and paste the image and give it to him for his computer wallpaper.

    That's what I do for Tim, only it's when I get a good shot of the dogs. I email the image to his work computer.

    It's a great show.

  7. Well it wasn't my ass that's for sure!!!

  8. Ray: Now I know. Thanks for the clarification. Although, I believe I requested knees and socks, not asses.

  9. Just don't mix up the pancake flipper and the poop scooper.

  10. Not a bad deal at all! I need to get one of these myself!

  11. Gloria: I hope the day is filled with sunshine, but not too hot for you this afternoon. And that you're enjoying the beach.

    Southpaw: That would NOT be good. Thanks for the big smile. I was out scooping more and thought about pancakes.

    Anita: Holds a lot too. Thinking I might get one for the kitchen floor. I really like how good it is for a buck.

    I enjoyed the pretty flower on your page today. And the new design in the background. Fits you well.

  12. I'm most definitely glad to see it before you used it! Haha, you do make me laugh.

    Simple common sense beats every time fancy little gadgets that cost tons of money. Good for you.


  13. Jai: Glad you hear you got a laugh, because I laughed when I typed it.

    Thanks for the drop-in :-)

  14. @Savannah: My eyes are still horrified.