29 July 2016


(now you don't)


Last but surely NOT least, 17 years ago this weekend, I met Tim. Only the best honey-bunny, smoochie-face, Frankenberry-Bumble, in the history of ever.

And that's all I have to say about that.

20 July 2016

Today's Video (brought to you by the letter G)

Shoelaces and broken iPods for all who played Tuesday's game. The answer: soaked morning glory seeds, just starting to sprout.

Here's a clip from yesterday's adventure at Ace Hardware. As for today, I'm gonna hit dish and then go get my photographer's whitebox stuff, because yesterday I was distracted by what's in the video.

And that's all I have to say about that.

19 July 2016

What Are We ????

Yesterday, was a day of rest and farting about. Today, I'm back in action and ready to kick butt. Might even hit Farm & Garden to see what's left.

That's enough about me. Tell us what these are and win something useless and gross. Because that's how this game works.

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17 July 2016


Dig these freebies from Farm & Garden. I was there for flowers but once I started looking, I didn't want them anymore. So I switched to food plants. When we asked the price, the guy said, "All veggies and herbs are free."

So flippin' cool.

In other news, I found more items to donate and now I'm at 90 percent of my stuff gone. And still, I miss NOTHING.

07 July 2016

Bookshelf vs Me (two guesses who won)

As I lugged the shelf through the kitchen, across the office and into the Lemon Tart Room, an idea hit.  Since we weren't using the movie room closet, I put two tall shelves in there and bam, our new media closet.  Books and DVD's.  Even when the doors are closed, I know it's now a fully-functional, make-sense for the room, space.  And all it really took, was 12 hours of sleep to figure it out.

Yay me. 

In food news, here are my mini cinnamon and currant flatbreads. I schmear mine with homemade peanut butter.

Oh my yum.  So flippin' good.

06 July 2016


I didn't crawl out of the coffin until 11AM. I'm pooped. But, no sore throat or earache, no rashes, no nothing that would stop me from working.

Today's goal is to remove the work shelf from my lab and trade it out for two teeny shelves in the movie room.

After that, everything else is optional.