25 February 2012

Man Cave

Now that King Poopyhead has his crown jewel, the massive new zine printer that he named Hugo, we need to give them a proper work space.

No more sharing the living room with his writing and gaming stuff.  Noppers.

Time to turn that dead sewing room into his brand new office.  And since I rested the ENTIRE day yesterday, I'm energized and ready to bang this sucker out. 

Just as soon as I finish my organic decaf, that I purchased on sale, and with a coupon.  Oh yeah.  Life is good.


  1. I need something like this, specially can rest oh dear:)

  2. My dead sewing room has been turned into the gaming room too. Oh well, at least you know it's for a good cause :)

  3. ooh, I wish I had a sewing room to turn into an office. Have fun transforming the new space :)

  4. Hey Ladies: While Tim will have his gaming shelf in there, eventually when it can fit. The space is more of a work room than anything else.

    He made me a lab area in the kitchen as well as a writing space in our bedroom. Now it's time to take the old blanket business, kiss it goodbye, and give his Lordship a proper work area.

  5. "King Poopyhead" LOL!

    I may have to find a way to incorporate a character by that name into my West Kingdom game. :)

    Looking forward to Tim's 'zine!

  6. If Tim is King Poopyhead, does that make you Queen Poopyhead????

  7. I love my Woman Cave. We finished it right before Christmas. If the kids can't find Mom, they know I'm tucked away in my sanctuary. We are getting ready to close in our front room for my husband's Man Cave. Have fun with it. We found creating our spaces together was so much fun.

  8. I'm looking forward to his new zine as well, Bard. Be nice for him t have a place to work, and then not have to deal with the pups stealing his pens and maps off the desk.

    Hmmm, I didn't think of being called Queen Poopyhead, until you mentioned that, Ray. Don't much like that title, so I'll have to rethink his.

    I'm with you, Denise. I love being tucked away writing. Tim bought me a new writing desk for Christmas and it matches our sleigh bed. I love it in there. Shut the door and just work. It's also an Internet-free zone.

    Much fun to you and your hubby when you make his space.

    Southpaw: I am still bummed about them removing Google Friend Connect. But ... at least I have you on my blogroll now.

  9. King Poopyhead, I love it!! I was so desperate to get the Hubby's computer and library out of my space that I gave up having a dining room just to give him an office. All men need a man cave as it makes them happy and keeps them out from under our feet.

  10. Anne: All men and women I think, need a place to work, where it's just work.

    I have a great lab area in my kitchen where I work away. And before we started the blanket business, that sewing room was his office.

    He gave it up so we could sew.

    Tim to close the business for good and give him his office back.

    Headed out to get some take out now.

    No cooking today.

  11. Damn, you're making me think I need to finish putting together my office, um, finally.

    DH stole mine when he decided to work from home. GK got moved from the nursery (aka the smallest bedroom) to the second biggest bedroom, and all the boxes from moving to Texas got store in the old nursery along with my desk.

    The really sad part? We moved to Texas sixteen years ago. LOL

  12. Susan: We could use a bigger place but for now we're making due.

    16 years ago? Oh my gosh. Do you write in that room now? Sometimes I'll write on the kitchen table but mostly just the food writing.

  13. My husband has taken over the living room as his man cave. Nonstop golf and basketball games all weekend every weekend. Until baseball season starts, and then there's football.

  14. At the moment we have more people than space, so everyone's stuff is jumbled up. One of these days we'll have space to do this.. :)

  15. What a harmonious marriage - a man cave and a sewing room. Bliss. :-)

  16. Me gustaría tener este bello taller sería algo maravilloso,abrazos hugs,hugs,.

  17. Pardon? Decaf? Where's the real stuff?

  18. Susan: I don't know if you meant to be funny, but your comment was funny. Oh, sports all the time. Men, gotta love 'em.

    Jemi: We don't have the space but we're making due until the blankets either get all sold off, or donated.

    David: I know, now when he needs to work I can shove his ass in this room, shut the door and go play in my lab.

    Rosita: Es bueno tener un lugar para trabajar. Mi marido va a disfrutar de su nueva oficina. Gracias por su visita. Abrazos.

    Harald: I never drink it hardly in the mornings. I really don't know why I drink decaf. Just always have. For awhile I had two bags, one regular and one decaf but still always used up the decaf first.

    Nice to see you again.

  19. My man cave would require a billiards table.

  20. I need my space to be alone ha!! (lol) but my kids dont think (lol) that

  21. William: That's a fun thing to have in your Man Cave. Poor Tim still has fabric in his. But it's slowly moving out.

    Gloria: It's something I find important. Having some quiet time.