30 September 2016


With the dizzy-dos and vertigo gone, I'm back in action. And today, I'm fixin' to make this again. Tell us this is and win a piece of string and a stinky shoe.

Hint: It's not chicken.

In other news, Tim got cleared for our 9-day Halloween Staycation, I finally joined G+ and this weekend I'm gonna make crackers.

That's all from my end. Have a yummy day and boogie boogie.

27 September 2016

Cluttered Thinking (no thanks)

Yesterday, I wasn't able to do what I wanted so I switched gears and worked on my whitebox (for food photos). I'm having a terrible time with white backgrounds looking blue. If you know how to remove the blue, please drop me a note. Thanks.

Today, I've spent the morning on the couch, but I'm starting to feel better. Two years ago, if I had to stop and rest like this it might have made me cranky. But these days, I don't have that cluttered thinking.

Not too shabby.

PS: Made some killer draft 2 crackers last night. Chipotle, paprika, onion powder and fresh garlic. Oh my yum. So flippin' good.

26 September 2016


I'm excited to start this week because after removing the items listed, my reward is (drum roll please), that I get to put 100 percent of my attention on repairs.

Hot dog.

Floor-to-ceiling pantry thingy
Bar (ugly-ass bar)
Movie room closet
Mirrors on walls
Mantel looking thing
Tall bathroom cabinet
1 shelf in hallway
2 cabinets in hallway


23 September 2016

Friday Q: Ask Me Anything?

To celebrate the Equinox yesterday, I dropped off my last BIG load and now I can honestly say that I'm done, done, done. 95 percent of my crap is gone and I miss nothing.

But now, I'd love to hear from you. So I'm copying three lovely ladies, Debra, Martha and Bethany but with a topic in mind.

Ask me anything about decluttering.

Speaking of which, here's my next demo project. I don't like these cabinets or that shelf so today, I'm kissing them goodbye.

And for those who don't have clutter questions, here are the texts that I sent my friends, this week. This phone is so flippin' fun.

Seriously. I had no idea phones were fun.

Kiss 'em GOODBYE 

15 September 2016

No Regrets (what are we?)

People ask me if I miss anything or if I regret letting go of 90 percent of my stuff.

No. I miss nothing. I regret nothing.

If I did, I'd write about it. Instead, I'm finding more can go. So far today, it's a duster, 8 CD's, a glass baking dish and a Rubbermaid container with lid. All things I originally wanted to keep but now, I'm happy to see go.

During this entire process I never put pressure on myself, I played by my own rules and I didn't get rid of something that I didn't want to let go of.

Also, I was ready.

All of those things, plus more, exploded into a new life. Which, I'll save for another post. Because it's time to crank the Halloween music and get a room ready to paint.

But before I go ....

12 September 2016

Pick a Room - ANY Room

Today, I'm roasting seconds. They're tomatoes (or any produce), not good enough to sit on the table at the Farmer's Market. Often shunned to the ground, marked LOW (depending on the vendor).

They're bruised and dinked but make the BEST roasted tomato sauce in the history of ever. Bag bigger than me, 6 bucks.

In other news, I'm fixin' to kick it into high gear this week. Maybe even start painting. I don't care which room.

Pick a room, any room.

PS: I sent these texts to Tim. Right before I made the first one his profile picture on my phone. So fun!

11 September 2016

Holy Ding Dong

Back in May, we sold our guitars (that we no longer wanted), for 200 smackers and last week, our phones were on sale for $80 each. When we couldn't get the phones ordered online (to save $50 in activation fees), I went to the store and asked if they would waive the fees and they said, "YES". When we were done paying for everything, they tossed in two free cases.

Holy ding dong. What a deal.

In other news, we're outside, both wearing big hoodies (burr). Tim's writing and I'm playing online. Soon to enjoy another bagel. Speaking of which, here's a text I sent earlier to my friends and family.

PS: My phone came with a pen. So. Much. Fun.

09 September 2016

Guess Who?

It's nearly 4 and I'm still in my jams. Been playing with my new phone all morning and I haven't gotten ANYTHING done. Unless you include downloading Bryan Adams and Halloween music to my new phone. Plus, making a homemade chocolate bar - which I may or may not have already eaten half.

Yesterday, I donated another BIG BOX of stuff and last Friday a trunk-load along with some in the back seat. I'm past the 90 percent mark and still ...


That's all from me. Have a groovy weekend and boogie boogie.

PS: Answer: Eggplant/Aubergine.
PPS: Guess Who?

07 September 2016

Wednesday Update (what am I?)

Today, I peeled paint and wallpaper off the walls, baked an apple crumble, scrubbed the crappers and prepped tomorrow's breakfast. Only, not in that order.

This past weekend, I removed the much taller than me, bathroom cabinet. See the second photo for the footprint (taken after removal). Those little flowers came with the trailer. I hate those flowers. They were every flippin' where.

They gotta go.

And lastly, the first photo was from today's lunch. Tell us what is and win homemade flatbread and a pair of orange clogs.