26 February 2012

Tore Down the Wall

Here's what the wall looked like back in our hay day of doing shows on the weekends, where we'd travel to ever not so fun places and sell the blankets I made.

Tore the remaining wall down last night.  Shelves and all.  And while it's not the perfect Man Cave, at least a nice clean workable space for Lord Poopyhead.

No more pups eating his maps or pencils.  And even better, now when he needs to work, I can just shove his ass in this room, shut the door, and go play in my lab.

Ah ... it's a good life.

In food news, I made on sale mushroom soup last night.  And since it snowed and is a bit chilly this morning, I think I'll go have a big bowl, before I head off to work.

Happy Sleestack Sunday and boogie boogie.

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  1. Soup sounds good right about now. Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Happy Sunday and the soup does sound good! I'd like to have a man cave but I can't really complain as we don't have space for either Daisey or I to have our own studio space anyways. Ah well, I suppose it is the kitchen table for me and the living room floor for her ;).

  3. I think we all need our spaces so I'm glad Tim got his man cave:)

    cold and windy here, no snow. I think we got ripped-off in the winter department this year.

  4. Soup and snuggling in on a cool day is great.

  5. Anita: Do you like to make soup?

    Johnathan: Tim's still sharing his space with the rest of my fabric and Monster, our treadmill. But overall, it's a better place than the living room. He can come in here and just work.

    As for you kitchen table. I've seen photos and I LOVE that table. I'd be working there all the time. Fantastic space.

    mshatch: We have a small place but we're finding little ways to keep our work stations and our home life, workable. If that makes sense.

    How was our Sunday?

    Susan: I wish I could have stayed home to snuggle but I have tomorrow off so there's hope. Did you have a nice weekend?

  6. Ray: Me too. Only mine is made spicy with Hungarian paprika and a little organic cayenne pepper.

    So flipping good.

    Haven't been out and about on blogs yet. Hope you guys have fun this weekend and took lots of pictures.

    Lurker: Well he is King of the Coupons.

  7. That wall makes it look like you had a pretty good turnover of blankets. It looks like heavy work too, a lot of lugging around. It probably felt liberating to tear it down, like a lot of tidying up does. Reorganising and getting rid of old things is good for clearing the mind. I could go some mushroom soup too. Good food.

  8. Porky: There was a time when the turnover was very high. And then it stopped being so.

    Now we're just ready to move on with other projects, as you already know.

    It did feel good to take down the wall. And this space is nice. Tim set up his tables, computer and new zine printer.

    Thanks for the drop in. I wish I could teleport you some of my soup.

  9. Mushroom soup, my favourite too!!;)